80+ Stocking Stuffer Crafts to Make & Sell

Stocking stuffers tend to be smaller, lower-priced items. “Lower priced” will be different for each business, and depend on its target market. To some, $5 is lower-priced while others consider $30 lower-priced. 

How much time and money you spend on stocking stuffer items should reflect your target market and the quality and price they’ll expect. 

Most of these stocking stuffer ideas can be altered to fit into a lower or higher price range. Use different materials, techniques, and product features to bring your prices up or down. 

I’ve grouped stocking stuffer ideas by skill type, but many of the ideas can be altered to fit your skill and chosen medium. 

For example, a purse or car charm can be made by applying macrame, sewing, beadwork, or leatherwork techniques.

So be sure to have a look through the full list and explore ways to make an idea work for your business.

Some of these items may work better as small gifts, rather than stocking stuffers. But I hope you find lots of inspiration!

Stocking Stuffer Crafts to Make & Sell


Jewelry & Accessory stocking stuffers to make & sell

For the most part, packaging will help translate a piece of jewelry or accessory into a stocking stuffer. 

Use festive cardstock to package a pair of earrings, hair clip, or keychain and even add a holiday-themed message (e.g. “Merry & Bright” text added to an earring card) to make it more gift-appropriate.

Make items that are lower-priced (compared to the rest of your items), festive, and easy to place into a stocking (e.g. in a clear bag or small gift box).

Stocking stuffer earrings

Creating items that are in holiday colours (e.g. red, gold, silver,) will also help shoppers realize these items are prefect for stocking stuffers.

1. Hair pins/barettes

Work with your preferred medium to create smaller barrettes, clips, pins, etc. Below is a simple DIY for hair pins:

2. Simple stud earrings

Stud earrings, like these raw stone earrings by Alice & Lois,  will help keep costs and prices down to make the item a perfect stocking stuffer. Use holiday-themed cardstock for packaging.

Stud earrings stocking stuffer diy

3. Necklace pendants

To keep the price point low, you can sell just the pendant, without the chain/necklace. Use a ring that will allow the receiver to loop the pendant onto a necklace they already own. 

Something quick and easy to make such as Alice & Lois’s wire wrapped stones will also keep the price down.

Pendant stocking stuffer diy

Using deep jewel-toned stones will give them a more festive vibe.


4. Charms

Turn your jewelry, leatherwork, or beadwork into a charm that people can clasp onto a bag, case, luggage, keyring, etc.

Charm stocking stuffer diy

You might use mix of pom-poms and tassels like this DIY by Made in a Day:

bag charm stocking stuffer


Or use remnants of ribbons, twine and lace like this simple DIY by Leslie Writes It All:

Charm stocking stuffer DIY

5. Car charms

You can use beads, crystals, chains, pendants, etc. to create charms that can be hung from a rearview mirror. It’s the perfect small item for customers to add to a stocking stuffer. Here’s a unique take on a car charm by Domestically Blissful.

car charm stocking stuffer diy

6. Wine charms

You can also apply your jewelry-making skills to wine charms. Create a set and package them in a cellophane bag with Christmas-themed cardstock so they’re ready to be placed in a stocking.

wine charms stocking stuffer


7. Luggage charms/tags

Create a simple charm or tag travellers can attach to their luggage so it’s easy to pick out.


8. Jewelry cases/travel cases

You don’t even need sewing skills to make these items (fabric glue will work). And if you do have basic sewing skills, you can make small felt bags (hand sewing is fine) that are perfect for jewelry storage.

Here’s a simple felt bag DIY by Alice & Lois

Jewerly case DIY stocking stuffer

This simple jewelry travel roll DIY by The Merry Thought would also make a great stocking stuffer:

Jewelry roll DIY stocking stuffer

You can also make this type of item with a circuit.


9. Jewelry holders

If you can work with clay, small ring cones or bowls are the perfect compliment to your jewelry or small accessories. Although clay-work may not be your specialty, these items are easy to make and are great small gifts for Christmas. You’ll find some simple DIY further down this list under the pottery section.


10. Cuff links

There are many ways to make cufflinks, depending on your skill level, the medium you work with, and your target market. Here is a simple DIY:


11. Mini sun catchers

If you search for sun catcher DIY’s, you’ll find lots of inspiration. From using crystals to pressed flowers and stained glass; there are lots of options.

sun catcher stocking stuffer


Knitting stocking stuffers to make & sell

Whether you knit or crochet, you should be able to find project ideas that require little time and can be used with yarn remnants.

