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What is Made Urban?

We’re all about livin’ la vida local and Made Urban lets you get as local as you like. We’re an online marketplace for buying and selling locally made goods and so much more! Shop for products made in your province/state, search for local creative service providers or find unique small ma and pa shops located right in your city. We're 100% free! We don't charge any registration, listing or commission fees. But for how long you ask? Forever! We plan to always keep Made Urban free to use and will eventually introduce some optional paid upgrades users may find useful. Check out our video to get the gist about us or read more below:

So what can you find on Made Urban?


Made Urban is where you need to be to buy or sell items that are made, baked, grown or created all within your province/state or city. Imagine all the items you find when strolling through a local farmers’ market, craft show or festival, such as one of a kind art, unique gifts, fresh baked goods, locally grown produce and more! You’ll find all of this right here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...365 days a year.


Made Urban is the perfect place to list or browse creative services being offered right in your city. Let’s say you're getting married. You can use Made Urban to find a baker to make your cake, a dj to get the party started, an event planner to put you at ease and a photographer to capture the day. It’s a one stop shop to find local, small and independent, creative service providers.


Made Urban always has the scoop on all of the creative events happening in and around your town or city. You‘ll find dates, times and locations of local craft shows, farmers’ markets, festivals and anything else related to the artistic and creative community. And don't forget, if you're a vendor, you can also check here for shows that you can become a part of.


Made Urban is the perfect place to get in the know about business-y, crafty, diy-ing goodness. We’re constantly updating this section with new articles that help you to stay creative. You’ll find crafting tips and tricks, diy’s, business strategies and advice and facts and stats about supporting local. You can also stay one step ahead of the game and sign up for our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss a beat

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