Does Etsy Ship to Canada?

Yes, most sellers on Etsy do ship to Canada; however, some sellers will choose not to ship to Canada. Each Etsy seller can set their own shipping rules. If a seller is located in the US and has determined it’s too expensive to ship their items to Canada, or that it makes their tax reporting too difficult, they can choose not to ship to Canada.


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Can you order from Etsy in Canada?

Yes, Canadian shoppers can order from Etsy. You may run into some shops outside Canada that don’t ship to Canada, but you can change your filter settings to only see products that ship to you.


How to find Etsy shops that ship to Canada

When shopping on Etsy, you can easily find sellers who ship to Canada by filtering the product listings.


Once you choose a category or subcategory to shop under (e.g Jewelry, or Stackable Rings, etc.), or you enter a term into the search bar, you’ll see filters on the left side of the page.


After all the product options (e.g. color, material, style, etc.), you’ll see a “Shop location” and at the very bottom, a “Deliver to” section.


Etsy ship to Canada


If you’re not concerned about the shop’s location, you can leave this setting to “Anywhere” and ensure the “Deliver to” dropdown is set to Canada.


The benefit of selecting Canada for both the “Shop location” and “Deliver to” is that you may be able to save on shipping costs and import fees.


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How long does Etsy take to ship to Canada?

It typically takes anywhere from 2 – 7 days to ship an item from the US to Canada. Shipping times can increase greatly depending on where you live in Canada, time of year, and how quickly customs clear your package.



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