Most Searched Products (2022)

Each year, I put together a list of trending crafts people can make and sell. This year, I wanted to create a list of the most searched products on the Internet. This list is based on stats I’ve researched, rather than the opinions of industry experts.


I’ve started with the category of accessories and researched a variety of products that fall under it.


Depending on how popular this article is, I may add other categories and types of products to this list.



Important notes about this list

Please have a quick read over the 7 points below so you have a better understanding of how I created this list and how you can, and should, use it.


An Accessories list (TO START)

As mentioned, I started this list with the product category: accessories. If this article is popular and helpful to people, I may expand upon it.

I used the main sub-categories and types of products listed on Etsy that qualify as “Accessories”.

I did explore most product names, but if there was a really low search volume and not many keywords for a specific type of product (e.g. “clutch”), I didn’t include it in this list. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t searching for product, it just didn’t make my list 😉


Easy to rank keywords

I filtered my searches to find the keywords that are the easiest for a small business to rank for.

This means, if you create a product based on a keyword in this list, it will be fairly easy for your listing to appear in the top 10 results of a Google search. You’re less likely to be competing with a big brand or thousands of other businesses trying to rank for the same keyword.


Search Volume

I’ve used tools that tell me the approximate search volume a keyword has. This number is based on global monthly searches. Meaning, how many times people across the globe type a keyword phrase into Google.

For each type of product (e.g. ring), I’ve listed the *highest searched phrase (highest based on my criteria; easy to rank for an isn’t copyright infringement) at the top of the section and the search volume decreases as you go down the list.

There are MANY other terms people search for in a month. I just couldn’t include everything on my list.


Copyright Laws

It’s very important to note; I intentionally left out keywords that would be a copyright infringement to create (e.g. Prada headband. Although it’s a popular search, a small business creating a “Prada headband” would be committing copyright infringement).

That being said, I am not an expert in every category of product and did not research every keyword on this list to see if it’s a popular keyword because of a brand.

Please learn about the laws your business must follow and conduct your own research to understand what a keyword means and ensure you won’t be committing copyright infringement by creating a product with a specific name.

>> Laws for Selling Handmade


Exact Phrases

Sometimes a keyword phrase appears more than once (e.g. lanyard keychain, key chain lanyard). It’s important to note the different terms, spellings, etc. as these are exact phrases people are typing into Google. It would be wise to use alternative names in Etsy tags, product descriptions, etc.

It’s also important that if you decide to create a product based on a keyword in the list below, you use the exact keyword online.

For example, if you decide to make a lanyard keychain, make sure you list it as that online (“Lanyard Keychain”). Don’t call it a “Badge Holder” or another cute name. You can add adjectives to it (e.g. “Pink Lanyard Keychain” or “Rhinestone Lanyard Keychain”), but make sure the main keywords are used (I explain where to use them below).

The closer to the front of the name, the better.

For example, “Lanyard Keychain: Pink & White” is preferred over “Pink & White Lanyard Keychain”.



Just because you don’t see a term listed here, does not mean it’s not popular. This list could go on and on. I simply filtered my search by very easy to rank for phrases and only listed a handful of results.


No Guarantees

Just because you create a product or product listing using a keyword in this list, does not mean you’ll automatically rank for it, or sell that product (that’s up to you).

However, you have a better chance of your product listing appearing high in Google searches if you create a product based on the list below, and use a keyword listed below for your product title, in your product descriptions, in your product tags, etc.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular keywords that are being searched.


Ring (Top to bottom 45,000 – 10,000 global monthly searches)

  • Fake nose ring
  • Snake ring
  • Butterfly ring
  • Evil eye ring
  • ring holder
  • Gold nose ring
  • Chrome hearts ring
  • Jade ring
  • Frog ring
  • Infinity ring
  • Pearl ring
  • Initial ring
  • Black onyx ring
  • Rose quartz ring
  • Ring guard
  • Heart ring
  • Teething ring
  • Cross ring
  • Crown ring
  • Black opal ring
  • Black ring
  • Glow ring


Necklace (Top to bottom 109,000 – 14,000 global monthly searches)