12. Knitted ornaments

There are a variety of Christmas ornaments you can knit, so be creative. Here’s a cute pattern for mitten ornaments by A Box of Twine:

Knitted Christmas ornament stocking stuffer diy

These little winter hat ornaments only took me about 15 minutes to make and required very little yarn (material costs would be pennies…you could probably even use yarn scraps). The fluffier/thicker the yarn, the faster it is to make these ornaments.

A set of 3 would make a cute stocking stuffer.

Yarn Christmas ornaments to make and sell

You can watch the video below to learn how to make them:

13. Knitted hair ties or scrunchies

A cute hair tie, such as the one below by A Box of Twine, or knitted scrunchies make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Knitted hair tie stocking stuffer

14. Cotton rounds 

A set of knitted or crocheted cotton rounds or facecloths in festive colours would be the perfect stocking stuffer when bundled together and wrapped with a Christmas-themed ribbon.

A Box of Twine has a free crochet pattern to create the scrubbies below: (I would make these 1/4 of the size for stocking stuffers)

crocheted face scrubbies stocking stuffer

15. Soap saver bags

Knit or crochet a simple bag, big enough to fit a bar of soap, out of a material that will be soft on the skin. These small bags will be perfect for “Santa” to add to a stocking, along with a bar of soap.


16. Slippers

Cozy slippers are one of my favorite items to include in a stocking. You may find a pattern that’s quicker to make but here’s a beginner slipper tutorial:

17. Winter scarf or mittens

If you knit or crochet, scarves and mittens are likely your main products. However, they would make great stocking stuffer items too. So be sure to include them in your stocking stuffer section on Etsy or on your craft show table.


Macrame stocking stuffers to make & sell

18. Christmas ornaments

These boho macrame Christmas ornaments by Marching North would make a great stocking stuffer item to make and sell:

Macrame Christmas ornaments DIY stocking stuffer

19. Camera or purse strap

A camera strap would be the perfect stocking stuffer for a photographer. Lovely Indeed has a DIY you can follow to make the strap shown below:

Camera strap stocking stuffer diy


20. Car charm diffuser

You can create car charms that hang on a rearview mirror and are strictly decorative. Or you can add wood balls or wooden beads, which allow the car owner to add an essential oil blend and turn it into a car freshener too.


21. Keychain 

A simple keychain is a good stocking stuffer item to make and sell:

22. Tea towel hanger

23. Napkin rings

These napkin rings made by Marching North are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer:

napkin ring stocking stuffer diy


24. Simple Macrame necklace

This is a great idea by Marching North for a simple project that allows the customer to swap different crystals in and out:

macrame necklace diy stocking stuffer


Sewing stocking stuffers to make & sell

There are so many items you can make with fabric remnants. Be sure to stick within your niche and to items that target your specific market. Christmas ornaments are simple to sew by machine or hand.

Felt Christmas ornaments stocking stuffers


25. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a great way to use up fabric scraps and they don’t take long to make. Try tagging/packaging them in a festive way to help shoppers think of them as stocking stuffers. Here’s a tutorial for making scrunchies.

Scrunchie stocking stuffer to make and sell


26. Sunglasses case

There are many simple ways to make a sunglass case. And if you use leather or vinyl, you don’t even need to use a sewing machine. Here’s a no-sew tutorial.


27. Roll-up cases

These rolls are simple to sew and you can alter them to a variety of items. I created one for crayons, but you could make one to fit:

  • makeup brushes
  • paint brushes
  • pencils and pens
  • pencil crayons
  • BBQ tongs/flipper
  • knitting needles
  • essential oils
  • etc.

If you are making one for crayons, I recommend using a darker patterned fabric, or creating a flap that covers the tops of the crayons. When you roll up the case, color will likely transfer to the material.

Crayon rollup stocking stuffer diy


28. Coin purse

Simple little coin purses or cases to hold lip balm, ear buds, etc. are the perfect size for a stocking.


29. Christmas apron

This apron was quick and easy to make and didn’t require much material. I had a scrap piece of fabric that was approximately 30″ x 18″. I pressed and stitched the seams along the sides and bottom, and ran a gathering stitch along the top to create a few ruffles. Then I added a tie by folding a piece of fabric in half that’s approximately 60″ long by 5″ wide.

