7 Simple Ways to Boost Mother’s Day Sales

Whether you sell your handmade goods through Etsy or craft shows, you should plan ahead and use common gift-giving holidays, such as Mother’s Day, to your advantage.

Help shoppers find the perfect gift for their mom (or mother figure) and make it easy for them.

Here are 7 ideas to get you started.


1 – Create gift-giving bundles

Bundling products into a set is an easy way to take a regular product and turn it into the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • A jewelry maker may bundle a pair of earrings and a matching necklace.
  • A soap maker may bundle a bar of soap with a lotion and bubble bath in the same scent.
  • A woodworker may bundle a charcuterie board with the matching coaster set.

Yes, people can bundle these items on their own, but consumers often need a little nudge or inspiration.

A typical shopper may not think to buy a charcuterie board and coasters together, but the two items are perfect for a mom who loves to entertain.

Consider offering a slight discount on the bundle, since your units-per-transaction is likely increasing.


2 – Add wholesale items

Your products may not come across as ideal for a Mother’s Day gift, but introducing a new item can change that.

You don’t have to take up a new craft. You can find products at wholesale prices, and add them to your bundle.

Or, you may work with another local maker to create the perfect gift box.

For example:

  • Add a bottle of wine or box of chocolates to a candle for the perfect “unwind” or “bath time” gift.
  • Add a potted plant/flower to a piece of art so moms can brighten a spot in their home.
  • Add a journal and pen to a knitted blanket for a “cozy” journaling kit.
  • Add teas or a bag of locally roasted coffee beans to a pottery mug set.

Brainstorm items that are commonly used with your products and that would be the perfect addition to your gift set.


3 – Upgrade packaging

Whether you’re creating a gift set or selling an individual item, packaging can make any item seem more gift-worthy.

Simply displaying or photographing a necklace in a box can help shoppers view the item as more valuable and perfect to give as a gift.

You may sell your Mother’s Day products with the gift box, offer the box as an upgrade, or simply use the gift box as a display prop.

Gift wrapping can also be an upgrade or complimentary service to encourage more sales.

A gift wrap, ribbon, a card, and/or gift bag elevates their purchase and takes one more task (i.e. gift wrapping) off their list.


4 – Make it easy to shop

Online, you may create a “Mother’s Day” section in your shop with your best gift-giving items. You may also move Mother’s Day-appropriate listings to the top of your Etsy shop or to the front page of your website.

At a craft show, you may dedicate part (or all) of your table to a Mother’s Day shopping section.

Display any items that are ideal as a Mother’s Day gift and add some gift-giving elements (e.g. display a box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow. Even if you don’t offer gift boxes or wrapping, the wrapped gift will get shoppers in the right frame of mind.).

You may also add Mother’s Day-themed props (e.g. a bouquet of flowers).

Use your sales channel(s) (i.e. Etsy shop, website, craft show booth) to remind shoppers of the upcoming holiday and make it easy for them to pick out a gift.


5 – Update colors

Color is an easy and impactful way to send a message and get people thinking about Mother’s Day.

Colors commonly associated with Mother’s Day are feminine; pink/purple/yellow and/or pastel shades.

If it’s a fit for your target market and brand, you may consider updating colors:

  • on your website – change the background of your website, website text, home page image, etc. to feature a “Mother’s Day color”.
  • in your craft show display – swap in a pastel tablecloth, add pinks and purples to your signage, and add some pastel-colored flowers to your table to suggest a Mother’s Day theme.
  • in product photos – change the background in your photos, or add props that inject a pop of pink.

If you have time, and if it works for your products, you may even consider creating a Mother’s Day collection that uses colors associated with Mother’s Day.


6 – Run a promotion

If your profit margins allow, consider running a promotion to encourage sales.

You could offer:

  • a small discount on Mother’s Day-appropriate products
  • free shipping or free upgraded shipping (i.e. customers pay shipping but you cover the cost to upgrade to expedited shipping)
  • free gift-wrapping
  • free gift with purchase

A limited-time offer creates urgency and an incentive for shoppers to buy from you.

You may even consider offering (printable) gift cards/gift certificates during the gift-giving holiday.

They’re perfect for the last-minute shopper or the shopper who can’t decide which item their mom will like best.


7 – Think outside the box

At first glance, your products may not seem appropriate for Mother’s Day. But remember, not everyone has a traditional family.

Some people may find Mother’s Day difficult because they have a strained relationship with their mom or their mom has passed away. Mother’s Day may be an opportunity for them to practice self-care (journals, meditation-focused products, or other relaxation-themed items can help them with that).

Or they may spend time with people who aren’t their biological mother but have taken on a motherly role in their life. Perhaps a “Mother’s Day” gift isn’t appropriate in this situation, but a “thanks for being there” or an “I care about you” gift is.

There are also:

  • Soon-to-be moms pregnant with their first child, and a loved one who wants to celebrate them/give them a Mother’s Day gift, even though they’re not technically a mom yet.
  • Families that have two moms or two dads.
  • Single mothers of children who aren’t old enough to buy gifts; these moms may want to buy a gift for themselves, or purchase something that helps them enjoy family time with their kids on Mother’s Day.

Explore the different types of moms there are in the world and the different mother/child situations outside of the “norm”.


Mindful Marketing

Keep in mind, Mother’s Day isn’t a happy day for everyone. If you send emails during this time, offer the option for subscribers to opt out of receiving Mother’s Day messages.

They’ll remain on your newsletter list, but when they click a link to opt out, they’ll be tagged (e.g. “no Mother’s Day marketing” tag).

You can then exclude the people with that tag from your next Mother’s Day-related email.


I hope this article helped spark some ideas for your business!


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