What to Put in an Etsy Shop Announcement (Examples)

Does the announcement section in your Etsy shop really matter?


Yes, it does.


It’s some of the first text Etsy shoppers will read when they get to your online shop and helps shape your first impression on them.


It comes before your listings, shop sections, about, and policies. So you don’t want to waste the opportunity to fill this section with text that can improve sales.




What should my Etsy shop announcement say?

An Etsy shop announcement should say something that’s new, exciting, relevant, and encourages potential customers to buy.


Remember, it’s an announcement section.


It should display text that’s more exciting than “Hello and welcome. In my shop you’ll find handmade items that are…”. That’s a greeting and description; not an announcement.


Etsy announcements should promote your products, create a bit of a buzz, or communicate timely updates.


Let’s take a look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts of editing your announcement and get more specific about what it should say.




Consider avoiding these common mistakes in your Etsy shop announcement section.



Don’t lead the shopper away from your online shop

A shopper has just landed in your Etsy store; they’re just a few clicks away from a sale.


Don’t lead them to your Instagram or Facebook page by putting social media links in your announcement section.


Sales don’t happen on social media platforms.


Encouraging an Etsy shopper to visit your social media page when they’re on your shop page is taking them two steps away from a sale.


(Do you want a sale or a follow?)


Not to mention, “Follow me on Instagram” is not the best way to spark excitement in potential customers.



Don’t be generic

Too many announcement sections start with “Hello and welcome” or “Thanks for stopping by”. As polite as it is to welcome new customers, it’s not an announcement and you’re using precious real estate for words that don’t encourage a sale.


If you really want to welcome shoppers, consider adding a welcome message to your image or placing the text after your main announcement.


When every other Etsy seller’s announcement starts with “Hi & welcome”, no one is standing out.


There aren’t rules for the right way to write an announcement (just guidelines to be more effective), so have fun with writing this section, and don’t worry about what your competitors are doing.


Let shoppers see your brand’s personality and make it clear what type of people your business and products are a match for.


For example, if you sell products with funny and sarcastic phrases on them, make sure your announcement reflects your brand’s humor and sarcasm.



Don’t make it a product description

Many Etsy shop owners share information such as processing time / how long orders take to make. Generally, text like this should go in your product descriptions (unless there’s a change…as mentioned below).


Sure, it’s easier to state it once, in your shop announcement section, rather than in each product description.


However, people may find your listing through Etsy search, then buy without ever visiting your shop page. So you don’t want to put important product information in the shop announcement section.


If each item requires 3 – 4 weeks to make, that applies to the product. It’s not an announcement or a benefit that encourages a sale.


Product information may be suitable for the announcement section if something changes. Such as production times increasing due to an influx of orders, which can actually create urgency and encourage a sale.


For example:

Order now to avoid delays. I have an influx of orders coming in for the holidays and production times are increasing. Order before Dec 12th to ensure your package arrives on time.


Or perhaps you’ve introduced a new product/product feature or have important product information that helps sell your products. That type of product information may be suitable for the announcement section. For example:


Probiotics are the new trend in skincare this year and people are raving about it. Each of my products contain probiotics. You’ll be amazed by what these friendly bacteria can do for your skin.


If turnaround times are constantly changing, which requires too much effort to change product descriptions on a weekly or monthly basis, consider placing that information after the first couple sentences of your announcement. Then you can display text that encourages a sale first, and then information that’s relevant if they buy.


Check out the advice under “don’t bury the lede” for some tips so it’s not missed.



Don’t deter sales

As annoying as it is to answer the same questions over and over, or deal with bad reviews because of shipping delays during the holiday, don’t use your shop announcement section to start with a (somewhat) negative message.


Such as:

  • Custom orders are final sale
  • Seller is not responsible for lost parcels
  • I DON’T sell physical products; they’re digital downloads


Messages like these are telling the shopper what they won’t get before they’ve even decided to buy.


