Printable Craft Show Checklist

Craft shows are a lot of work to prepare for and chances are you’ll be up late with finishing details the night before and up early the morning of. Here’s a list to help you get organized when you’re overworked and tired 😉


Items on the printable checklist:


  • containers to safely transport product in
  • product – priced and tagged
  • table cloth
  • signage
  • promotional items
    • business cards
    • flyers
    • free giveaways
  • display props (risers, baskets, etc)
  • mirror (if products need to be seen on)
  • lighting (if extra is needed)
  • chairs (if not provided)
  • table (if not provided)


  • money for change ($5’s, $10’s $20’s & change)
  • cashbox
  • receipt book
  • inventory list
  • calculator
  • shopping bags
  • tissue paper for wrapping or stuffing


  • tool kit
    • glue
    • scissors
    • tape
    • safety pins
    • pen
    • pencil
    • notebook
    • tools of your trade for quick fixes (ie: needle and thread)
  • extra price tags
  • directions to the show
  • drinks and snacks (the less messy, the better – you usually have to snack between customers)
  • hopefully you’ll be busy enough with customers, but in the case of it being a slower day, having a book or some work to do can help pass the time

If it’s an outdoor show, be sure to include:
– gazebo style tent (if not provided)
– weights for corner of your tent (if it’s a windy day)
– weights for corners of table cloth and any light items (if it’s a windy day)
– sunscreen
– sunglasses
– water

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  1. My business partner and I are working on putting together a craft handmade art show to showcase the work of our local artisans. My biggest struggle right now is figuring how much time I should dedicate to promoting it. Would 2 months in advance be enough? This will be a small craft show, maybe up to 10 vendors. How long would you suggest I should promote for? I was thinking of having the event mid August. Thank you!

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