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April 1, 2015


Although event
organizers shouldn’t be relying on you to market their event, it’s important
for you to do your part to help promote markets you’re participating in (
including online markets *cough* Made Urban 😉 The more people working together
to spread the word about a project, cause or event, the more everyone benefits.
Not to mention, you always want your customers and fans to know where they can find
your products and support you.

If you’ve got lots
of events to promote and need to spread your marketing efforts out across
several platforms or you’re just not sure how you can help, here are some ideas
for you.


You can either make
up a printable flyer yourself, if you want to include some more self-promotion or
multiple events, or ask the event organizer if they have any print material
they can send to you. Here are some places to distribute print material:

1) Other craft shows

If summer is your
busy season and you’re participating in several shows and markets, hand flyers
out to people who stop by your booth. Be sure to give them to people who buy
something from you and those who don’t. Many people don’t purchase the first time
they see your products but a flyer stating where you’ll be next will make it
easy for them to find you when they are ready to buy.

2) At your work

Leave a stack in
your break room for your co-workers to check out at lunchtime. If you work
somewhere public like a coffee shop, ask your boss if you can tack a flyer up
on the bulletin board for customers to see.

3) Mail

Who doesn’t love to receive some good ol snail mail with a personal note? If you have some customers who have been great supporters to you, this may be a great time to send them a thank you note for their continued support and include an event postcard. Mention any perks you think they’d be interested in (new product line being debuted at the event, promotions and discounts, etc.) and that you’d love to see them if they happen to be in the area.

4) Extra Curricular Activities

You’ll have to
decide which ones are appropriate to promote at but there’s nothing wrong with
letting your soccer team, art class or walking group know about an event they
can support you and your handmade business at. They obviously like getting out
and being social, so why not tell them about another way they can do so?


There are so many
social media platforms out there, don’t focus all your efforts on one. Here are
a few ways to make use of them:

5) Facebook

A post prior to the
event and a post while you’re at the event is usually sufficient for this
platform. Keep the posts interesting by giving your fans a little extra.
Promote the date, time and location of the craft show while sharing a picture
of a product that can only be found there. You could even offer a discount or
promotion to those who stop by your booth and mention the Facebook post.

6) Twitter

You can get away
with several more posts on this platform. People generally follow hundreds if
not thousands of accounts and with over 6000 tweets per second; your 1 tweet
may be missed. 1 -3 tweets a day on the subject of a craft show, shouldn’t
overwhelm any follower’s feed. Be sure to use relevant hashtags but don’t go
crazy with them. 3 hashtags are plenty and think about keywords
people may search in your city to discover ways to get out and about. Use
keywords like: events, craft show, handmade, support local, art, etc. Include the city’s name or airport code (i.e. Edmonton’s is YEG so many
people use #yeg in their tweets).

7) Instagram

Here’s another good
place to combine market info with great pictures of products you’ll have at the
event. The general rule with Instagram is 1 – 3 postings per day, which can
vary depending on the user and their content. If you’re consistently posting 3
images per day, use at least 1 of those images to mention the craft show in the
caption. Doing this once a day, the week leading up to the event, will be some
great promotion.

Pin It!


Why not take
advantage of your other online platforms too?

8) Online Market

If you’re a member
on Made Urban, we’d first of all like to say; you rock! We’d also like to say;
you can update your Bio with events you’ll be at. Our site is all about
supporting local so the majority of people visiting your Storefront will be in
your area. Let them know the events they can get out and enjoy their city
through and have the added bonus of meeting you and seeing your amazing
products in person.

9) Blog

Blogs are so easy to
set up and to update, but they need constant attention and content to be valuable
to your business and readers. So why not make it easy on yourself and feed your
blog with content about the events you’re participating in? You can create a
post outlining upcoming shows and you can even highlight each event in their
own article. Work with the organizer or other vendors participating in the show
to provide information about the; who, what, where, when and why’s.

10) Website

It’s a good idea to
have a ‘where you can find me’ page on your website. You can fill this page up
with events you’ll be at throughout the year and any boutiques that carry your
products. Be sure to keep it up to date as you add events to your schedule and
as they pass.

11) Newsletter Lists

If you have a
website or blog, you may have a newsletter sign up. You already have a list of
people interested in you and your products so this is a great place to let them
know about the shows you’ll be at. We all know what it’s like to have full
inboxes so don’t go crazy with sending a newsletter out too often. This is
another place where it’s handy to bundle all the events you have coming up in
the next month or two, into one handy newsletter.

12) Contests

You can use any online platform to run a contest. Work with the event organizer to create a prize, (i.e. tickets to the show or a gift basket with items from vendors) or offer up one of your products to the winner. Decide on the rules for entry, which can be; anyone who shares your post about the event will be entered, or ask people to visit you at the craft show to fill out a ballot for entry. Either way, give people an added incentive to visit or talk about you and the event.

Word of mouth is all
about the Internet these days but don’t forget to let your actual mouth do the talking
too 😉 Tell your friends, family, barista and hairdresser about your
upcoming shows and ask them to tell anyone they think may be interested as

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  1. Very good EXCEPT #12- It is illegal to put stuff in a mail box unless it has been mailed better to put it on the door \

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