Start your shoppers off on a positive note and make them immediately feel you appreciate their business.


If you need to share a negative message (e.g. shipping delays), try to put a positive spin on it. For example:


It’s not too late! My products are flying off the shelf and couriers are getting busy. But you still have time to order before December 12th and receive your item in time for Christmas.


Or, instead of telling shoppers what they won’t get (e.g. a physical product), share the perks.


All of my items are digital downloads, which means you pay less, don’t pay shipping fees, and instantly receive your product!



Don’t bury the lede

Yes, the shop announcement section allows you to add as much text as you like, however, a shop visitor will only see the first couple sentences when they land in your shop, and most are not going to click the “Read more” link.


You want your most important words to be the first thing shoppers see, before clicking “Read more”.


If there’s more you need to say than Etsy shows before the “Read more” link, try adding text followed by a dot, dot, dot to signify it’s important for visitors to expand the section.


For example:

  • IMPORTANT… (Read more link)
  • BEFORE ORDERING… (Read more link)
  • SHIPPING DELAYS… (Read more link)



Don’t be repetitive

Your business’s tagline/slogan/short description should go in the Shop Title section. That information doesn’t change throughout the year and isn’t an announcement, so there’s no need to repeat that information in the announcement section.


The same idea applies to your About information and Shop Policies; this is not the place for it.


Shoppers can also see what you sell with a quick glance at your shop’s banner, sections, and listings. You may want to reference what you sell, or share selling features, in your announcement section, but it’s not the best use of space to list all the items you make.


If there’s something important that needs to be communicated to keep customers happy (e.g. shipping deadlines to receive packages before the holidays) or to encourage a sale, it may be worth repeating or expanding upon information from your tagline/about/policies/product descriptions.




What to put in an Etsy Shop Announcement

An Etsy shop announcement should include current information that encourages a shopper to stick around and nudges them towards buying.


What you put in an announcement update will depend on when you’re editing the text, who your customers are, and what’s happening in your business.


Consider the following tips to create your next announcement:



1. Speak to your target market

Everything you do in business should put the customer first.


>> Don’t think about what you want to make before you start creating; think about what your customers want to buy.

>> Don’t draft an announcement based on what you want to write; consider what your target market wants to read.


Don’t worry about all the information you could communicate here; you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed.


Instead, think about your target market and what they might want, or need, to read to feel more comfortable or motivated to buy from you.


Keeping your target market top of mind for this task will help you write a more effective announcement.


If you’re not sure who your target market is, or if you’ve chosen a profitable one, check out How To Find a Goldmine of Customers.



2. Make it current

This is an announcement section, meant to announce something new and exciting.


Not to mention, Etsy displays when it was last updated, so shoppers get a perception of how active you are when it comes to updating your shop.


Think about what’s currently going on in your target market’s life that might bring them shopping.


Your target market may be shopping for back-to-school, summer weddings, the holidays, etc.


Speak to their current situation and you’re more likely to make a connection.


Etsy shop announcement example

Keep the kids entertained on those upcoming summer vacation road trips. Shop our Summer Road Trip collection under the TRAVEL section for on-the-go games and activities that travel well and keep the kids entertained.


If my target market is “parents of preschoolers” and it’s the start of summer, it’s pretty safe to assume my target market has a few family vacations planned over the next few months. I can also imagine they’ll be interested in ways to keep their kids entertained on car and/or plane rides.


>> Here’s a guide to help you find other profitable target markets and uncover valuable information about them.



3. Optimize for search engines

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and we’ll never know their secrets to ranking in the top spots.


Whether or not Google or Etsy use text from your announcement section to rank your shop can’t be determined. But it’s always best SEO (search engine optimization) practice to assume everything counts towards Etsy SEO.


Search engines scrape all kinds of information from pages on the internet to determine if that page is a match for what a user is searching for.


