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October 19, 2012

What is Slow Design?

What does "slow" mean to you? In today's world where everything is at your fingertips and majority of companies market themselves on being fast, "slow" has a bit of a negative connotation. The service was slow, the story line was slow, my internet connection is SLOW! We all seem to have shorter attention spans and just want to get to the point, fast.

Slow is becoming a bit of a buzz word lately, perhaps having to do with the growing awareness around supporting local and movements like occupy...fill in the blank. I think it goes hand in hand with Made Urban and the idea of supporting local vendors and being conscious about what goes into the products you consume, where they come from, who makes them and where your money is going.

Slow food/fashion/design/etc can mean a lot of things but to me it means Do It Yourself/Make It Yourself/Grow It Yourself (or find someone who does). You can easily hop in your car, drive 10 minutes and buy whatever you need from a big-box store but when given the time and opportunity, a good old DIY/MIY/GIY will evoke more:
  • thoughtfulness - of what needs to go into any given project; material, planning, time, creativity
  • awareness - of what others put into the handmade/homemade/homegrown items they sell and how "hands off" production must be in order for big-box stores to sell similar products for a fraction of the cost
  • appreciation - being proud of what you've made and getting more enjoyment out of saying "I made that" as oppose to "I bought it at Ikea"

The ideas behind concepts like Slow Design and Shop Local aren't meant to say this is how you should live your life all day everyday but rather a suggestion to incorporate it when you can. Today's world doesn't always allow us the time or money to cut out modern conveniences but making small changes in the way you consume can make big differences to your community, city, neighbours, environment.

I'm fairly new to the concept but if you'd like a more in depth look at what Slow Design means, check out Sustainable | Slow | Stylish blog where Deborah has some great articles on the concept and links to several other resources. Tad from Marketing for Hippies also has a great article on Slow Marketing.

The ABCs of Slow Design: This is a one-time-only blog hop to foster discussion of the principles of slow design in the design, decor, and craft communities hosted by Sustainable Slow Stylish. I invite you to choose the adjective from the ABCs of Slow Design list in the first post of the blog hop that best describes slow design (or slow home or slow craft) for you, write a short blog post about it, and link it up to the blog hop.

  1. Deborah @ Sustainable | Slow | Stylish  
  2. Made Urban  
  3. BT Haynes  
  4. Slightly Complicated  

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