April 20, 2015

How it’s Made vs How it’s Handmade with Pure Living Enthusiast

You really can’t beat the results you get from natural skin care products compared to those mass produced using harmful chemicals to prolong shelf life. That’s why we love Pure Living Enthusiast, their products and their values. They were another one of our winners, having a custom promotional video created for them by Tamarra of Canu Productions. Check out our Q&A with Pure Living Enthusiast and a behind the scenes look in their video.

Tell us about your company:
Pure Living Enthusiast is a holistic Coaching and Body Essential company. Our Mission is to guide people to finding their inner peace, through self love, self care and chemical free living. We offer coaching packages, and a full amazing line of 100% natural handmade Body essential products. 

We are based out of St.Albert, Ab but offer our programs and products all across the country! We do what we do because we have a passion for living life in a joyous and loving way. Jayleen and I started this business as a way to inspire and guide others to live their lives to their full potential and we feel so incredibly grateful everyday that we can do this. Something as small as changing to a natural deodorant can have a big effect on someones life. 

What is your philosophy when it comes to skin care and what we put on our bodies?
We believe that so many people spend so much time considering what they put into their bodies but often overlook what you out on your body. Since your skin is your bodies largest organ it makes sense that we are just as cautious about what we put on it. When we started making products we wanted to feel confident that when we nursed our babies or had them kiss our faces, that they weren’t getting a ton of chemicals. 

Each and everyone of our ingredients is selected with care to ensure that it is as clean as possible. We want our customers to feel confident knowing that the products they buy from us are so clean they could eat.. Although we don’t suggest it. 

Share your favorite local spot:How can you pick just one in our beautiful city? We both love Remedy Cafe Downtown, the atmosphere is fabulous and the drinks and food are to die for! 
If I had to pick just one park it would be the Lions Park in St.Albert. It has amazing trails, a great park, train tracks and a river near by. I could sit under one of the big trees by the water and read for hours!

How did you begin to learn about the ingredients in store bought brands and how harmful they can be?
Jay and I both always knew that the ingredients were not great for you. She made the switch to all natural years before I did. However I read this amazing book from Adria Vasil last winter that really opened my eyes to what we were putting on our skin and the skin of our kids. I think knowledge is power, so doing your own research is so vital in making better choices for your health. 

What was the first product you offered and how did you learn how to make it?
Our first products were our Sunscreen, Bug Repellent lotion and our tinted moisturizer, we actually just found the recipes online and tried them out. Over the last year we have really expanded our product line and with trial and error have greatly improved upon our ingredients, processes and product quality!

You’re stranded on an island that only carries major brands; what product or ingredient would you absolutely NOT touch and why?
I wouldn’t use any haha. Its probably a much shorter list to tell you what I would use: 100% pure for my make up, and Rocky Mountain Soap company for everything else. 
Almost all companies especially deodorant manufacturers have at least one of the Mean 15 ingredients in them. I always make sure my products are Tricolsan free and BHT free when I purchase products. But companies also do not have to disclose all harmful levels of an ingredient so if I can make it I do. 

Which product would get you by in a pinch?
If I was lucky enough to be stranded on an island I would certainly need a sunscreen (I am whiter than white) So I would probably use Sephora or Lush products. I don’t even know if they offer them and I know they wouldn’t be SUPER clean but I would get by with them. If I couldn’t use my own that is or one from Rocky Mountain soap company. 

The super hippy in me would enjoy l;laying in a beach drinking coconut milk and not worrying about my body care essentials though. 

What natural ingredient could you not live without?
Coconut Oil, hands down! Its amazing, I cook with it, use it on my skin, my hair, oil pull! Its the base of almost all of our products, plus I get to smell like a tropical island!

Share 1- 3 of your products you think everyone should use and why:
Our Deodorant should be number one! I know I am bias but this is quite literally the best deodorant you will ever use! We get reviews over and over again that it is by far the best deodorant natural or otherwise that they have used! Its so effective you will stop stinking after using it for a couple of months!