If selling at a craft show, I would fold these up and wrap in a ribbon so they’re ready to be placed in a stocking.

Christmas apron stocking stuffer diy


30. Potholders or oven mitts

Potholders are simple to make (here’s a tutorial by Tidbits & Company). I didn’t use bias tape for mine, however, I think it would have been faster to. I would simply sandwich the batting between the layers and do a quilting stitch over all layers (rather than doing the top and bottom layers separately. Then the ends of the quilting stitching would be covered by the bias tape.

Making a set in Christmas-theme fabric or in holiday colours turns potholders into the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

potholder diy stocking stuffer


31. Handwarmers

Handwarmers are quick and easy to make and only require a few square inches of fabric. Fill them with rice or flax seed.

Handwarmer stocking stuffer diy


32. Keyboard wrist rests

Similar to the hand warmers, wrist rests can be filled with rice or flax seed. They are typically sold in a set; a long skinny one to sit in front of a keyboard and a small square to sit in front of a mouse. Here’s a tutorial by The Birch Cottage:

wrist rest stocking stuffer

You can also knit/crochet a version. Here are directions.


33. Linen sachets

Linen sachets are used to lightly scent drawers, closets, shoes, suitcases, etc. They can be made in any size and may have a hook, loop, or ring so they can be hung on a hanger.

These handmade lavender sachets by Ideas for the Home by Kenarry and perfect to sell as stocking stuffers. You could use Christmas fabric and a holiday scent to make them more festive.

Lavender sachet christmas stocking stuffer diy


34. Eye pillows or masks

Who doesn’t need a little R&R after the holidays? A simple handmade eye mask or eye pillow make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer to sell. Here’s a linen lavender eye pillow by Tidbits & Company:

Eye pillow stocking stuffer diy


35. Spa headband and wristbands

These items are perfect to add to a skincare routine. The wristbands stop water from dripping down your arms when washing your face (I’m obviously not the only one that finds that irritating as many businesses offer these).

Spa headband stocking stuffer diy


36. Spa slippers

Follow a simple pattern (like this one), to sew a pair of slippers that have low production costs. This will keep the price down and make them a great stocking stuffer gift.


37. Cotton rounds

Reusable cotton rounds are quick and easy to make and a set of 5 would be perfect in a Christmas stocking.


38. Reusable bowl covers

A set of reusable bowl covers or sandwich bags make a great stocking stuffer.


Bath & Body stocking stuffers to make & sell

Most bath and body products make the perfect stocking stuffers. You may make your existing items more appealing for stocking stuffer shoppers by using holiday scents, colours, or packaging. 

You may also take your existing products, and offer them in smaller sizes. For example, small or travel size of:

  • soap
  • lotion
  • deodorant

39. Shower melts

These are similar to a bath bomb, but you put them on the floor when showering so they can “melt” and diffuse scents. They’re smaller than a bath bomb so they’re perfect to make a batch in 1″ – 2″ wide molds and sell them as a 3 pack for stockings. Country Hill Cottage has amazing recipes on their website.

shower melt stocking stuffer diy


40. Bath bombs

These frosted cranberry bath bombs by Humblebee & Me would be the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer to make and sell:

bath bomb stocking stuffer diy


41. Roll-on essential oil remedies

You can mix different essential oil scents to create unique roll-on remedies. Make and sell them in a trio for the perfect stocking stuffer item. Here’s a DIY by The House & Homestead:

essential oil roll on stocking stuffer diy


42. Mini perfumes

Another small item that can be bundled or sold individually for a small Christmas gift or stocking stuffer is roll-on fragrances. Here’s a botanical version by Garden Therapy:

Perfume stocking stuffer diy


43. Lip balms & scrubs

Make Christmas-themed scents/flavors and these will be a popular stocking stuffer item. Garden Therapy’s candy cane lip balm DIY is a perfect example:

Candy cane lip balm stocking stuffer diy

You can also package your lip balms in pots, instead of tubes, and sell a lip scrub in a matching flavour. Here’s a DIY for a lip duo by Country Hill Cottage.


