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July 14, 2014

How To Quickly Organize Your Craft Room

I am, at heart, a messy person. I love living in a neat and tidy home but my natural tendencies always kick in as I think.....I'll just clean that up later. I once read something about; living in a messy house is like living in a giant to do list.....or something along those lines. It really rings true for me. When I have dishes hanging out, clothes that need to be put away, projects that need to be finished and fabric that needs to be organized, it's harder to focus on the task at hand because I'm looking around thinking about all the things that need to be done. Not to mention it takes twice the time to find something because it's not in its proper spot.

That's not to say that a home needs to look perfect and tidy all the time, life tends to get in the way. However these steps will help you get organized quickly and stay organized longer.

1) Get in the mood.

If you're currently looking at a messy craft room and feel too overwhelmed to even start, you need to get yourself in the mood to clean first. Make a wicked playlist, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or wine) then blast that music and sip that drink while you work away.

2) Create piles.

This is the organization before the organization. It's a baby step and prevents you from having to open the same drawer 20 times to put items away. Put all your fabric in one pile, all your notions in another and items that don't belong in the room in a laundry basket by the door. Keep going until all the chaos is organized into somewhat relatable piles.

3) Pick a pile, any pile.

Now you can begin working on one grouping at a time and break it down even further. Let's say you're working on your pile of fabric and supplies. Start folding them into neat piles and organizing by how you would work with them. Summer fabrics, winter fabrics, neatly bundled ribbon, buttons and zippers would all become separate piles.

4) Storage.

Now that you've taken stock of what you have, you can clearly see how much space you need for each grouping. Gather or purchase baskets, bins, boxes or containers to house all the items that need organizing in your craft room or office. Anything that's stackable makes it easy to move things around and store. Start putting your organized piles into your storage containers.

5) Label

This really does help with staying organized, especially if you ever have to ask a roommate, husband, wife or child to put something away for you. Purchase some labels to stick on your containers that you can write exactly what's inside (or use some chalkboard paint). Make sure it makes sense to you and your routine. If every time you grab your ribbons you also need your glue and buttons, put them together in a container and label it "Ribbon Crafting".

6) Tidy

When everything has a dedicated place it makes it so easy to fit short tidying sessions in and prevents you from having to search for where to fit something. When you finish up a task or walk past your craft room, take 2 minutes to put one set of items away. Even if you have more than a few items sitting out, grab your ribbons, glue and buttons and put them in their dedicated container and work on another small grouping next time.

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