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June 10, 2013

Why You Should Set Big Goals

We've all heard the quote before; Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. It's one that you should keep in mind when setting goals. Having a goal is great, but there are steps you can take to make your goal setting more effective, starting with making it big. Here's why:


Goals should give you butterflies. When you think about your handmade business, what thought makes you jump up and down? Maybe it's getting your product into your favorite boutique or being written about in your favorite magazine. What event or milestone would make you feel like you've really made it? When days are a little slower or you're not feeling particularly enthused, you need to be able to call on these goals for motivation. Don't feel like heading to the sewing room today? Grab a cup of tea or coffee, think about the feeling you'll have when you reach your goal and use that as motivation.


If you're setting smaller goals for your business, they can become routine. If you set a goal each month to get into one new boutique, chances are you achieved that goal last month, know exactly what you need to do to get there and now you just have to follow the same routine this month. If you push yourself outside of your comfort zone when setting goals, you're going to have to think of new ways to run your business in order to achieve them and this will lead to growth in leaps and bounds.

If instead you set your goal to get into 10 new stores this month you may have to take a very in depth look at your business and figure out exactly how you're going to make enough stock to supply them and how you're going to approach so many stores. This might get you on track to create a look book and research faster ways to make your product or hiring some employees. Things you may not consider if your goals aren't as lofty.


Approaching 1 new store and making a few more products each month doesn't sounds as scary as approaching 10+ stores and hiring employees, does it? Growth can be uncomfortable but it's necessary in order to build a successful business. You need to be able to adapt and try new things if you want to go a step further than you did yesterday.


You don't want to be completely unreasonable with your goals as that will just leave you feeling disappointed and unmotivated if you don't even get close. But think about how you'll feel if you set the goal of getting your products into 10 boutiques but you don't quite reach it that month and instead you get into 8. Still a great achievement and something to celebrate. Had you set your goal at 1 store and didn't achieve it, you'd probably feel a little more let down and be lacking a sense of achievement. On the other hand if you did achieve that goal, how excited would you feel? If it's something you've done for the past three months, it probably wouldn't get you that excited. You should have a sense of accomplishment and feel like celebrating once you hit your goal, or close to it.

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