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January 12, 2015

How To Build a Strong Brand

Which businesses come to mind when you think of strong brands? You can usually clearly picture their logo, hear their tagline or jingle, remember their ads and you definitely know what it is they're selling. Businesses that have a strong brand have done a good job of conveying who they are, what they do and what customers can expect from them.

When you've spent time and money building a strong brand, you're ultimately able to charge more for your product or service because of it. It's the same reason people will pay more for a particular brand at a grocery store than they will for the nearly identical, no name version. They generally know what to expect from that product because of it's branding and the reputation that company has built.

So how do you start building a strong brand for your business?

Start with a great name

If you don't have one already, make sure you put a lot of time into choosing the right name. It should be catchy, memorable, logical and not too restrictive if you plan on expanding your products or services at some point. Check out these 10 tips for choosing the perfect business name.

Have a logo designed

This is the foundation of your brand and will be used on everything from your website and social media account to packaging and promotional materials. So it's important to get it right and have a strong, eye catching logo.

Create a strong tagline

If what you sell isn't clear in your company name and logo, you should have a tagline that accompanies it. This should be short, clear and to the point. 

What's your message?

Determine what it is you want people to know about your business. Is it that you're fun and trendy or established and reliable? Make a list of all the words you would use to describe your business, if you don't have a clear vision of who you are, how will your customers?

Determine a strategy

Figure out what exactly you want to achieve with your branding and the demographic you want to reach. Perhaps you're looking to gain new customers or maybe you're headed in a new direction with your company and you want to let people know. You also want to put a lot of thought into how and where you're going to get your new brand out there; media, advertising, events, etc. And lastly, when these strategies are going to go into play.

Implement your brand

Once you know who your are and how you're going to convey your business, put that into everything you do with your company. The way you speak to your customers, the type of messages and images you post to your social media accounts, the way you handle your products, package them and sell them. Your brand should be consistent in everything you do that's business related.


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