Craft Trends to Make & Sell (in 2023)


A lot of trend lists simply share common themes they see on fashion runways. But those “trends” don’t always translate to consumers, and/or sales.


To create my trend list for 2023, I analyzed several trend reports in different categories and cross-referenced each trend with search volumes (and if those search volumes are increasing). I want to find proof that consumers are actually interested in these trends, and they aren’t simply buzzwords blogs and magazines are publishing.


This list shares trends industry leaders are predicting that are also backed by numbers (meaning, I can see that more people are searching for the item this year than they were last year).


My trend list is also focused on terms that have lower competition, which is ideal for a small craft business.


How I define “Trend”

In this report:

Trend does NOT = New

Trend = popular (or increasing search volume)


Most of these products have been around for years, but based on my research, they are seeing an increase in searches.


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I’ve also put together a list of terms that attract shoppers to Etsy. You can check that out here: Keywords that Bring the Most Traffic to Etsy (2023)


Copyright Laws

There are several craft trends that I do NOT include on this list (e.g. Disney-themed products), as making and selling them would be infringing on intellectual property laws. Be sure you understand and follow laws before you start selling anything for profit.


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Consumer trends for 2023

Every business, no matter what it sells, should be keeping up with consumer trends. I used several sources to research this topic, however, this article is detailed if you want more information and additional consumer trends.


Online shopping

Nothing new, but online shopping continues to grow. Start your online shop if you haven’t already (either on an online marketplace like Etsy, or build your own website), and put continued effort into improving it (e.g. site design, functionality, SEO, speed, responsive/mobile friendly, etc.).


It’s also important (as chatbots, and AI in general, become more common), to add human touches to the online experience you’re creating for your target market. People prefer to chat with a human, not a robot, and to see the personal/human side of a business. 


Environmentally conscious

More consumers are looking for environmentally friendly options. For a small handmade business that may be: 

  • donating a portion of sales/profits to environmentally friendly causes
  • going carbon neutral
  • reducing packaging or offering biodegradable packaging
  • choosing sustainably sourced materials/ingredients and locally sourced materials/ingredients
  • going paperless / reducing paper
  • creating an environmentally friendly workspace (e.g. reducing energy consumption and waste)


Conscious scrolling

Social media breaks and unplugging from technology are becoming more common as people understand how harmful mindless online scrolling can be to their mental health. This may seem like bad news for small businesses trying to market their products, but it’s an opportunity to focus on valuable and meaningful content. Don’t post to Facebook/Instagram/TikTok for the sake of posting. Reduce the quantity but improve the quality; share content that’s truly useful to your target market. 



Pantone Color of the Year 2023

Viva Magenta

Pantone color of the year 2023


General trends for 2023



Finally, something is taking over the unicorn trend. “Unicorn” still has a high search volume, but not as high as “butterfly”. 

We saw this trend emerge last year and butterflies continue to be a popular object worked into a variety of products. Such as:

  • butterfly hair clip
  • butterfly necklace
  • butterfly nails
  • butterfly earrings
  • butterfly heels
  • butterfly cake
  • butterfly ring
  • butterfly dress



Not a new trend, but one that continues to go strong into 2023. Consumers are still searching for pearl headbands, hairpins, earrings, necklaces, rings, bags, etc. Pearls are also on several 2023 jewelry trend lists.

Pearl trend 2023



Macrame also continues to go strong. A few of the more popular macramé products are:

  • macrame plant hanger
  • macrame bracelet
  • macrame wall hanging
  • macrame curtains
  • macrame keychain
  • macrame dream catcher
  • macrame earrings

macrame trend 2023


Jewelry trends 2023



Trend lists suggest “personalized jewelry” will be hot this year. My keyword research showed that “initial” rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are increasing in demand. “Initial necklace” is the most popular, however, it is a more competitive term. 

initial necklace


Astrology signs also fall under the “personalized” jewelry trend, so “personalized” is open to interpretation. 


Signet rings

This trend emerged last year but search volumes are still growing going into 2023. 


“Mens”, “gold”, “custom”, “pinky”, and “silver” are niches within the signet ring trend. Each of these terms (e.g. “pinky signet ring”) are increasing in search volume and have low competition (perfect for a small business). 

signet ring


“Gold signet ring” has more search volume than “silver signet ring”, however, “silver signet ring” is seeing a steeper climb than gold, which supports the next trend…


Silver jewelry

According to several jewelry trend reports, silver is going to be more popular in 2023. I do see an increase in searches when it comes to “silver necklace”. “silver hoops”, “silver bracelet”, etc. 


