February 5, 2015

Q & A with Tamarra Canu Productions

We had the pleasure of interviewing Tamarra of Canu Productions regarding her videography business. She filled us in on how her vision, creativity and skills can take your business, event and even your wedding to the next level. But don’t take our word for it! Head over to her Vimeo page to see some of the videos she’s created. Check out our Q & A below and keep an eye on our Facebook page or Canu Production’s for an exciting collaboration with Tamarra Canu Productions and some Made Urban members!

Tell us what Canu Productions is:
 Tamarra Canu Productions is a homegrown videography business that will take your business, event, wedding, story or idea and make it speak for itself. Our goal is to remain competitive, always growing but always staying affordable. Let us tell your story, we promise we won’t let you down.

What is your background in videography and what inspired you to start Canu Productions? I started my career in the Radio and Television Broadcasting program at NAIT in Edmonton, AB. Through several
courses of video production and editing I began to notice I had a knack for
making things look beautiful through motion and video story telling. It is only part of my story and a fraction of where I know this industry can take me. Help me take another step and give me a try.

What type of videos do you create? 
I have made everything from web
promotions, Instagram mash-ups, YouTube advertisements for local business, weddings, events, celebrations… you name it and I have filmed it. I love shooting in different styles, embracing different themes and changing each video to fit your vision. We are working together as a team to make whatever you see, come to life.

When you’re given an assignment, where do you start and what’s your end goal? When someone hires me, the very first thing I love to ask them is ‘How do you want people to feel when they watch this?’ It gives me a great idea of how to capture, what to capture and most importantly… how to fit each piece of the puzzle together to make that emotion real. Tell me what you imagine, the sounds, sights, expressions… I want to make sure that at the end of our shoot I will have every tool necessary to press play and wow you. Creatively, we may have different visions and if you are worried your vision isn’t quite clear. Fear not, I have enough ideas flowing through me to suffice if you think you want to let me take the reins.

Where do you draw inspiration? I have always been an emotional person…
now don’t get me wrong, emotion has helped me tap into my creativity. Films, dance, my family and friends, they all show me so many picture perfect moments. I take wisdom from these moments, tuck them away, and every smile, wink or laugh I see at your event…is genuine. To be ableto witness such raw emotion everyday is too beautiful not to capture. I love what I do. Every moment is silver screen worthy.

Tell us about the wedding videos you create; how do you capture the day and special moments? Weddings are a different kind of event entirely. You have a beautiful couple, standing in front of their family and friends…throwing their hearts on the line and trusting me with the honor of capturing that special day. My goal is to be a ghost, I don’t want you to see me, I want you to be oblivious, because when you watch your special day, it will be like reliving it from someone else’s eyes but feeling like you never missed a blink. Having video and sound of your special day isn’t just a photo that will collect dust. It is a reminder of exactly how you felt, exactly what you said and exactly how you looked when you stared into each other’s eyes and said ‘I do.’

What benefits do your videos provide to events?
 A video takes your event, and immortalizes it. Makes it look like everything went smoothly, no problems or bumps in the road when we all know… that most events don’t turn out that way. I want you to not only forget about your worries, but your clients as well. When people watch your film, they will want to be there, living in the moment, and naturally will want that moment recreated for them. That’s where you come in.

What type of videos have you created for small businesses and the benefits? For small local business, I find they use my videos most commonly on their websites, Facebook pages and YouTube pages. It is a way to remain active on social media and drive traffic to your published products for potential cliental to see what else you can do. Many clients will keep their video and repost it after days, weeks…depending on the product and use it to throwback to a certain moment or remind people on what they are missing out on. The
benefits of this are always being top of mind to your clients, they know you are active and you’ll be the one they call when they need to.

Do you have any advice for people who don’t like being on camera?
 This is where a background and current career in broadcasting comes in. I am trained to be on camera and to help those who struggle with such. Being on camera scares tons of people and even the most versed stars will mess up their lines. You just have to remember that we have all the time in the world, all the takes and I will be right there with you along the way. Why rush when you are having fun?

Do you travel outside of Edmonton for clients? Travelling outside of Edmonton is absolutely an option. Fees and rates can be discussed and negotiated.

How does one get in touch with you to book your services? You can contact me through my webpage at canuproductions.com or call me at 780-289-5533. If I don’t answer your call, shoot me an email through my website contact page and I will get back to you within a day or two.

What type of budgets can you work with? My rates are simple. They come with designated amounts of editing times and range from $500 and up. Even our smallest package will get you a great product, call for more details.

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