44. Sugar scrubs

Make sugar scrubs in festive scents, such as this candy cane sugar scrub by Country Hill Cottage. Package them in smaller containers so they’ll fit into Christmas stockings.

candy cane sugar scrub stocking stuffer diy


45. Bath shots

Make your signature bath salt blend and package it in smaller containers so they’re perfect for one bath and make great stocking stuffers. These could also be bundled together and sold as a gift set. Country Hill Cottage has a great example of stocking-appropriate packaging with their homemade bath shots:

bath shots stocking stuffer diy


46. Beard balm/oil or moustache wax

Small containers of beard balm, beard oil, or moustache wax are the perfect stocking stuffer to make and sell on Etsy or at craft shows. Shoppers are always looking for good gift ideas for the men in their lives. Here’s a conditioning beard balm DIY by Humblebee & Me:

Beard balm stocking stuffer diy


47. Shaving cream (man or woman)

You can scent shaving cream to have a masculine or feminine scent, depending on who you’re targeting with your Etsy shop or craft show table. If you can find razors at wholesale prices, you can bundle them with your handmade shaving cream to make the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Here’s a shaving cream recipe by Simple Made Pretty:

shaving cream stocking stuffer diy


48. Slime kits for kids

You might make and package the slime or create kits so kids can make the slime themselves. Mom Envy has instructions and labels for a Christmas slime making kit:

Christmas slime stocking stuffer diy

You could alter this idea for other fun items such as play-dough.


Candle stocking stuffers to make & sell

Christmas scented candles in small sizes make the perfect stocking stuffer item. But here are a few more ideas you may be able to add to your craft show table or Etsy shop.

49. Stovetop Potpourri packs

Offer a different way for your customers to scent their homes and make it smell like the holidays. These small packages can be thrown in a pot with water and set to simmer and fill the air with a beautiful scent.

Tidbits & Company has dried fruit recipes so they’re shelf stable:

stovetop potpourri stocking stuffers

Here’s another recipe and option for packaging by Lovely Indeed:

potpourri stocking stuffer diy


50. Mini candles

Small sizes or sets of candles are appropriate to make and sell as Christmas stocking stuffers. These copper candles by The Merry Thought are a cute idea:

mini candles stocking stuffer diy


51. Linen or pillow spray

Fragranced sprays are another way for your customers to scent their home outside of using candles. Try different Christmas-themed scents for room or linen sprays, or classic scents such as Country Hill Cottage’s lavender spray, which could be sold as a pillow spray, in smaller bottles (and at lower price points perfect for stocking stuffers).

lavender spray stocking stuffer diy


52. Essential oil blends for diffusers

Craft unique blends of essential oils that customers can add to diffusers. Go for Christmas scents to make them stocking-worthy.


53. Wax melts

Many people use wax melt warmers as a way to subtly scent their homes. You may create wax melts in holiday scents to sell as stocking stuffers at craft shows or in your Etsy shop. Here’s an all-natural wax melt recipe by Simple Made Pretty:

wax melt stocking stuffer diy


54. Car fresheners

Apply the car charm idea from the jewelry or macrame section and add wood or wool balls in your charm, as these absorb essential oils so the scent will slowly release in a space. Include a bottle of an essential oil blend they can drop onto the wood/wool balls and use it to freshen up their car. It’s a small item that easy to make and perfect to sell as stocking stuffers.

The ones below were quick and easy to make:

Car diffuser stocking stuffer diy


55. Wax sachets

These are similar to wax melts, but they don’t need heating to release scents. Country Hill Cottage has a beautiful DIY for wax sachets that would be perfect to add Christmas scents to and sell as stocking stuffers:

wax sachet stocking stuffer diy


Stationery stocking stuffers to make & sell

If you make and sell stationery such as journals, notepads, calendars, etc. creating them in smaller versions, or in Christmas themes will turn them into great stocking stuffers. If that’s not a fit, perhaps the stationery ideas below will work:


You can make bookmarks in a variety of ways (with paper, leather, or even clay). They’re a quick, easy, and low-cost item to make and sell as stocking stuffers.

