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“I am brand new at doing Craft Sales. I started in November 2017. Did my first sale sold nothing. Did my second sale and sold a couple of items Took the 5 day challenge and made a profit at the last sale.”

Just for you cards by Kathryn

“This has been a complete eye opener for me so thank you very very much for all of the amazing tips that you have shared. I have decided to start my stall from scratch and build in all of your advice and I can’t wait for my next event.”

“Wow I am loving your emails… Written in a clear and simple way. For all your help given so far I can’t thank you enough”

“Thanks so much for creating this awesome 5 day Challenge! It has made me look at things so much better. I have been doing this for 5 years and I feel like I never can figure out. I knew this year I really needed to change it up!”

“I applied some steps from the challenge and it was AMAZING, it really helped and improved my display. More people came to see the booth and many bought from me.”

Beatriz, Owner of Pretelie from Brazil

Those are just a few of the messages I’ve received from the 20,000+ crafters who have taken the free email challenge.


I’ve received many more message from people sharing the “aha” moments they’ve had because of 5 DAYS TO A STANDOUT CRAFT SHOW DISPLAY.


They knew they needed to do something to bring their craft show sales up, but weren’t sure where to start.


This free email course walks you through every important step of creating a display that sells.

When you sign up, you’ll receive worksheets to help you plan your display and an email a day for the next 5 days; each containing an important lesson and step to build another layer of your display.


By the end, you’ll have a solid plan for your display and will walk into your next craft show with confidence and walk out with sales to back it up.


If you’ve landed on this page, this free email course is probably exactly what you need. You’ll find lots of useful information on my blog but if you want a tidy little package with step-by-step instructions, this email course is for you.


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In 5 DAYS TO A STANDOUT DISPLAY I’m going to teach you the success formula for an impactful craft show display that: 


  • Draws shoppers over and makes your table or booth the one they have to stop at.


  • Makes shoppers feel they need to buy from you that day (it eats into your profits when you have to lug stock home and find another way to sell it).


  • Make shoppers feel like they’re shopping a little branded boutique, not a flea market table


  • Evoke a feeling from your shoppers…because no one buys when they feel “meh” about a product


  • Increase the perceived value of your products…because no one buys when they think a product isn’t worth the price.



When I participated in my first craft show, I showed up with a wrinkly tablecloth, a few baskets and frames from home, and of course, my stock (which had a similar here-are-all-the-different-things-I-can-make type vibe).


Did I sell anything?


For sure!


I probably sold enough to cover the cost of my table.


But I also noticed how much more other vendors were selling. Vendors who seemed to have actually planned their displays.


And then I wondered: what was I thinking?!


I was a regional visual merchandiser for a multi-million dollar retailer.


I knew better.


I knew there was a reason retailers spent a lot of time and money designing product collections and planning exactly where to display them in their store. Then making sure the vision they had when designing a collection came through when displayed in stores.


I knew all that planning translated into dollars.


And I knew if I wanted to have a business that made me money and not a hobby that consumed it, my craft show display couldn’t look like amateur hour.


So I applied the same techniques to my craft show display that big retailers use to boost sales.


The more I mimicked the big guys’ tactics, the more my handmade business thrived.

Wanna do the same?


Craft shows are a lot of work.


And it takes the fun out of it when your hard work goes unnoticed and you end up lugging most of your stock back home.


What you sell plays an important role.


But the way you display and sell it is just as important.


It can feel overwhelming when you think about the role your display plays in your craft show success.


But if you follow a formula, it makes it easier.


I’m going to teach you that formula in 5 DAYS TO A STANDOUT CRAFT SHOW DISPLAY


*Disclaimer: this email course does not guarantee you will make more money at craft fairs.