The Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy (2023)

Digital products are often very profitable to sell online because you can create one digital product and sell it over and over to multiple customers.

You may incur marketing and selling costs, but your production costs are zero (unless you make updates to the product).

Some digital products are more popular than others and I’ve completed keyword research to find some of the best products to offer on Etsy, based on popular keyword searches.

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Digital vs. printable

Digital products are products you sell online that don’t have a physical form.

Some digital products are designed to be used online. For example, a digital journal is designed to be filled in online.

Other digital products are designed to be printed by the buyer. For example, a digital worksheet can be printed by the buyer and used in a physical form.

This article shares both digital products designed to be used online and digital products that can be printed.

It is up to you to research a term to determine if consumers are looking for a product to be used online, or one to be printed.


Free vs. paid

I did not Google every term on this list (I used a keyword research tool to gather ideas). It’s important to research a term (e.g. “gingerbread house template”) and determine if people are willing to pay for a digital or printable product, or if there are several free options for them to use.

If the top Google results are for free options, fewer people will be willing to pay for it.

However, even when there are several free options of a digital or printable product, people will pay for a “premium” product.

For example, when you search “gingerbread house template” on Google, the first page of results is for free printable options. However, the free templates are fairly basic designs.

People may be interested in paying for a gingerbread house template if it’s a more extravagant design, the shape of an iconic building (e.g. the Eiffel Tower), or if it comes with icing design templates or gingerbread baking and building tips.

After searching a term on Google, search the term on Etsy.

Are there shops selling the digital or printable product? Do they have many sales? If they sell a variety of products, you can check their reviews to see if any of them are for the specific product you’re searching for.

This will give you an indication of whether or not people are willing to pay for the printable/digital product.


SEO vs. Marketing

I created this list based on keyword research. Meaning, these are the exact keywords hundreds or thousands of people are searching on Google each month (which means people will discover Etsy listings through Google searches, and if people are searching for a product on Google, chances are high they’re searching it on Etsy too).

Although there may not be search demand for a specific digital or printable product, a business can still be successful in selling a low search volume product. It would simply require more marketing (i.e. you go out and find customers instead of them coming to you through online searches).

If your products all target a strong market (e.g. brides) (here’s how to find a strong target market) and your products/business have a strong signature style, brand, and marketing plan, you can make almost any type of digital product successful.

If you’re not fond of marketing, be sure to target keywords that are being searched online and work on your Etsy SEO (Etsy SEO: 3 Easy Steps to Boost Traffic)


High competition vs. Low competition

Some lists below have high-competition keywords and low-competition keywords.

Although a high-competition keyword/product will be harder to rank for, they’re still worth offering in your Etsy shop.

You may not attract new shoppers with a high-competition keyword/product, but you can attract new shoppers with low-competition keywords/products and then sell the high-competition products to those shoppers.


Here are 10 of the best digital products to sell on Etsy:

1 – Planners

Higher competition

  • Travel planner
  • Road trip planner
  • Academic planner
  • Meal planner
    • Weekly meal planner
    • Macro meal planner
    • Monthly meal planner
    • Family meal planner
  • Budget planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Online planner

Lower competition

  • Digital planner
  • Teacher planner
  • Homeschool planner
  • Adhd planner
  • Updated planner
  • Maid of honour printable planner
  • Printable planner stickers
  • Printable planner covers
  • Printable planner inserts


2 – Checklists

Higher competition

  • Wedding checklist
  • Hospital bag checklist
  • Wedding planning checklist
  • Moving checklist
  • Camping checklist
  • Travel checklist
  • Baby registry checklist
  • Backpacking checklist
  • First apartment checklist
  • Home inspection checklist
  • Cleaning checklist
  • New puppy checklist
  • Apartment checklist
  • Spring cleaning checklist

Lower competition

  • Daily checklist
  • Wedding registry checklist
  • Morning routine checklist
  • Bridal shower checklist
  • Bathroom cleaning checklist
  • Airbnb host checklist
  • Moving out of state checklist
  • Beach checklist
  • Address change checklist
  • Name change checklist
  • Birthday party checklist
  • Diaper bag checklist


3 – Worksheets

Higher competition

  • Budget worksheet
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • Smart goals worksheet
  • Printable budget worksheet
  • Math worksheets:
    • Order of operations worksheet
    • Long division worksheet
    • Division worksheet
    • Dividing decimals worksheet
    • Dividing fractions worksheet
    • Two step equations worksheet
    • One step equations worksheet
    • Algebra worksheet
    • Multiplication table worksheet

Lower competition

When I filtered “worksheet” phrases by lower competition, there weren’t many options people were searching for outside of school related worksheets. However “school worksheets” could be a good niche for an Etsy shop.

Full disclosure: I’m not familiar with the majority of the worksheets listed below and don’t know if they’re something people purchase. Please research an idea before spending time/money creating and listing it.

