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September 28, 2013

5 Tips for Sparking Creativity

We all have those days when we wake up and lack the energy it requires to be creative. For me, being tired, bored or in a bad mood seem to go hand in hand with lacking creativity and motivation. In order to get on the right path, I have to first change my mood. I suggest doing something you love first, even if it means putting off your work for 30 minutes or an hour. Watch a funny movie, listen to some music, or go for a walk. Once you’re in a good frame of mind, you can use the following techniques to get your creativity flowing.

  1. Think of your goals. Remember why you started this business in the first place and if it helps, write it down. What are your goals for your business, long term and short term? If you want to be known as the best jewelry designer, what do you think your customers would say about your products? How would they describe them? With those words in mind, try to visualize the products that would go with them.
  2. Let others inspire you. Don’t just look for the same products you make. Get ideas from other businesses and products that may be completely different from yours or let the colors and textures in nature inspire you. Think of ways to put your own spin on them incorporate it into your products or services.
  3. Make a collage. Go back to your days of elementary school and get out your scissors and glue stick. Flip through magazines or surf the web and cut or print out anything that you like; clothing, accessories, colors, animals, home décor, jewelry, etc. Is there one element or color that keeps popping up? Brainstorm ways to incorporate them into new products.
  4. Get out a pen and paper. Write a title at the top that relates to what you’re stuck on; for example; New Product Ideas. Try to fill up a sheet of paper with ideas relating to your title. Don’t stop and think about how many ideas you have, if they’re logical, or how you will accomplish them. Just let your mind wander and keep going until the page if full.
  5. Give one of your senses a rest. Whichever sense you’re overloading at the moment, give it a rest and use another. If you’re trying to create a new piece of music, stop and get creative with your sense of sight or touch for a while; paint a picture or arrange some flowers. You’ll give an overworked area of your brain a rest and hopefully gain inspiration from another.

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