Although you don’t want to keyword stuff (i.e. overuse words in an unnatural way), you do want to consistently use a strategic set of keywords you want to be found for.


For example, if I want Etsy and Google to rank my shop/listings high when someone searches “kids unicorn school backpack”, I want to consistently use “kids”, “unicorn”, “school”, “backpack”, and other synonyms (e.g. “girls”, “boys”, “kindergarten”, “school bag”, etc.) across my shop.


A great place to use those keywords is in my announcement.


Using SEO keywords may not make your listings shoot to the top of search results, but it can’t hurt.



4. Share a benefit

People aren’t thinking about your business when they shop, they’re thinking about themselves. How they’ll look wearing a pair of earrings, how a piece of art will look in their home, if their gift will get lots of “oohs” and “ahhhs” at the baby shower, etc.


Imagine placing your products in front of your ideal customer and them asking you:

Why should I care about these? I can buy something similar from another Etsy shopper.


If you can come up with a valid answer that would actually encourage a shopper to forget about the other Etsy sellers and buy from you, you may want to share that benefit in your announcement section. That benefit may not be new news, but it may be newsworthy.


You may be able to come up with a long list of reasons someone should buy from you.


But the only one that matters is the perk shoppers care enough about to buy.


You don’t need to offer something no other seller is offering; you just need to be the one who points it out.


Etsy shop announcement example

Did you know plastic typically used in bags contains chemical additives associated with negative health effects? My line of reusable food bags are made with organic materials that are safe for you and your family.




I’m sure most reusable bags don’t leech harmful chemicals into food. But shoppers likely aren’t thinking about that when they land in each shop that sells reusable bags.


When I’m the seller who points it out, they may question other seller’s products and figure it’s easier to buy from me because they know my products are safe, since I’ve clearly stated it.


Remember, shoppers are expecting your handmade product to be beautiful, designed by you, well made, etc.


Tell them something they don’t know or share a benefit they might not have thought of.


Etsy shop announcement example

Get your kids excited to eat their packed lunch with our line of Superhero and animal-themed reusable bags. They’ll be proud to pull out their snacks and sandwiches each day and chow down.


Sandwich and snack bags that encourage kids to eat their lunch is a benefit that will encourage parents to buy. A statement like this will be much more impactful than “Our reusable bags are one of a kind and handmade with care with fun fabrics kids will love.”



5. Include a CTA

Make it simple for your shoppers to determine what to do next. This is where a CTA (call to action) comes in.


When shoppers get to an Etsy shop and look at a long list of shop sections and a mixture of products, they may not know where to start.


A simple suggestion as to where they should start can get them moving in the right direction, instead of feeling overwhelmed and hitting the back button.


You don’t need to use phrases like “buy now”, “order today!” or “start shopping” to encourage shoppers to act.


It can be a little more subtle and motivational.


Let shoppers know the step you’d like them to take and include the value they’ll gain from taking it.


Etsy shop announcement example

Build a customized gallery wall in your home that looks like it’s out of a magazine. Choose a theme from the list on the right, then mix and match prints and sizes to curate a customized art collection that expresses your style.


This gives the shopper clear steps to take.


Another example:


Get your kids excited about back to school with a new backpack. Unicorns are trending this year; check out our unicorn collection below.


*Bonus points for updating your Featured Items section with the products you reference in the announcement.



6. Create urgency

Your announcement section should be timely and current. When you update it regularly, it will be relevant to the shopper and can create a sense of urgency that encourages them to buy now.


For example, if it’s the middle of January and you’ve just launched your Valentine’s Day collection, mentioning the new products in the announcement section will remind shoppers the holiday is coming up and encourage them to buy now to get their items in time for February 14th.


You can also create urgency by announcing special offers and their end dates. Or try mentioning the limited quantities of your products.


For example, if you only make a certain number of items when you launch a new collection and they always sell out, it would be worth mentioning that so shoppers feel they should buy now or miss out.