  • All about me worksheet
  • Balancing chemical equations worksheet
  • Pythagorean theorem worksheet
  • Atomic structure worksheet
  • Protein synthesis worksheet
  • Combining like terms worksheet
  • Two step equations worksheet
  • One step equations worksheet
  • Electron configuration worksheet
  • Kinetic and potential energy worksheet


4 – Templates

Higher competition

  • Resume template
  • Cover letter template
  • Invoice template
  • Resignation letter template
  • Business plan template
  • Letter of resignation template
  • Budget template
  • Recommendation letter template
  • Bill of sale template
  • Business card template
  • Family tree template
  • Lesson plan template
  • Gift certificate template
  • Monthly budget template

Lower competition

  • Chore chart template
  • Christmas list template
  • Essay outline template
  • Meet the teacher template
  • Gingerbread house template
  • Note taking template
  • Letter to santa template
  • Employee of the month template
  • Packing slip template
  • Bullet journal template


5 – Digital stickers

Digital stickers are images/icons with a transparent background (PNG). They’re typically sold in sets that follow a theme (e.g. a set of icons that follow a cleaning theme, icons that follow an exercise theme, icons that follow a food theme, etc.).

They can be used with digital planners and digital journals to add personality.

The search volume for digital stickers isn’t a lot, but it is lower competition and would be a good add-on product to offer if you sell digital journals or planners.


6 – Printable cards

Search demand for printable cards is fairly low with higher competition. However, if you sell other products in your Etsy shop that are in higher demand, it may be worthwhile to offer a selection of printable and/or digital cards.

  • Printable card for teacher
  • Happy birthday printable card
  • Thank you printable card
  • Merry Christmas printable card
  • Get well printable card
  • Happy birthday digital card


7 – Coloring sheets

It’s important to note; “coloring page” terms are much more commonly searched than “coloring sheet” terms.

Higher Competition

  • Unicorn coloring page/sheet
  • Butterfly coloring page
  • Christmas coloring page/sheet
  • Dinosaur coloring page
  • Adult coloring page
  • Halloween coloring page

Lower competition

  • Princess coloring page
  • Cat coloring page
  • Mermaid coloring page
  • Dog coloring page
  • Dragon coloring page
  • Horse coloring page
  • Heart coloring page
  • Rainbow coloring page/sheet
  • Shark coloring page
  • Fish coloring page
  • Monster truck coloring page
  • T rex coloring page
  • Wolf coloring page
  • Ice cream coloring page


8 – Journals

“Digital journal” has over 6000 global searches per month and is lower competition. I didn’t find much search demand for niche digital journals (e.g. “wellness digital journal”), so it seems online consumers are looking for general digital journals.

There is not as much demand for printable journals (“printable journal pages” has just over 1000 monthly searches and “printable journal” has around 600 per month).


9 – Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns don’t have a lot of search demand in a month (the most popular (Kimono sewing pattern) has approximately 1500 monthly searches and other terms decrease from there). However, almost every term has very low competition. An Etsy shop could do well selling a wide variety of sewing patterns.

  • Kimono sewing pattern
  • Teddy bear sewing pattern
  • Blouse sewing pattern
  • Tote bag sewing pattern (more competitive)
  • Bunny sewing pattern
  • Backpack sewing pattern
  • Jumpsuit sewing pattern
  • Coat sewing pattern
  • Poncho sewing pattern
  • Frog sewing pattern
  • Maxi dress sewing pattern
  • Bucket hat sewing pattern
  • Vest sewing pattern
  • Pants sewing pattern
  • Shorts sewing pattern
  • Fanny pack sewing pattern
  • Beanie sewing pattern
  • Sock sewing pattern
  • Apron sewing pattern


10 – Knitting/Crochet Patterns

Most terms for knitting patterns have lower competition.

  • Scarf knitting pattern
  • Blanket knitting pattern
  • Boot cuffs knitting pattern
  • Baby hospital hat knitting pattern
  • Fingerless gloves knitting pattern
  • Cowl knitting pattern
  • Baby hat knitting pattern
  • Baby booties knitting pattern
  • Dog sweater knitting pattern
  • Sock knitting pattern
  • Cardigan knitting pattern
  • Beanie knitting pattern
  • Balaclava knitting pattern
  • Mermaid tails knitting pattern

Crochet Patterns:

  • Tote bag crochet pattern
  • Fingerless gloves crochet pattern
  • Bucket hat crochet pattern
  • Scarf crochet pattern
  • Corner to corner crochet pattern (c2c crochet pattern)
  • dinosaur crochet pattern
  • Cow crochet pattern
  • Octopus crochet pattern
  • Baby hat crochet pattern
  • Frog crochet pattern
  • Whale crochet pattern
  • Infinity scarf crochet pattern
  • Sunflower crochet pattern
  • Flower crochet pattern
  • Mushroom crochet pattern
  • Balaclava crochet pattern
  • Cat hat crochet pattern


I hope this article sparked some digital product ideas for your Etsy shop!

Be sure to apply proper SEO techniques: Etsy SEO: 3 Easy Steps to Boost Traffic


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