  • Evil eye necklace
  • Butterfly necklace
  • Carnelian necklace
  • Moldavite necklace
  • Rose quartz necklace
  • Layered necklace
  • Jade necklace
  • Puka shell necklace
  • Tennis necklace
  • White gold necklace
  • Ruby necklace
  • Swarovski necklace
  • Paper clip necklace
  • Amethyst necklace
  • Moon necklace
  • Rice necklace
  • Buddha necklace
  • Lock necklace
  • Herringbone necklace
  • Mama necklace
  • Infinity necklace
  • Turquoise necklace
  • St Christopher necklace
  • Shark tooth necklace
  • 18 inch necklace
  • Shell necklace
  • Paperclip necklace
  • Sunflower necklace
  • Snowflake necklace
  • Necklace for girlfriend
  • Moonstone necklace
  • Sideways cross necklace
  • Bar necklace
  • 16 inch necklace
  • Star necklace
  • Lariat necklace


Bracelet (Top to bottom 31,000 – 5,600 global monthly searches)

  • Jade bracelet
  • Swarovski bracelet
  • Gold ankle bracelet
  • Rose quartz bracelet
  • Rose gold bracelet
  • Red bracelet
  • Feng shui bracelet
  • Amethyst bracelet
  • Forever bracelet
  • Gold bead bracelet
  • Infinity bracelet
  • Cross bracelet
  • Chaim bracelet
  • Gold charm bracelet
  • Baby bracelet with name
  • Copper bracelet for men
  • Rosary bracelet
  • Rope bracelet
  • Skeleton hand bracelet
  • Carnelian bracelet
  • Tiger eye bracelet
  • Butterfly bracelet
  • Nail bracelet
  • Heart bracelet
  • Turquoise bracelet
  • Clay bead bracelet


Earrings (Top to bottom 54,000 – 18,000 global monthly searches)

  • Cross earrings
  • Christmas earrings
  • Flat back earrings
  • Swarovski earrings
  • Hoop earrings for men
  • Emerald earrings
  • Butterfly earrings
  • Small hoop earrings
  • Tragus earrings
  • Chain earrings
  • Rose gold earrings
  • Clay earrings
  • Titanium earrings
  • Snowflake earrings
  • Saturn earrings
  • Bamboo earrings
  • Ruby earrings
  • Black diamond earrings
  • Turquoise earrings
  • Cuff earrings
  • Boy earrings
  • Beaded earrings
  • White gold hoop earrings
  • Mens hoop earrings
  • Black earrings
  • Surgical steel earrings
  • Safety pin earrings
  • Screw back earrings
  • Heart earrings
  • Feather earrings



Headband (top to bottom 48,000 – 4,600 global monthly searches)

  • Christmas headband
  • Bandana headband
  • Dog ears headband
  • Cat’s ear headband/cat ears headband
  • Pearl headband
  • Heart headband
  • Turban headband
  • Flower headband
  • Winter headband
  • Dalmatian ears headband
  • Unicorn headband
  • Rhinestone headband
  • Devil horns headband
  • Witch hat headband
  • Bee headband
  • Sun headband
  • Fur headband
  • Diamond headband
  • Face wash headband
  • Silk headband
  • Bunny ears headband
  • Antler headband
  • Alien headband



Hair clip (top to bottom 4,900 – 450 global monthly searches)

  • Banana hair clip
  • Lighter hair clip
  • Dragonfly hair clip
  • Gold hair clip
  • Butterfly hair clip
  • Hair clip for men
  • Bone hair clip
  • Tortoise hair clip
  • Rose hair clip
  • Starfish hair clip
  • French hair clip
  • Machete hair clip
  • Seashell hair clip
  • Moon hair clip
  • Octopus hair clip
  • Jeweled hair clip
  • Bunny hair clip
  • Sunflower hair clip
  • Daisy hair clip
  • Strawberry hair clip
  • Mens hair clip
  • Hair clip holder
  • Floral hair clip
  • Silver hair clip
  • Bee hair clip
  • Swarovski hair clip
  • Red hair clip
  • Clear hair clip
  • Green hair clip
  • Knife hair clip
  • Feather hair clip


Tiara (top to bottom 11,000 – 1,300 global monthly searches)

  • Princess tiara
  • Birthday tiara
  • Gold tiara
  • Black tiara
  • Flower tiara
  • Sweet 16 tiara
  • Rose gold tiara
  • Silver tiara
  • Tiara veils
  • Mermaid tiara
  • Red tiara
  • Blue tiara
  • Crystal tiara
  • Tiara headband
  • Pearl tiara



Bag/Purse (top to bottom 40,000 – 7,000 global monthly searches)

