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December 11, 2013

Where to Convey Your Brand

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Once you determine what exactly your brand is, you'll want to implement it in as many areas of your business as you can. Here's a list of all the different places your brand should be obvious:

Promotional Materials

Business cards, postcards, posters and any other items you hand out or giveaway to your customers for free.


From the bags you put your products in when you hand them to your customers to the envelopes and boxes you ship in, your branding should be obvious. Not only do you want the person receiving the item to see your strong branding but you never know who might notice your logo in passing and check you out.

Website or Blog

Every business should have some type of online presence and the colors, fonts and feel of your brand should be present here. If your branding is young and fun, make sure the language and type of things your post about, reflect that.

Social Media

It's not just the look of your social media pages you need to worry about. Obviously you want to use your business' logo, tagline and description here. But you also want to be consistent with your brand in the articles, links and pictures you post and the conversations you have.

Signage & Displays

When you're running a handmade business, you should be participating in craft shows and markets. Make sure you have a strong brand presence here so that customers can quickly identify you and new customers instantly get a feel for who you are through your sign and table or booth display.


Set up your business phone's voicemail so that anyone who has to leave a message, gets a clear message about your company. Don't have a generic; "leave a message after the tone" greeting. Take this opportunity to add some personality into your message.


You should also have your logo, tagline and contact information appear in the signature line of all your email messages. And don't forget to upload an image to your account. Whether it's your logo or a smiling photo of the employee they're contacting, it beats the impersonal "no photo" image that pops up when you ignore this area.


You are the brand. Don't forget that you are always representing your company and should dress, act and speak accordingly. Try to use the same energy and language when dealing with people whether it's through email, phone or face to face.

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