Or, if your products are trend-focused, encourage shoppers to be the first of their friends to own the new trend.


Etsy shop announcement example

Pearls are THE trend of the summer. Shop my new Pearl Collection with inspiration for how to wear the look, from dressy to casual, and be the first of your friends to sport the look!



7. Keep it simple

You know everything there is to know about your business and you likely have a lot of amazing things you want to share with shoppers. But it’s important to keep things simple.


Offering too many options (in your announcement section, or anywhere in your shop…here’s how to know if you’re offering too many products) can create overwhelm or cause shoppers to take longer to decide on a next step and perhaps not make a decision at all and simply leave.


For example, it’s too much to write: “Check out my new collection in the featured shop section, shop sale items under SALE before they’re gone, and don’t forget to order your stocking stuffers before December 12th.”


That’s asking a shopper to do too much when they’ve just “walked in the door”.


Choose one main point to focus on, and be sure it’s one that is the most relevant and important to shoppers at the moment.


Etsy shop announcement example

The Christmas countdown is on! Shop items under $20 in the STOCKING STUFFERS section and place your order before Dec 12th to receive it on time.


This message shares one main message (Christmas shopping), rather than 3.



8. Be relatable

You may be able to use the announcement section to relate to your shoppers and instantly create a connection with them.


Think about why you started your business.


What were you tired of seeing? Or what were you looking for but couldn’t find?


These may be the things that resonate with your shoppers too.


Etsy shop announcement example

I was so tired of my growing skincare product graveyard. Products that worked for others always irritated my sensitive skin. So I created a skincare line made with gentle, natural ingredients.

Or, a similar message can be made more timely:


My winter skin gets even drier when I use skincare products full of harsh chemicals and additives. I’ve developed a clean skincare line for the winter that only uses gentle, natural ingredients.



9. Grab attention and intrigue

Keep your target market in mind and consider what might pique their interest, or even get their wheels turning.


There are many ways to do this but posing a question may work for your audience and business. Questions get us to pay attention and think.


Etsy shop announcement example

Do you know what one of the worst skin care ingredients is? Water. It can contribute to dryness and likely means emulsifiers and preservatives are also present. My skincare products are water-free.




That’s an announcement I would click “Read more” on.


Does your living room need a little update? Coordinated pillows and throws can create a whole new look on a budget. Shop my mix and match collections based on your home’s décor style or the season’s most popular color palettes.



Here are some more examples:

Tired of looking at your bare walls? (selling art)


Do you know what the jewelry trend of the summer is? (selling accessories)


What do your guests smell when they walk into your home? (selling candles or home fragrance)



10. Boast a little

Your business’s accomplishments can make shoppers feel like they want to be a part of something big/important/trendy/etc.


If you have lots of sales under your belt, were featured in a popular media outlet, were mentioned by a blogger, or are even offering products that are part of a trend or movement, consider mentioning it in your announcement section.


Etsy shop announcement example

Thousands of people have taken the plunge this winter and switched to a gentler skincare routine with my new line.

Recently featured in Parenting Magazine under their top 10 educational infant toys. Shop my Personalized Wooden Name Puzzles under the NAME PUZZLES section on the right.

Join the millions of people who are ditching plastic straws. Order a customized set of paper straws for your kid’s next birthday party.




How often should you change the Announcement text?

There are a few theories that suggest changing your announcement section can harm your SEO or make your shop/listings drop in rankings.


Etsy, Google, etc. don’t share their algorithm secrets (i.e. what makes your listings/shop rise or tank in search results), so we don’t know for sure.


However, Etsy gives us a few clues.


It’s called an “announcement” section. Announcements are meant to change based on current events.


If Etsy wanted the text to stay the same and be consistent, they might instead, call the section “shop description”, “meta description”, or “about”.


Etsy also displays the “last updated” date.


This also indicates that they want this section to be updated regularly. If the announcement section was last updated 2 years ago, shoppers may wonder if a shop is still in business or if it’s been abandoned.


