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November 29, 2012

Interview with Alana from Cream Junkie

Ever since I researched the ingredients in drugstore brands of shampoos and the possible side effects of each, I have been very aware of what I put in and on my body. I chatted with Alana over email about her line and when I met her in person at the Santas Little Helpers Christmas Extravaganza sale in November, I just fell in love with her and her products. I picked up her Hand & Body Wash and honestly couldn't believe how soft it made my hands feel after washing them with it (I'm so use to my hands feeling dry after using soap). Combine that with her Blissful Body Whip and I swear you really will be a Cream Junkie!

Check out what Alana has to say about starting and running Cream Junkie all while balancing her busy life with 3 kids.

What is Cream Junkie and why did you decide to start it?

Cream Junkie is a small, artisan range of body care products with truly natural and plant-based ingredients, NO JUNK! 100% Natural * Sulphate free * No parabens * Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly * Soy Free * Gluten Free.

It started near a beach in Sydney, with my gorgeous friend Sandra, a certified environmental junkie. At a fundraiser put on by our local childcare centre, we made natural butters and lotions for our babies and ourselves. It had always been a challenge for me to find products that were truly all-natural. They smelled scrumptious, were easy to make AND they were natural. I was not only inspired, I was addicted.

In 2007, my young family moved to Canada and left behind my gorgeous friend, but her inspiration followed me. Once again, I found myself frustrated with body care products and brands claiming to be "organic" or "all-natural". How could I trust these labels when every product's ingredient list always included some measure of things that rated as hazards? I wanted full disclosure with a clear conscience from my brand, so I created my own, and it was not going to have ANY suspicious ingredients. And so, Cream Junkie was born.

What’s unique about your products or the way you run your business?

It is becoming less unique to have all natural products, which I am so pleased about. The fact that I do small batches and offer FREE delivery in Edmonton is something my current client base are very pleased about.

What types of products do you currently create and what do you plan to add to your line in the future?

I currently have 1x Body Whip, 1 x Hand/Body Lotion & 1x Hand/Body Wash. I am doing the research on both a Body Scrub and a Bum Butter (for babies and all those nasty dry spots)

When you need to come up with a new idea for your business (product, name, marketing, etc.), what’s you favorite way to get into a creative headspace or your favorite brainstorming activity?

All of the above usually takes place on the sofa, after storytime and bedtime and if I can stay awake long enough, it can be very productive. The web is a huge source of information for me and I do like to research different scent blends.

What’s your daily routine look like?

I have 3 kids…..8, 6 & 4. My day starts with them and always finishes with them. What I can get done in the middle is bonus stuff. It is busy, fun and rewarding. I don’t always get it all done, or all right but we are happy.

How do you balance motherhood with your handmade business?

I don’t always, it is a daily challenge and the guilt is sometimes hideous. I have a very supportive partner, who although has to travel a lot with his job, is 100% a brilliant dad (and Marketeer) when he is home.

What are some of the struggles you’ve found with running your own handmade business?

Time in a day, the constant juggling required to make sure both my business and my family are looked after and getting the best out of me as a mum and a business woman. We do all of this with no family to help out, but we have realized we have some AMAZING friends who have been there to pick up the slack.

What’s your ultimate goal for Cream Junkie?

To have a regular customer base and a following of junkies who are totally addicted and have removed most if not all toxic products from their bathrooms and night stands.  

What would be your one piece of advice to someone thinking of starting a handmade business?

As Nike says ‘Just Do It’… may be busy, frustrating, and sometimes seem like too big a hurdle but to have the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss will be the reward.

Alana is offering a special: 10% off any order over $40 between now & December 22nd with a FREE sample and FREE delivery in Edmonton or collection from the Santa's Anonymous Shopping Event at The Alberta Aviation Museum on December 8-9th.

Visit Cream Junkie on Made Urban to purchase some products or visit her website for more information.

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