October 12, 2015

Event Spotlight with Wholly Handmade

Wholly Handmade Shopping Extravaganza

Wholly Handmade is a 100% handmade tradeshow that features 95 local crafters and artisans with a fun, vibrant atmosphere. There is something for everyone – home decor, jewelry, bath and beauty products, baby and children’s items, clothing and accessories, gourmet food, and more. The first show in March was a big success, so a 2nd event closer to the holiday season was added.
NEXT EVENT: Saturday, October 17th from 10 AM – 5PM at the Agora in the Strathcona County Community Centre 401 Festival Way
WEBSITE: www.kingsleyevents.com

What makes the Wholly Handmade different from other markets?
Wholly Handmade is Sherwood Park’s largest, local craft fair featuring unique items you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The show is filled entirely with handmade items from Edmonton and area. There is always a large variety of goods to appeal to a wide demographic of customers. Admission is free to this fabulous event and you won’t want to miss out.

What can shoppers expect to find at your upcoming events?

There is definitely something for everyone on your list at Wholly Handmade. Customized jewelry, trendy children’s clothing, rustic home decor, gorgeous artwork, fashionable clothing and accessories, seasonal decorations, adorable handmade toys and dolls, divine bath and beauty products, tantalizing treats, and much more!

We know there are tons of great vendors attending Wholly Handmade but can you choose 3 to tell us more about?
It is really hard to choose just 3 out of all the fabulous vendors at the show, but The Mombot Window Art, Kreller’s Creations, and Mrs P’s. Nail Potions really stand out with their unique products.

The Mombot creates beautiful art with reclaimed and/or re-used materials such as windows, paper, cardboard, paint – either purchased or donated items. She also buys locally and grows most of her own flowers. Her neighbours love her because she uses their weeds and dandelions!

Kreller’s Creations features wonderful, high quality, woodwork including laser engraved coasters, cutting boards, clocks, wall plaques and more. Jenni is a trained woodworker who uses her knowledge of wood and how it reacts with our environment to create her items. Giving someone a personalized gift shows thought went into choosing the perfect item and will be treasured for years to come.

Mrs. P’s Nail Potions makes high quality, hand-mixed, hand poured, and cruelty free nail polish in a variety of colors. She is the only person in Edmonton and area making handmade nail lacquer and does not use any harsh chemicals or dyes in her products. Check out her original colors, scented top coats and color changing polishes, as well as her other natural beauty products!

These items are just a few of the amazing goods that will be available this weekend.

Kingsley Events has put on several great events; what elements do you think make them so successful?
I think the quality of vendors makes a huge difference in the success of a show. The enthusiasm and excitement of the vendors to showcase their products and support each other is amazing. I like to fill the events with diverse and interesting vendors that customers may not have encountered before, as well as familiar favorites. There is an emphasis on shopping local, which keeps the dollars in the community and helps people make a living at what they are passionate about.

You’ve seen a lot of vendors too; what’s consistent in handmade products that stand out and draw a crowd?
I find that the products that stand out the most are ones that are innovative and unique. Something that customers may not have come across at other markets. A lot of work goes into finding different fabrics, materials, or creative processes to produce individual items by the various artisans and crafters. Each one offers their own personal touch to their designs.

What about vendor spaces; what tips do you have for vendors to create an attractive display?
When focusing on your display, make sure that you are always accessible to customers at the show. You don’t want to close yourself off and be unapproachable. Interacting with shoppers at the event will ensure success for you and your business. Try standing beside your table rather than behind it and engage customers by asking questions. Having a draw or raffle box also entices customers to stop and chat while they fill out an entry ballot. Use strategic lighting to focus on your products and avoid cluttering your space with too many items. You can always keep extra stock under your table. Remember to be proud of your hard work.

You also have a holiday event coming up, tell us about that and how vendors and people interested in attending can get involved:
The Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza is Sunday, November 15th at the River Cree Resort Marriott Hotel and features over 140 vendors. There is a mix of 85% handmade crafters, artisans, and independent businesses, plus a few home based companies. Check everyone off your Christmas list at the show with home decor, jewelry, bath and beauty products, baby and children’s items, holiday florals and trees, gourmet food, sports memorabilia, clothing and accessories, and more. Half of the $2 admission fee proceeds are donated to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton. Santa makes and appearance and the 2016 Turn Up the Heat firefighters sign and sell calendars in support of the Burn Treatment Society. More information can be found at www.kingsleyevents.com

Thanks so much for sharing! We hope you check out their Wholly Handmade Shopping Extravaganza this Saturday! Visit their event listing for more information , sign up for our Alberta Vendor Call Newsletter to be notified when they’re accepting applications and keep an eye on our Events page for their next events!

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