November 23, 2015

Event Spotlight with Crafty Affaire

Crafty Affaire Holiday Market

BIO: Crafty Affaire is a small and intimate one day handmade market where you’ll find handmade creations, one-of-a-kind treasures and delicious treats for all!
This is our 5th Holiday Market and we celebrate all things handmade and want to share our handpicked finds with the community.
NEXT EVENT: November 28, 2015, 10 am – 5 pm, Elgin Hall – 14250 Crescent Rd, South Surrey, BC

What makes Crafty Affaire Markets different from other markets?
Our market is small and intimate. The heritage location,Elgin Hall, of the market adds charm to the size of the market. It’s warm and welcoming.

We feature carefully curated vendors that create amazing handmade goodness from all over the lower mainland. We love handmade and support the handmade movement.

What can shoppers expect to find at your upcoming event?
Great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season or that special occasion. We have something for everybody; jewelry, bath and beauty products, home decor, holiday decor, food, children’s clothing and toys, accessories and more!

We know there are tons of great vendors attending the Crafty Affaire Holiday Market but can you choose 3 to tell us more about?
Just 3? There are so many amazing vendors at all our markets and it doesn’t seem fair to choose just 3. But the 3 that have made such an impression on me are Dirty Bird Jewellery, The Salt Dispensary and O-Cha Lazy Day.

Dirty Bird Jewellery
has been with the market from day one and I love that! They are an amazing mother & daughter duo. that can make you sparkle from head to toe. Their necklaces, rings and other things give you that needed bling.

The Salt Dispensary makes the best gourmet blended sea salts and caramels. They also have an amazing collection of barbeque seasonings to die for!

O-Cha Lazy Day makes fun and colourful children’s clothing and accessories. The cuteness of Nuch’s creations always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

We hear there will also be food vendors at your market; can you tell us what kind of yummy treats shoppers will find?
Shortbread. Macarons. Caramels. Chocolates. Granola. Crackers. Macaroons. My mouth is watering just thinking about these yummy treats!

The Crafty Affaire has put on several great events; what elements do you think make them so successful?
The amazing vendors make the market! Their talent and dedication to their craft shows in the awesome quality creations that they bring to the market. It is great to see a group of makers work and play well together. They also show support for each other.

You’ve seen a lot of vendors too; what’s consistent in handmade products that stand out and draw a crowd?
Uniqueness and quality tend to stand out. Each vendor puts a lot of thought and work into their creations and it is reflected at the result. Customers like something different and handmade, which is my main goal with the market.

What about vendor spaces; what tips do you have for vendors to create an attractive display?
A vendor space should draw customers in and make them want to stay a while.

Products and displays should stand out. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. Not too many props and products. Don’t showcase all your products, it will seem too busy. Extra inventory can be kept under the table. Try to keep your area clean and not cluttered.

I would also suggest taking your display vertically. The products are easy to see and your booth doesn’t look so flat. Lighting will also add to a display, specially for jewelry.

ALWAYS have a banner or sign to let everyone know who you are. If you can’t hang a banner use a table top sign. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it should look professional. You should also make sure that you have your business cards available so the customers will know where to find you.

Make your display an extension of your work or brand. Make it say look at me! Be proud of your creations and your booth.

Vendors work hard creating stock to sell, sell, sell at a craft show. As crafty vendors yourself; can you offer a piece of advice for craft show vendors to get the most out of sales on event day?
Vendors MUST interact with the customers. A simple hello or smile breaks the ice which can lead to a conversation and maybe a sale. By making them feel comfortable they are more apt to stay at your booth and purchase something. You don’t need to be pushy, you just need to be nice. You know what they say “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”!

Thanks so much for sharing! We hope you check out The Crafty Affaire Holiday Market this Saturday! Visit their event listing for more information, sign up for our BC Vendor Call Newsletter to be notified when they’re accepting applications and keep an eye on our Events page for their next events!

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