Here’s a paper bookmark DIY by Teal Notes (I love the colourful tassels):

Bookmark DIY stocking stuffer

And here’s a unique bookmark made with liquid polymer clay by Lovely Indeed:

Clay bookmark stocking stuffer diy

Leather bookmarks are also quick and easy to make:

Bookmark stocking stuffer diy


57. Pushpins

A set of pushpins are a good complimentary product to stationery, and are a small enough item to fit in Christmas stockings. There are a variety of ways to create unique pushpins. How About Orange shares a fabric pushpin DIY here. Try using Christmas fabric for your stocking stuffer pins.

fabric pushpin stocking stuffer diy

A Country Chic Cottage has a DIY for creating decorative pushpins with coloured hot glue. Play with shapes and colours based on your brand and target market. Hearts, snowflakes, gingerbread men/women, etc. would be fitting for Christmas stocking stuffers.

cactus pushpin stocking stuffer diy


You could add a magnet or pushpin to the back of these decorative clothespins, created by Lovely Indeed, and sell them as a set for stockings. Try using holiday colours to make them more “stocking-worthy”:

decorate clothespin DIY stocking stuffer


58. Pencil set

Follow a simple DIY, such as this one by Lovely Indeed for gold marbled pencils, to create a set up unique pencils your customers can place in stockings, or gift with a journal, notepad, or checklist you sell in your Etsy shop or on your craft show table.

gold pencil set stocking stuffer diy

I’ve also seen pencils customized with washi tape, pom-poms on the ends, and words stamped into the pencils.


59. Desk organizer

If you sell pens and pencils in your Etsy shop, or on your craft show table, a small desk organizer may be the perfect item to make and sell as a Christmas gift or stocking item. I love the look and simplicity of this modern desk organizer by Lovely Indeed:

desk organizer stocking stuffer diy

If woodworking is more up your alley, you’ll find another pencil holder design below.


60. Journal cover

This item may be a bit bigger of an item for a stocking stuffer, but selling the cover individually does offer a lower price point. You can have the option for customers to purchase the journal you make too.

If you don’t sew, you could use leather or suede and use rivets or glue to complete this project.

Tidbits & Company has a simple DIY you can follow to make the journal cover shown below:

journal cover stocking stuffer diy


Woodworking stocking stuffers to make & sell

Most of these items can be made for very little cost, using scraps of wood.

61. Coaster set 

You can get creative and paint, pyrography, cut out unique shapes, etc. to make a set of stocking stuffer coasters that appeal to your target market. Here’s a simple DIY by Make It & Love It with the shapes of states engraved into the wood:

coasters stocking stuffer diy


62. Cell phone stand

There are many ways to create a simple cell phone stand that can sit on a bedside table, or on a counter or desk to keep a phone upright while on FaceTime or when reading a recipe. Here’s a cell phone stand DIY by Tidbits & Co:

cell phone stand stocking stuffer diy


63. Cell phone amplifier

Another relatively easy woodworking project (depending on your woodworking skills) that would make a great stocking stuffer. Here’s a video on how to make one:


64. Pencil holder

Make a wood pencil holder to fit a few pens and pencils, a pencil crayon set, or a crayon set (depending on who your target market is). The size of the wood block, the size of holes you drill in the wood, and number of holes you drill can easily be adjusted. I love how this wood pencil holder by Cherished Bliss is finished:

Pencil holder DIY stocking stuffer


65. Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons are the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who likes to bake, cook, or host. Depending on your woodworking skills and tools, you may be able to carve the wooden spoons. You can also buy wooden spoons at wholesale prices and update them with a unique design. Here’s a fun set by Make It & Love It:

wooden spoon stocking stuffer


66. Wine / bottle stopper 

Use wood scraps to shape a top for a wine/bottle stopper.

Bottle stopper stocking stuffer

This project isn’t limited to wood. You can use gems and other objects to appeal to your target market. Here’s an example by Over the Rainbow & Back:

bottle stopper stocking stuffer diy


Pottery stocking stuffers to make & sell

Whether you spin pottery or simply roll and shape clay with your hands, these projects will create products that are perfect for stockings.