Our Forest Fun, because well we are Albertans and the mosquitos are insane! You get to smell amazing and nourish your skin while staying bug free!

Root Down: This is our sneaker product. We designed it for Lifestyle Meditation and Yoga as a Yoga balm, but its become so much more. Its cooling for the skin so its great on sore muscles and joints, I use it on my boys when they have fevers and are stuffed up, to help alleviate symptoms without chemicals. 

Tell us the general process big companies use to pump out their products and how it differs to your process:
Factories, Factories, Factories. Its so impersonal, they pump out mass batches as quickly as they can, humans barely if at all touch the process except for a button on a machine! How impersonal is that? When we remove the human touch from things we remove the love, and the life energy from what it is we create. 

When we create a product we always think about what it is we are shopping for and if we can buy it clean or not. One of our newest inventions is our bronzing lotion, we made one small batch split it inot 4 and did different color combos, its like a beauty scence experiment in my house at all times. 

We measure every ingredient, stir each batch as it melts down, weigh and pour every single product out ourselves, label it and tie a sting around it all. We do not even have our printer cut the square labels for us, we do it all. We make our batches very small (20 jars max) so people get the freshest, best product possible! Each batch is a tiny different, each label is a little off center, but every single product has love, joy and appreciation added and you cannot buy that from a big box company. 

How have you set your business apart from others doing something similar?
Its funny you ask us this because we have been given this answer by customers and others looking to hear our story and I think its LOVE. 

We do not make these products just because its a cool thing to do and people will pay big money for it. We actually want this to be as affordable for everyone as we can make it. But more important we really LOVE living this way. When I say we put ourselves into this I really mean it. One of our ingredients listed on our jars is Pure Joy.. Its the joy we have being able to make this product, to inspire others to follow their hearts and do what makes them truly happy!

How does your business give back?
Our pacaking is almost all reusable. We recycle our containers for our raw materials and we source as organic as possible for our ingredients. 

Jay and I both have a special place in our hearts for teens in need and I for single women who want to change their lives. We are planning to help a family in need next Christmas and donate some of our products to women’s shelters. 

What’s an interesting fact about you or your business, reporters would deem newsworthy?
Oh man.. I am not sure haha 

Well Jay and her husband raise chickens.. I think that’s pretty awesome. I think people are interested in our story where we came from and how we ended up where we are. But really I think we are just two awesomely funny ladies that love what we do. I hope our passion and love of life is what people see us for. 

What has been the biggest challenge of running your business and how have you overcome it?
Most people do not realize that we only started this business a year ago almost to the date. (April 14th is our incorporation anniversary) So we still have challenges all the time, websites and start up fees and balancing that with feeding our families and not having to get “jobs” to make ends meet. 

I think one of the more personal things we hvae had an issue with this last year is that we never wanted people to know us for our products but for our holistic life coaching and the products were just to be icing on the cake. Finally a year to date we are getting our coaching programs and packages (almost) ready for launch. Its been a little scary for me, because I am really having to overcome the fear of “who am I” to help others with their lives. Each and every day it comes together more and more though. 

What’s been the most important aspect to growing your business?
Love… I am such a hippy right!

You can have all the branding, website support, and money in the world, but if you don’t love what you do and put that love into it, you will never go far. 

We like to help hold people accountable so tell us one of your goals!
One of our goals…. well Jay and I have set a goal to run an amazing 5 day tropical retreat in 2016 that will guide people to self love, balance and adventure! We really just want to inspire as many people as we can to feel great, love themselves and have happy smiling hearts!

Made Urban teamed up with Canu Productions to create promotional videos for 3 Made Urban members. Here is Pure Living Enthusiast’s video:

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  1. i support your passion I have been making similar products for 2 years now and soy candles for 4 years . I love being natural and I relish in educating the public .. about my homemade natural body products .. god bless ,, I wish you well ..

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