How to Add Made Urban to your Contacts

To make sure the emails you’ve signed up to receive will land in your inbox, please add to your contact list.

This set of instructions works for most email service providers (e.g. Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)

1 – Open an email from – any email will do, the confirmation email will be the first email you receive from me. If you don’t see it, please check your junk/spam folder.

2 – Click on the Made Urban icon, name, or email address – once you have an email from open, you’ll see either Made Urban’s image icon, name, or email address in the top right of the email. Click on one of those.

3 – Select “Add to Contacts” – once you click on an icon, name or email address, you should see a “contact” or “add to contacts” link or arrow; click on that.

4 – Add details – clicking “add to contacts” may complete the process or it may bring you to another page where you can add more details (which isn’t necessary). If you’re brought to a detail page, find the “add to contacts” button on this page and click it to complete the process.

All done! Not so hard right?

If this doesn’t work in the email service provider you’re using, please check out this guide for step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of email: INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDERS

*Please note: “adding to contacts”, “whitelisting”, marking as “safe sender” will have a similar effect of making sure my emails land in your inbox.