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January 10, 2013

Printable Weekly Planner

I’m in the process of cutting down on the amount of notebooks I have so I can be a little more organized and de-clutter my work space. I seem to buy a new notebook each month because it looks purdy and then I ditch my old notebooks before they’re full. I’m also horrible at using day timers as I forget to write in them for weeks at a time. So I decided to put together one binder to hold all my thoughts, notes and goals and create a sheet for the front to use as a planner to organize my weekly to-do lists.

You can print yours off here:

  • write the week’s date at the top
  • mark down any important events or meetings in the calendar
  • fill in the to-do list below each day with tasks that need to be completed
  • use the bottom notes section for additional points or goals

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