2 Steps to Revive your Handmade Business


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By opening my email and clicking the link (or seeing my pin on Pinterest and clicking the link), you’ve done more than most people are willing to do for their business.


You’re willing to invest the time to determine how you can improve it.


For that, I’m offering you a reward 😉


You have access to a free sample of THE SUCCESS PLANNER.



(The PDF will open in your web browser; click the download icon (the rectangle with an arrow) to save to your computer & print the worksheets)

The Success Planner Sample


The portions I’ve decided to share are excerpts from the ebook that will help you review the last year and month and make a plan.


These are the first 2 steps that are most important for kickstarting your business and starting it off on the right foot for a new year, new quarter, new month, or even a new week.


You’ve shown you want your business to work and are interested in ways to help it do so.


I strongly believe if you take the time to review and plan AND (most importantly) are open to making changes to your business to help it work, you’ll see improvements in your business.


2021’s SUCCESS PLANNER will be launching October 30th.


But you can purchase it now at a discounted price.


You’ll gain access to it now, have all the worksheets to get started now, and will be automatically sent the 2021 worksheets on October 30th, at no additional cost.


If you purchased THE SUCCESS PLANNER last year, you can purchase just the 2021 day planner pages this year for a fraction of the price.

Visit this page for more information on the planner and to purchase.


If you find the free sample helpful, you’ll find more in the full version.


But you can also take what you learn with this free download and create your own system for reviewing, planning, organizing, scheduling, and tracking.


There is no right way; it’s simply what works best for you.


I created The Success Planner to share the system that works for me and that’s helped me reach my goals (consistently, year after year).


I also created it for those who have enough on their plates and don’t want to work through figuring it out on their own.


It’s easy to feel a little lost sometimes and to just want someone to tell you what to do 😉 I also created the planner for this scenario.


You can read more about THE SUCCESS PLANNER here, and you’ll get a small taste of it with your free download:




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  1. I already have this Success planner and COVID sent me into a huge funk as all the stores I sold to were closed I stopped making as I didn’t know what was going to happen. Boom, things opened up again and I was on the verge of Christmas sales and not enough product! I am now overwhelmed with making. Lesson learned. My product takes approx six to seven weeks so I am a bit behind at this point. I should have stuck to my planner.

  2. I sort of “set the towel aside” instead of completely throwing it in . At the beginning of the year, I was following a path towards forming my business into a combination of my usual craft fairs and having my own website. I have a number of your publications that helped me along that path. Then Boom, covid reared its ugly head. I paused, figuring it would only be a couple months. Didn’t feel that promoting my products was quite the right thing to do. I pivoted to making masks (which became about the only thing I had orders for), then I just got into a funk because things weren’t changing and I didn’t make any progress in moving forward in my business. I am not dependent on the income from this business since I am retired and have my retirement income so I felt that maybe I actually should just throw that towel in. But what I did realize is that I am dependent on the art of creating for keeping my overall outlook on an even keel. So I am now taking baby steps back to where I was at the beginning of March and will work on the orders I have. (yup, even without fairs and a website I received a number of orders – much to my surprise and pleasure). So, for now, the towel is firmly back in my hands and I have no plans of throwing it anywhere at this point.

  3. I know I am a little late to the party here in responding. I have the towel near me and sometimes far away. I have been making masks and have done well and now things have slowed down for me. Even though my first love has been crocheting even that has not moved even with the weather getting older. I miss my vending days . I do post alot thru my Instagram and FB and TW but nothing is driving traffic to sales. Many people want free shipping even though they can do contactless pick up. But I do hope and pray that 2021 will bring me way more luck. The towel is not totally gone it’s there.

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