September 28, 2015

Event Spotlight with Nest in the City

We’re always excited and grateful to have Nest in the City list their events on Made Urban! They’re fun and creative with unique themes and elements that take them above and beyond your usual craft show. They have a Festival & Market coming up we wanted to highlight and since they put on so many great events, we also wanted to pick their brain on what makes theirs special and how vendors can stand out. Check it out!

Nest in the City Festival and Market

BIO: Nest in the city is a fun day full of shopping, activities, crafts and more. Entry is free to enjoy shopping, mini make and take crafts, and photo booth fun!

Purchase tickets for fun, creative and informative workshops and seminars featuring everything from Calligraphy, Flower Crowns and Fairy Gardens, to Family Travel, Cooking and more!

Over 30 market vendors will be set up throughout the facility featuring everything from apparel and accessories, to paper goods, jewelry, and home decor.

NEXT EVENT: Saturday, October 3, 2015. 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre. 2051 Leger Road NW, Edmonton.


What makes the Nest in the City Festival & Market different from other markets?
Our event features not only shopping, but workshops, seminars and activities for all things life, nest and family!

We love that there are make and take crafts! Can you tell us what type of crafts shoppers will be making?
We will have some easy to make and simple crafts that guests can do at the event and also some pre-made kits that they can take and make at home! The crafts will include washi tape clothes pin magnets, washi tape tea lights, paper pumpkin lanterns, paper leaf garlands and some fun surprise make and take kits from some of our vendors!

Workshops and speakers too! Some details on that as well please 🙂
We are so excited to feature all of our wonderful workshop hosts and speakers! Tickets are available online or at the door for everything from intro to calligraphy, flower crowns, and paper wreaths to cooking, travel and makeup.

Nest in the City has put on several great events; what elements do you think make your events so successful?
We LOVE what we do!! We put on events that feature things that we love and are passionate about, and we love sharing this with others!

You’ve seen a lot of vendors too; what’s consistent in handmade products that stand out and draw a crowd?
We are big fans of products that have great branding, packaging, product names etc. A simple product can be made amazing and memorable by having great branding.

What about vendor spaces; what tips do you have for vendors to create an attractive display?
Have different levels and depth in your displays. Don’t just lay everything out on a table. Make it visually interesting and eye catching so that people will stop and look around at everything you have to offer!

You also have a Make Shop Series, tell us about that and how vendors and people interested in attending can get involved:
We really love making stuff and having a night out with friends, and the Make Shop series combines that along with some sweet treats and prizes! We have a different theme every month, and love to feature local makers sharing a project of their own with our attendees. More details can be found on our website

Thanks so much for sharing! We hope you check out their Festival & Market this Saturday! Visit their event listing for more information , sign up for our Alberta Vendor Call Newsletter to be notified when they’re accepting applications and keep an eye on our Events page for their next events!

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