This article is put together for Made Urban’s group board: ULTIMATE CRAFT FAIR RESOURCE. If you would like to join the board to contribute photos of booths you’ve taken at craft fairs, craft fair inspiration or advice, please:

  • Email the link your Pinterest profile to

The purpose of this board is to not only inspire you when it comes to your craft fair setup but also to give you and your fellow vendors a place to share your work and displays.

Next craft fair you’re at, please take photos of your booth as well as other vendors’ booths that you think are well done and effective. You can take photos of specific elements such as props, signage, tablecloths, etc. or overall photos showing the entire setup.

We don’t allow product photos or listings but you can share photos of your work through overall shots of your products displayed in your booth or on display props.

You can also share any craft fair related articles you’ve found helpful or images of craft fair posters that are coming up.


To keep this board useful and fun for everyone to follow please:

  • Keep the look of the board pleasing by pinning attractive images and ensuring each table is photographed well
  • Pin more than just your work or content and repin content from ULTIMATE CRAFT FAIR RESOURCE to other boards. Group boards are only beneficial if everyone is involved and helps each other out.
  • Start conversations! I really want this to be a place where craft fair vendors support each other, ask for feedback, gain new ideas and grow together. Leave comments on pins and chat with each other 🙂
  • Try to have a look over the board before you start pinning to it to be sure you’re pinning fresh content. And be sure to pin a mix of photos so visitors don’t just see 20 different photos of your booth when they visit the board. A few photos of your booth, a few photos of other’s booths and a few repins from Pinterest of props, signage or craft fair related articles would make for a great Pinterest day 😉
  • Don’t pin content that is not related to craft fairs. No product listings, product photos or links to articles about blogging


To pin a photo that doesn’t appear on a website, follow these directions and comment below if you have any questions!

1) Click the + symbol
Log into your Pinterest account and click on the + symbol that appears in the top right corner.

2) Click on “Upload an image”.

3) Click on the red “Choose image” button.

4) Select the image from your computer.

5) Add your description.
Be sure that it’s keyword rich & helpful to readers (think about the keywords you would enter if you were searching for the image. For example: “creative soap display at a craft fair using wooden crates” would be fitting if you were sharing a photo of your handmade soaps displayed at a craft fair.) You can share other details such as:

  • The name of the business that appears in the photo
  • The name of the event it was taken at
  • What you love about the setup or detail
  • If it’s your table, you can also share details like where you bought your props or what was really effective

6) Add a website URL
After you click SAVE to a board, click the “See it now” button.

When it brings up the pin, click the Edit button, enter the url you want the image to link to and click SAVE.

*If the window closes before you’re able to click the “See it now” button, go to ULTIMATE CRAFT FAIR RESOURCE board, find your image, click on it and then click on the Edit button.

Once you click Edit, it will bring up a window where you can enter the URL of the site you’d like the pin to link to. Paste the URL in the “website” field and click SAVE.

*Please keep the URL’s relevant to the content

That’s it! If you have any questions or a step is unclear, please comment below and I’ll get back to you shortly (be sure to click the “let me know when someone comments here” box so you’re notified when I answer back.

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