They also suggest you add a temporary shop announcement to announce when your shop is in vacation mode.


If Etsy didn’t want you changing your announcement regularly, or if doing so would harm your shop’s ranking, they wouldn’t suggest using this spot to communicate vacation messages.


It’s not a good idea to let the announcement section get stale with an old “last updated” date.


Updating the announcement once per quarter is a good place to start. Then you can adjust the frequency based on your business, experience, and results.


You may update it when:

  • The season changes
  • Your shop goes into vacation mode
  • You launch a new collection
  • You’re running a sale or promotion
  • You have big or exciting news to share




How do you write a good announcement on Etsy?

Keep the following points in mind to write a good Etsy shop announcement:


  1. Write for your target market
  2. Focus on one simple and clear message
  3. Encourage a sale
  4. Include important SEO keywords
  5. Put the most important information in the first two sentences
  6. Include a CTA (call to action)
  7. Make it timely and relevant
  8. Keep it interesting (to your target market)
  9. Write something different than competitors
  10. Show your brand’s personality



I hope these tips are helpful to you!


You may also be interested in: How to Write an Etsy About Page (Template & Examples)



Etsy Shop Announcement Do's & Don'ts

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  1. Thanks for the great post. I’m glad to say I haven’t done any of the “dont”s, but I’m not doing all the “do”s. The gap between having an Etsy shop and having a successful Etsy shop is a wide one. It’s been difficult to figure out on my own.

    1. Made Urban says:

      Thanks Tanya! I’m so glad you found it helpful. You’re right, finding success with any type of small business isn’t easy. But everyone with a successful Etsy shop or business has gone through several unsuccessful attempts to get there. So just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Just keep chipping away at it 🙂

  2. Anna Funnell says:

    Thank you so much for this, Erin! I had never considered using this section to really SELL stuff – especially using it to point visitors to the current relevant section(s) looks like a really good idea!

    And I can point them to my About section if they actually want more detailed info about my procedures etc.

    I would point out, though, that most of this is only relevant at all if someone is visiting Etsy on their PC. On the mobile app, the Announcements section is lost all the way down underneath the listings and I’m sure increasing amounts of people are visiting Etsy that way, as I do myself. It’s infuriating even when you *want* to visit a shop’s Announcement section (as I frequently do), let alone if someone doesn’t even realise it’s there at all… On the mobile app, the About section is easier to find as there’s a link to it right at the top.

    1. Made Urban says:

      Thanks for reading Anna! Let me know how it goes if you try some of the suggestions 🙂

      That’s a great point about mobile. You’re right, the About section is more accessible on the Etsy app. If people visit Etsy through the browser on their phone, the announcement section is right at the top.

      I’m not sure, overall, how many Etsy shoppers use the app versus their phone’s browser but you can find individual stats on how many visits the app sends to your shop. If you get several shoppers from the app, it may be worth sprucing up your About section in a similar way (i.e. thinking of ways to use it to sell).

      1. Anna Funnell says:

        Well, I have already altered my Announcements quite significantly, so we’ll see how that goes – thank you!

        Good point, actually, that obviously some people will visit Etsy on their mobile browser rather than the app, especially if they’ve come via an external link or Google search etc.

        But looking at my stats for 2021, they show twice as many visits from the ‘app and other Etsy pages’ (which one could assume were mainly app search) than from Etsy search, which is quite significant for me, at least! And the proportion of app visits is increasingly steadily year on year (a third more than web visits in 2020, and around a quarter more than web in 2019).

        So, yes! I will be looking at amending my About section too! 🙂

  3. Most of the time when I search for help about craft-something, Made Urban pops up. And everytime the posts are detailed without being a slog. I’ve learned a lot from booth setup to pricing breakdown. Now, I’m learning how to improve my Etsy page! An unintended find on my part, but a great one just the same.

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