5 Days. 5 Emails. 5 Steps to ensure you beat last year’s sales numbers

One of the top goals of any business is to continuously improve.

  • Do better today than yesterday
  • Have a better week than last week
  • And of course…sell more this year than last year

I’ve put this FREE challenge together to help handmade business owners reach their goals this year and beat last year’s sales.

If you want to change the outcome you must change your actions

Do what you’ve been doing if you want to MAINTAIN results. But to grow above and beyond current results, you must take different actions.

I’m going to share 5 KEY lessons every handmade business must implement.

Each lesson comes with a worksheet and I also share a free sample chapter from my ebook HOW TO SELL HANDMADE BEYOND FRIENDS & FAMILY.

The challenge shares 5 important lessons over 5 emails. The first one starts today…as soon as you subscribe 🙂