  • Off white bag
  • Mini bag
  • Black purse
  • Man purse
  • Pink purse
  • White purse
  • Basketball purse
  • Red purse
  • Mermaid purse
  • Off white purse
  • Small purse
  • Convertible backpack purse
  • Green purse
  • guitar strap purse
  • Cowhide purse
  • Purse straps
  • Wallet purse
  • Small black purse
  • Man purse bag
  • Mini purse
  • Ugly purse (I’m not sure why over 8000 people search this term monthly, but it could be like Ugly Christmas sweaters?;)
  • Brown purse
  • Purple purse
  • Orange purse
  • Yellow purse



Shoulder Bag (top to bottom 5,000 – 3,500 global monthly searches)

  • Brown shoulder bag
  • White shoulder bag
  • Canvas shoulder bag
  • Red shoulder bag
  • Nylon shoulder bag
  • Green shoulder bag
  • Quilted shoulder bag
  • Black leather shoulder bag
  • Pink shoulder bag
  • Off white shoulder bag
  • Chain shoulder bag



Tote bag (7,300 – 4,900 global monthly searches)

  • Puffer tote bag
  • Neoprene tote bag
  • Mens tote bag
  • Quilted tote bag
  • White tote bag
  • Corduroy tote bag
  • Brown tote bag
  • Pink tote bag
  • Tote bag with pockets
  • Pff white tote bag
  • Woven tote bag
  • Mini tote bag
  • Red tote bag
  • Denim tote bag
  • Utility toe bag
  • Nurse tote bag
  • PVC tote bag
  • Black canvas tote bag
  • Green tote bag
  • Beige tote bag
  • Men tote bag



Cosmetic Bag (top to bottom 500 – 200 global monthly searches)

  • Monogram cosmetic bag
  • Canvas cosmetic bag
  • Pink cosmetic bag
  • Black cosmetic bag
  • Extra large cosmetic bag



Evening Bag (top to bottom 3,200 – 100 global monthly searches)

  • Silver evening bag
  • Black evening bag
  • Gold evening bag
  • Navy blue evening bag
  • Silver clutch evening bag
  • Navy evening bag
  • Rose gold evening bag
  • Nude evening bag
  • Pewter evening bag
  • Blue evening bag
  • White evening bag
  • Beaded evening bag
  • Pearl evening bag
  • Beige clutch evening bag
  • Rhinestone evening bag
  • Pink evening bag
  • Champagne evening bag
  • Navy clutch evening bag
  • Crystal evening bag
  • Blush evening bag
  • Black satin evening bag
  • Red evening bag
  • Beige evening bag
  • Bronze evening bag
  • Light blue evening bag
  • Gunmetal evening bag
  • Ivory evening bag
  • Velvet evening bag
  • Crossbody evening bag
  • Royal blue evening bag
  • Drawstring evening bag
  • Summer evening bag


Duffel bag (top to bottom 1,000 – 350 global monthly searches)

  • Leather duffel bag black
  • Baseball duffel bag
  • Dry duffel bag
  • Orange duffel bag
  • Laptop duffel bag
  • 30 inch duffel bag



Backpack (top to bottom 61,000 – 10,000 global monthly searches)

  • Black backpack
  • Pink backpack
  • Unicorn backpack
  • Mesh backpack
  • Convertible backpack purse



Diaper bag (top to bottom 2,500 – 1,600 global monthly searches)

  • Mini diaper bag
  • Diaper bag with changing station
  • Custom diaper bag
  • Camo diaper bag
  • Crossbody diaper bag
  • Personalized diaper bag
  • Diaper bag organizer pouches


Wallet (top to bottom 25,000 – 5,100 global monthly searches)

  • Wristlet wallet
  • Wallet chain
  • Lanyard wallet
  • Kids wallet
  • Chain wallet
  • Wallet purse
  • Crossbody wallet
  • Chain wallet for men
  • Pink wallet
  • Key wallet
  • Card wallet womens
  • Wallet crossbody
  • Off white wallet
  • Zip around wallet


Phone case (top to bottom 38,000 – 4,200 global monthly searches)

  • Phone case stickers
  • Phone case sticker pack
  • Christmas phone case
  • Square phone case
  • Magnetic phone case
  • Off white phone case
  • Pink phone case
  • Gun phone case
  • Black phone case
  • One piece phone case
  • Butterfly phone case
  • Heart phone case


Gloves (top to bottom 148,000 – 3,800 global monthly searches)

  • Fingerless gloves
  • White gloves
  • Cotton gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Lace gloves
  • Fishnet gloves
  • Skeleton gloves
  • Vampire gloves
  • Long gloves
  • Red gloves
  • Pink football gloves


