4 Easy Ways to Revive a Dead Facebook Page


Sometimes, we can fall a little bit out of love with our Facebook pages, right?


Sometimes it can just feel a bit laborious and we lose our mojo.


At the time of writing this it’s early January. Most of us are feeling full from overloading on mince pies and chocolate, plus we’re overwhelmed with assessing where we’ve been and where we’re going. We’ve been distracted with life and unless we’ve been a scheduling ninja and somehow found time in between the family meals and Netflix binging to map out our social media, we’ve neglected things.


It’s a heady time for us small business owners!


If this is you, firstly know you’re not alone. In the Craft my Success Facebook group this topic pops up quite frequently at any time in the year (another prime time is summer!)


So in today’s guest post from me, Jackie, a Facebook coach for creative biz owners I want to give you four tips for getting your mojo back and igniting a fire under your Facebook page, easily, quickly and effortlessly.


You can even do it whilst still eating leftover mince pies. No judgement here.


Don’t worry about a thang!

First thing to know is that if you’ve been on a hiatus, don’t worry about it.


Don’t overthink things and worry that you haven’t posted in X amount of days or weeks, or even months!


The good news is that social media moves so quickly, that your absence may have not even been noticed by your fans.


You could even address it with a post titled “sorry for being AWOL, I’ve been busy doing this”.


The most important thing to do is just start posting again.



Give your page a facelift

When you’ve been away for a little while, there could be a possibility that you need to give your page a refresh.


  • Look at your cover image, profile picture, about section and is there anything that needs updating?
  • Perhaps you have a new line of products you wish to promote in your cover image?
  • Or your branding has changed or you have an offer or new email list you wish to highlight?


Giving your page a bit of a facelift is a nice way to ease you back in.



Revive popular content

Another neat trick which is easy and quick to do is to revive previous posts that did well.


Videos are great for this – they are Facebook’s favoured content type, and Mark Zuckerberg himself even said in 2016 that in the next 5 years Facebook will mostly be video content.


It’s not going away, it works, and it’s a fantastic way to build your know, like and trust factor with your audience (plus most of us just use the tech we have in our hands already, our mobile phones!)


So if you’ve made videos previously – re-use them!


Here’s a quick way to do it.

  • Log in to your page via desktop
  • Go into publishing tools (at the top of your page)
  • On the left you’ll see “video library” under videos
  • Here is where you can sort your videos by number of people viewed (therefore finding the top content easily and quickly)
  • Go into filters on the top right side and click the drop down and select “views”
  • Enter a number appropriate for your page (you may need to play around with this) in the newly popped up field on the left hand side.
  • Hit enter and you’ll see all your videos with views greater than that number

  • Now to easily repurpose them, click on the checkbox of the video, go to actions at the top and click “Create a new post with this video”

  • Update the post (check for important things like whether you used the word likes yesterday or this month) and from here you can post or schedule the video to your page.



Share curated content

If you’re hitting a complete roadblock when it comes to content you create, then you can always call upon others and share theirs!


Tip – always share content that your ideal customer would love. Think about their interests, demographics and hobbies and start there. Your ideal customer is a Mum of a pre-schooler? Find a funny post showing “the crazy things kids do”. Your ideal customer loves their pets? Find a blog post of people who really love their pets and throw them birthday parties and pet friendly cakes.


The quickest way to find content is to use a free tool like buzzsumo.com.


I put in “pet owners” and was shown the below articles. You can clearly see how many Facebook engagements they have (so obviously if that number is high, and it’s suitable for your audience, you should get some of that good stuff too!)


Just click on the link, have a read through to check it’s appropriate and then copy and paste the link to your page with some copy of your own to entice people to read it.


You may also be interested in ways to sell handmade on Facebook (without selling).



BIO – “Hi, I’m Jackie from Craft my Success and I help the “pull your hair out frustrated” creative biz owner get results from Facebook. If you’re a crafter, hand maker, photographer or artist, working your business around a family or day job, I will show you my proven methods for how to stop getting tumbleweeds with your Facebook posts and instead grow a loyal engaging following and actually get some sales! Get results with Facebook quickly even if you’re short on time, low on budget but big on your business dreams!”


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  1. I am in the very beginning stage of planning an online business for organic beauty products. I’ve figured out what I want to sell, trademark name, I’ve been studying up on high quality ingredients, containers as well as where to buy them, but I hit a road block. I don’t know where to go from here. I’m a single mom and live on disability, stuff is espensive. I want to start out small and make sure people are going to love the products before I jump in head first and possibly be unsuccessful and waste alot of money. I need advice on how to start small and get my product out there. I need to get my name out there. I have no business experience, however I’m very determined. I need to know what steps should I take first? Where should I go from the idea stage to selling products? HELP it’s all so confusing!

  2. Made Urban says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for reading. It definitely can be overwhelming starting a business. It sounds like you’re off to a good start by taking your time finding the right ingredients, containers, etc.

    I think the best way to move forward with little risk and capital is to create prototypes of your products and make stock as orders come in. You would have to communicate the lead times to customers (e.g. once an order is placed, it takes ____ days to be completed) but you can sell the longer order fulfillment times as a benefit, letting people know they get the freshest organic beauty products because they’re not sitting on a shelf weeks or months before they order.

    This also gives you a chance to gather feedback and make changes (if needed) before you build a bunch of stock.

    Hope that helps!


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