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September 02, 2014

Q&A with YEGWED - Helping You Plan Your Edmonton Wedding

There’s an awesome new website started by Stacey (the lovely lady to the left), that’s going to be super handy for those of you planning a wedding in the Edmonton area. Even if you’re not from around Edmonton, yegwed is full of inspiration, ideas and tips to get you ready for your big day and the days leading up to it. The photos down the left are of yegwed's latest real wedding feature, taken by photographer Jessica Fern Facette and are just one example you can find on the Real Weddings page. Along with beautiful wedding and engagement photos, you can also read Q&A's with the brides outlining how they got ready for their day, highs & lows as well as some advice.

Tell us what yegwed is:

yegwed features real weddings that take place in edmonton, as well as vendors and service providers that love what they do (and are amazing at it)! you’ll also find ideas for date nights, bridal showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, potential wedding music, and plenty of photo inspiration for those planning a wedding, and those who just like to look! we also offer services that help small businesses maximize their online presence.

Why did you decide to start it?

i've worked in the wedding industry in one way or another for about a decade, and have always really loved it - my career as a wedding DJ is awesome, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. i noticed that there are a lot of amazing wedding vendors in edmonton that love what they do and are awesome at it, and like to do things outside of the box. in the world of online wedding inspiration, couples draw inspiration from photos on pinterest and blogs that are far away from edmonton, so you may be inspired, but not know where to get the same product in our area. i wanted to create a hub for inspiration, where couples are seeing products and services that are readily available - because there are plenty of talented vendors right here in edmonton!

Love the music page! What type of artist do you plan to feature there?

i’ll be featuring a constant stream of music that’s great for weddings - either for special moments like the first dance or recessional, or just for any wedding-related playlist. i love introducing people to music that is unusual, uncommon and definitely hasn’t been over-used.

Your dream wedding in Edmonton would look like:

it would look like a ceremony on the High Level Bridge Streetcar, except the streetcar would be magically big enough to fit all of our family and friends!

What are a few hidden gems in Edmonton as far as locations go?

Blue Meadows is a personal favourite - it’s big and easily dressed up (especially to rustic, country or vintage designs). I also love the Yellowhead Brewery, but luckily for them, i don’t think it can be considered a ‘hidden’ gem anymore!

What’s the first thing a couple should do to get the ball rolling on wedding planning?

decide on a theme/atmosphere! without that direction, choosing from the many venues, vendors and services can be mega overwhelming. even choosing a handful of words that describe the experience you want your guests to have can really help give wedding planning some direction.

Tell us about the business side of yegwed and how you can help vendors?

we want to make having an awesome online presence easier, so vendors can spend their time doing what they do best - serving their clients. we offer content creation and ghostwriting (basically creating any text you need for your website, from an ‘about’ page to blog posts), social media coaching (helping you get the most out of social media), and consulting (personalized help with your online presence). i want to make your online presence an effective tool for building your business!

If you could give 1 piece of advice to small business owners, what would it be?

collaborate! network, get to know other vendors. the more connections you have, the more business will come your way, and usually business gained through network connections is more suited to your particular offerings… “oh, you want comic book styled invitations? i know JUST the person!”

If readers want more than one piece advice from you, how can they get in contact to work with you?

anyone is welcome to contact me through , or by e-mailing me directly: say hi! i’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Photography by Jessica Fern Facette 

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