Mittens (top to bottom 21,000 – 700 global monthly searches)

  • Baby mittens
  • Fingerless mittens
  • Snowboarding mittens
  • Toddler mittens
  • Wool mittens
  • Heated mittens
  • Teething mittens
  • Newborn mittens
  • Mittens with fingers
  • Womens ski mittens
  • Running mittens
  • Beaver mittens
  • Winter mittens
  • Convertible mittens
  • Mittens for babies
  • Fur mittens
  • Infant mittens
  • Christmas mittens
  • Kids mittens
  • Red mittens
  • Flip mittens
  • Wool mittens womens



Scarf (top to bottom 26,000 – 5,000 global monthly searches)

  • Blanket scarf
  • Red scarf
  • Ascot scarf
  • Hooded scarf
  • Neck scarf
  • Green scarf
  • Lotus silk scarf
  • Boa scarf
  • Turban scarf
  • Heated scarf
  • Oversized scarf
  • White scarf
  • Dog scarf
  • Black scarf
  • Pink scarf
  • Plaid scarf
  • Babushka scarf
  • Christmas scarf



Hat (top to bottom 39,000 – 5,400 global monthly searches)

  • Pirate hat
  • Bunny hat
  • Frog hat
  • Mushroom hat
  • Birthday hat
  • Hat pins
  • Wizard hat
  • Frog bucket hat
  • Pillbox hat
  • Baby sun hat
  • Tricorn hat
  • Sailor hat
  • Corduroy hat
  • Elf hat
  • Squid hat
  • Pink fitted hat
  • Red bottom hat
  • Toque hat
  • Pompom hat
  • Skully hat



Beanie (top to bottom 41,000 – 4,200 global monthly searches)

  • Fisherman beanie
  • Black beanie
  • Red beanie
  • Cat beanie
  • White beanie
  • Pom pom beanie
  • Orange beanie
  • Satin lined beanie
  • Yellow beanie
  • Brown beanie
  • Bluetooth beanie
  • Cashmere beanie
  • Pink beanie
  • Blue beanie
  • Beanie with brim
  • Green beanie
  • Skull cap beanie



Belt (top to bottom 50,000 – 7,800 global monthly searches)

  • Corset belt
  • Rhinestone belt
  • Studded belt
  • Gold belt
  • Chain belt
  • Diamond belt
  • White belt
  • Web belt



Lanyard (top to bottom 10,000 – 1,700 global monthly searches)

  • Lanyard wallet
  • Off white lanyard
  • Lanyard keychain
  • Phone lanyard
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Teacher lanyard
  • Retractable lanyard
  • Keychain lanyard
  • Mask lanyard for kids
  • Lanyard for mask
  • Glasses lanyard
  • Cell phone lanyard
  • Wallet lanyard
  • Pink lanyard
  • Knife lanyard
  • Eyeglass lanyard
  • Phone lanyard case
  • Key lanyard
  • Leather lanyard
  • Black lanyard
  • Wrist lanyard for keys
  • Key chain lanyard
  • Breakaway lanyard


Keychain (top to bottom 28,000 – 3,500 global monthly searches)

  • Off white keychain
  • Safety keychain
  • Lanyard keychain
  • Keychain wristlet
  • Leather keychain
  • Keychain holder
  • Camera roll keychain
  • Write keychain
  • Resin keychain
  • Car keychain
  • Film roll keychain
  • Card holder keychain
  • Safety keychain set
  • Keychain for boyfriend
  • Drive safe keychain
  • Carabiner keychain
  • Dog keychain
  • Macrame keychain
  • Motorcycle keychain
  • Mens keychain



How to use this list

This is a starter list. It has a lot of ideas for products you can create, based on what consumers are searching for.


However, it’s often not enough to simply create a product following the description of a keyword in this list (e.g. pink backpack), and to name it using the same keyword (“Pink Backpack”).


You want to do some research to ensure it’s a good keyword to target and perhaps even find a niche within a keyword (e.g. “Kids pink backpack”), as some of the terms are pretty broad (e.g. “pink hat”).


Here’s how I would use the words in this list:


Google a keyword

Choose a keyword from the list below and type it into Google.


For example, let’s say I make backpacks and I notice “pink backpack” in the list below. I would type “pink backpack” into Google.