67. Mini vases/pots

Small pots or vases are perfect for stockings and can be used to plant a small succulent, herb, or display a flower or two. Here’s a DIY by A Pretty Fix:

Mini clay pot stocking stuffer make and sell


68. Small candle holder

A set of clay candle holders for tea lights or taper candles are the perfect small gift for the holidays. Here’s a DIY for taper candles by Fall for DIY:

taper candle holder stocking stuffer

And here’s a DIY for tealight candles by Gathering Beauty:

tea light candle holder stocking stuffer


69. Ring cones and jewelry bowls

Small dishes and objects designed for holding jewelry are the perfect items to make and sell as stocking stuffers. Here’s a ring cone DIY by Dwell Beautiful:

ring cone diy stocking stuffer


70. Ornaments

Use your creativity to create clay ornaments that fit within your signature style and target your specific market. Gathering Beauty has a DIY for clay ornaments:

clay ornaments stocking stuffers


71. Napkin rings

A perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves to host and entertain. Gathering Beauty has a good example of clay napkin rings personalized for a family:

clay napkin rings stocking stuffer

72. Spoon rest

Another item for someone who loves to cook. A simple wood or clay spoon rest makes a great small gift.


73. Small bowl set

A set of small bowls is the perfect stocking stuffer item that can be altered to appeal to your target market. You may alter the shape, size, color etc. to make them for something specific. For example, an olive and olive pit bowl or bowl set.


74. Soap dish

If you’re selling at a craft show, team up with a fellow vendor who’s selling handmade soap and suggest your soap dish be paired with the other vendor’s soap for a small gift or stocking stuffer. I love this leaf soap dish by Pottery To The People:


75. Garden markers

Garden markers can be made in a variety of ways. Some are designed for indoor potted plants while others are for outdoor gardens. If you’re making yours for an outdoor garden, be sure to seal them so they’ll withstand the elements. Garden Therapy has a DIY for clay plant stakes:

plant stake stocking stuffer make and sell


76. Stained glass flowers

I couldn’t find a tutorial on these so I could share a photo here, but if you follow this link, you’ll be inspired.


Art stocking stuffers to make & sell

There are many options for your artwork if you’re able to have it printed on different objects. For example, you can print your artwork on:

  • tea towels
  • mugs
  • calendars
  • stickers
  • phone cases
  • etc.

You can also apply your artwork to Christmas ornaments. Such as painting designs on wood ornament cutouts:

Christmas decorations to make and sell


77. Christmas colouring sheets or placemats

A set of coloring sheets or placemats can be rolled up and tied with a festive ribbon to make them perfect to place in a stocking.


78. Photo holders

If you’re crafty in other areas, you can sell small photo holders to go with your artwork. They can be as simple as carving a groove into a block of wood or adding clips and wires to hold a photo or piece of art. Here’s a photo holder DIY by Frazzled Joy:

Photo holder diy stocking stuffer

79. Magnets

You can have a service professionally print your artwork onto magnets, or make your own like these ones by The Happy Housie.


80. Coasters

You can also transfer your artwork onto coasters. Here’s a DIY by Little House of Four:

photo coasters diy stocking stuffer

81. Snow globes

You can turn your artwork into snow globes (similar to this DIY) or you can get crafty and add objects to your snow globe like this DIY by The Sweetest Occasion:

snow globe stocking stuffer


Add-On items to make & Sell

These items aren’t ideal as a stocking stuffers, but they do make great add-on items to have in your Etsy shop or on your craft show table.

Gift tags / stocking tags

These wood gift tags are simple to make and can be sold as a set. I simply painted one side in chalkboard paint so the recipient can use chalk to write the receiver’s name on the tags. And I glued Christmas themed craft paper to the back. You may even sell chalk pens that can be purchased with the tags (if you can find them at a good price that allows you to add a small markup to them).

These types of tags can also be hung on stockings to identify who each stocking is for. They obviously wouldn’t have “to” and “from” painted on them, but rather, a space for the purchaser to write a name in chalk.

Chalkboard Christmas tags DIY


Gift toppers

You may use small clothespins, clips, or string to create gift-toppers people can use to decorate the top of gifts. They can also be reused.

Gift topper make and sell


Advent calendar bags

Sell a set of bags, like these cute ones by Tidbits & Co, that have numbers printed on them. Small gifts can be placed inside of each bag so customers can create their own advent calendars.

advent calendar bags diy

Gift boxes and wrapping

You don’t need to make these, but rather buy boxes, tags, and wrapping paper at wholesale prices and offer gift boxes and/or cards as an add-on item or gift wrapping as an add-on service.


Christmas crackers and Fortune cookies

You may sell a set of handmade Christmas crackers. Here’s an easy DIY:


I hope this list has sparked some ideas for your handmade business. Happy creating!


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