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10 Unique Branding Ideas for your Craft Show Booth
May 22, 2018
There's a lot that goes into defining and communicating your brand; first you must know what your USP is, then you must be able to sum up the vibe of your brand and then you must determine how you'll communicate that vibe.   Your brand should come through in even the smallest details of your business and these ideas are ways to help you do that.   If you would like help determining your USP (i.e. what you do differently or better than the thousands of other businesses selling a similar product) and branding, please sign up for my FREE 5 day challenge BEAT LAST YEAR'S SALES.   The challenge will spark ideas for your USP and branding and share lessons from my ebook HOW TO SELL HANDMADE BEYOND FRIENDS & FAM..
5 Things Crafters Waste their Time (& Money) On
May 11, 2018
I made this list based on areas I wasted my time when starting my handmade business. I was able to see positive changes when I corrected them so I think the changes can be beneficial to your business too. I also based it on the mistakes I commonly see other handmade businesses make.   We’re so close to our work it’s hard to take a step back, look at the big picture and see where we’re off track. Sometimes the answers to our problems are staring us right in the face.   I wish someone had pointed out these common time/money wasters to me years ago. But hopefully this list helps guide you in the right direction quicker than I got there.   There are only so many hours in a day and I know many of you are..
Monthly Plan & Checklist for a Handmade Business
May 3, 2018
“Organization” may not be at the top of everyone’s goal list by I’m sure “making money” is. In order to make money and run a profitable business…you must be organized. You should have a plan well before you go into a month and have implemented tasks that are going to bring you sales.    Sales are not instant.    Sure, you can send a newsletter to your email list and generate a few sales instantly. But getting those people signed up for your newsletter, creating content and building trust and interest so subscribers open your newsletter, click links and buy, typically takes months of work.   To get sales next month, you should already have a plan and be implementing the steps.  ..
Where to Sell Handmade Online (Besides Etsy)
April 30, 2018
If you sell handmade, you’re likely aware of Etsy. But a lot of people are wondering where they can sell their handmade items online, aside from Etsy. Perhaps because Etsy changed their algorithm so traffic and sales aren’t what they used to be or maybe they feel their category is too saturated. Whatever the reason, this article shares several suggestions for additional ways to sell handmade online.   If you’re interested in selling handmade locally, check out: WHERE TO SELL HANDMADE LOCALLY   If you’re interested in what to sell online, check out: HOT ITEMS TO SELL AT CRAFT SHOWS (AND ONLINE) IN 2018   And if you’re interested in how to sell online legally, check out: LAWS FOR SELLI..
Craft Businesses that Make Money
April 12, 2018
Almost anyone can start a craft business but unfortunately, not all craft businesses make money. When I say “make money” I don’t just mean being able to sell what you make but rather being able to make a profit with each sale. There is a big difference.   There are many costs handmade business owners sweep aside, hoping everything will even out.   I didn’t account for most of my expenses when I made a sale.   I would sell a $50 bag and think “Yay! $50!”   Or I would finish up at a craft show for a day, selling $1000 worth of product and think “I made $1000 today!”   But when a storeowner inquired about carrying my bags and I crunched the numbers, I realized I was bare..
Craft Businesses that Make the LEAST Money
April 12, 2018
Where there’s a will, there’s a way and even if a product doesn’t typically have high profit margins, someone, somewhere can find a way to make it profitable.   This article is NOT stating that you CANNOT make money in these industries; it’s simply stating that the following products/industries tend to have lower profit margins.   If you build a strong brand, create a unique angle, target the right market and create demand for your products, you can charge higher than average prices, increase profits and earn more money.   If you’re curious about the craft businesses that tend to make the MOST money, check out: CRAFT BUSINESSES THAT MAKE MONEY   And if you’re wondering which craf..
3 Mistakes Handmade Businesses Make with their USP
April 12, 2018
A USP is a unique selling position and should be considered an important aspect of your handmade business. Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts , Pepsi vs. Coke, Lululemon vs. Nike; each company is selling something very similar to the other so they must have a product feature that stands out or market their products in a way that lets consumers know they’re offering something different.   Having a compelling USP is an important piece of the consistent-sales-puzzle.   Can you sell products without a USP? Sure. But will you sell more with a powerful USP? Absolutely!   It's one more component that makes the difference between shoppers stumbling upon your products at a craft show, on Etsy, your website, etc. and maki..
3 Big Legal Mistakes Crafters Make
April 7, 2018
Most handmade businesses owners don't check or follow the legal steps they must take when they start selling their crafts. It begins as a hobby, sewing bags, making some jewelry, knitting a few scarves, etc. and then the idea comes along that money can be made selling these crafts. The crafter signs up for their first craft show and starts building stock.   But craft show organizers typically don’t check that each vendor has followed the legal steps to set up their business properly, so who’s governing your new business and ensuring you’re following all the laws?   Usually no one.   That is, until:   An inspector visits a craft show you’re selling at or stumbles upon your online shop A ..
April Checklist & Planner for Small Handmade Businesses
March 23, 2018
Since April 2018 has come and gone, the original content is no longer relevant.    But fear not!   I have improved the article and made it evergreen so the advice applies no matter which month it is and you can grab the most current checklist and planner.      Please visit  MONTHLY PLAN & CHECKLIST FOR A HANDMADE BUSINESS You'll find a more current checklist & planner there   ..
Hot Items to Sell at Craft Shows in 2018
March 16, 2018
Every handmade vendor wants to know what the hot items are to sell at craft shows each year. There are so many factors that affect which booth is the busiest and there’s no guarantee an item will be a hot seller at every event. But, vendors can follow trends, put their spin on them and be more likely to stand out to shoppers.   When it comes to making products you sell at craft shows, you may offer:   Products that don’t follow trends Products that are on trend Products that are ahead of trends     1) PRODUCTS THAT DON'T FOLLOW TRENDS If you're a vendor making products that don't follow trends and pave their own path, that's amazing! A product doesn't need to be part of a major trend ..
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