Look at Google image results

In Google search results, I would look at the images that appear on the first page of Google, or under the “Images” tab, to get a better idea of what people are looking for when they type “pink backpack” into Google.


Google knows this information (what type of pink backpack people are looking for when they search “pink backpack”), based on a bunch of user stats they gather.


If thousands of people are looking for a pink backpack and they click on results with a hot pink backpack, Google will favour those results (hot pink backpacks) moving forward, and start to show more hot pink backpacks in the top 10 results.


However, in this scenario, when I type “pink backpack” into Google, almost all of the images show more of a blush pink/dusty pink/pastel pink backpack.


This tells me, a softer pink coloured backpack is what people are looking for.



Look at Google’s top results

Again, Google is telling you what people are looking for (and what Google wants to present) based on its top results.


Click on the websites that appear on the first page of Google and gather details.


>> Is the result linking to a product listing? What’s the product listing like; detailed? Lots of photos?


>> Is the result linking to an article explaining the pink backpack trend?


In my “pink backpack” example, Google links to website pages that have several backpacks that incorporate pink listed on one page.


What I would do with this information is create a page on my website, or a section in my Etsy shop, titled “Pink backpacks” and have several pink backpacks listed.



Look at “People Also Ask” and Related Searches sections

Some Google searches will have a “People Also Ask” section. As you click on the dropdown next to a question, Google will load more questions.


These popular questions may give you an indication of what people are specifically looking for.


For example, a question in this section asks if pink backpacks are good for school. This may indicate people want a pink backpack that’s ideal for carrying books, as opposed to a pink backpack to be used as a purse.


In my example, many of the questions and related searches are related to Victoria’s Secret, because they have a department of their brand called PINK. If “pink” wasn’t a popular search term under several other products, I might assume people are searching for the brand Victoria’s Secret Pink when they search for a “pink backpack”.


However, because Google shows several brands of backpacks in the search results, and several images of pastel pink backpacks, I believe consumers are searching for a pink coloured backpack, not a Victoria’s Secret PINK brand backpack.


The Related Searches section gives me more details to focus on if I decide to create a pink backpack:

  • pink laptop backpack
  • blush pink backpack
  • light pink backpack Amazon (although people are looking for this item on Amazon, “light pink” is still relative)


If you have a website, you may also get article ideas from the People Also Ask (PAA) section.


For example, “pillbox hat” is another popular term on the list below. The PAA section has the following questions:

  • Why is it called a pillbox hat?
  • What is a pillbox hat used for?
  • How do pillbox hats stay on?
  • When was the pillbox hat popular?


Each of these questions would make a great article title.


If someone Googles a question and your article appears as a result, they may click to read the article. Once they’re on your site, they’ll see you sell pillbox hats, and click around to shop.



Look at Google Autofill

Type your keyword into Google (e.g. pink backpack) but don’t hit return/enter. Look at what Google suggests below the search bar.


These auto suggestions can give you more details about what people are looking for, or ideas for other keywords to use.


For example, “pink backpack purse” is an auto suggestion. I could work the keyword “purse” into my product listing so it’s more likely to appear if someone searches “pink backpack purse”.



Search other platforms

Look for clues that reinforce a keyword is ideal for you to target. Platforms, aside from Google, may also uncover more details or niches or a product.


I might take a specific term (e.g. pink backpack) or a less specific term (e.g. backpack) and enter it into search bars on other platforms.


For example, I may:

  • Use Google Trends to see if “pink backpack” ranks there
  • Type “backpack” into Pinterest to see if there are many images of pink backpacks, or type “pink backpack” into Pinterest and see if there are many results
  • Look at influencers on Instagram to see if they’re sporting pink accessories
  • Search bigger competitors to see if they’re carrying pink backpacks



Implement the keyword

If you’ve decided a keyword is a good one for your business to target, you must then create a product that fits the description of what people are searching for, and based on your research (for example, I would want to create a light pink backpack, not a hot pink backpack).


When you list that product online, be sure to use the exact keyword phrase. For example, I would name my product “Pink Backpack” or perhaps “Pink Backpack Purse”. But I would not list my product as “Pink and White Backpack” or “Pink School Bag”.


Use the exact phrase. You may use the phrase for/in:

  • Product listing name
  • Product description
  • Etsy tags
  • Etsy section
  • Etc.


You don’t want to overdo it, but the more you use a keyword on a page or on your website, the easier it is for Google to understand your website/Etsy listing/Etsy shop/etc. has what people are searching for.



I hope this list was helpful! 🙂



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