However, don’t count gold out. Search volumes for “Gold necklace”, “gold hoops” etc. are still climbing.


Beaded necklace

There doesn’t appear to be a specific style of beaded necklace that’s popular, but “beaded necklace” has double the search volume it did this time last year, and appears to be on and upward climb. This trend aligns with the “Y2K” jewelry trend that emerged last year.


Boho earrings

The term “boho earrings” continues to increase in searches. The same can’t be said for “boho necklace/ring/bracelet”. There is decent search volume for those terms, but not as high. In general, a few jewelry trend reports suggested boho was going to be a trend in 2023.


Heart jewelry

Heart necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings see a spike in searches every Dec – Feb (for gift-giving), however, the number of searches is increasing each year. I also found heart jewelry on jewelry trend lists.



“Flower necklace”, “flower earrings”, and “flower bracelet” are climbing in search volumes. “Flower ring” isn’t seeing as much of an increase, but is still a popular search term. 


Cocktail rings

Trend lists suggest these oversized, special occasion rings are going to be popular in 2023. Search volume reports do indicate a slight increase in demand. Spikes in search traffic for “cocktail ring” always happen during the holidays. So perhaps it’s a trend to keep your eye on for Nov/Dec 2023.



Search volumes for emerald rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all increasing, and the competition is low for each term.

emerald trend 2023



Cuff bracelets, collar necklaces, and broaches were on a few jewelry trend lists, however my keyword research doesn’t suggest there is in an increase in demand for these items. But that could change throughout the year. 



Bag trends for 2023


Belt bags

The term “belt bag” is seeing a significant spike in searches. Similar to a fanny pack or a bum bag, the belt bag looks more like a pouch, looped onto a belt. 


Straw bags

“Straw purse”, “straw bag”, “straw tote”, “straw crossbody bag”, etc. obviously see a boost in searches during spring/summer months, but the spikes in searches have been increasing over the past few years.

straw bag


Large tote bags

Oversized bags were listed on trend sites, but my keyword research suggests consumers are focused on “large tote bags”. 


“Big tote bag” doesn’t have as much search volume, however, it is seeing a steep climb in searches. “Oversized tote bag” is also commonly searched, but not as much as the other two terms, and it isn’t seeing as much of a climb.


Top handle bag

There isn’t a large number of searches for this term each month, but searches have grown significantly over the last couple of years, and appear to be on an upward climb.


Most niche searches are related to brands (e.g. “Chanel top handle bag”), however, “mini top handle bag” and “small top handle bag” were also common searches.


This video shares examples of designer top handle bags:

Sequinned bags

The terms that have significant search volume and have increased over the past year or two are “rhinestone purse” and “rhinestone bag”. “Sequin bag/purse” and “Crystal bag/purse” are also trending up, but don’t have as much search volume.


Crossbody bag

The term “crossbody bag” continues to climb in search volume. But the competition is high. So I looked at some niche terms, and the following are high search volume, low competition, and seeing an upward climb:

  • “Men crossbody bag”
  • “Clear crossbody bag”
  • “Mini crossbody bag”


Clear purse

Clear bag, stadium bag, and clear purse are all terms that are increasing in search volume. These are bags made from clear vinyl that are handy when going through security at stadiums for concerts/sporting events, etc.

Mini purses

Last year there was the mini backpack trend and “mini” appears to be trending up when it comes to bags and purses. 



Accessory trends 2023


Leather headband

Braided and faux leather headbands were a couple of the more popular terms under “leather headband”.


Fuzzy headband

The Teddy coat has been popular in the last year or two, which is a soft, fluffy coat made out of shearling or faux fur (it looks like a teddy bear). 


The same materials are being used for headbands. “Teddy headband” and “shearling headband” did NOT return results that suggest this is a trend on the rise. However, “fuzzy headband” does appear to be on an upward trend.


“Headband for washing face” was also a term on the rise, with “fuzzy headband for washing face” being a niche term under it.


Silk scrunchies

Thousands of people still search for scrunchies each month, and a healthy portion of those searches (over 17,000) is for a “silk scrunchie”. Silk scrunchies are better for the hair because of the smooth texture of silk, which creates less friction and thus less hair breakage.

Driving gloves

This term “driving gloves” has an extremely high search volume each month (over 200,000 searches) and low competition. It does appear that searches peaked in June 2022 and have come down since, but demand is still high.


When I search Google, I see some small, independent websites ranking on the first page and getting significant traffic. This is a good sign that a small handmade business can attract traffic and sales for the term.


If you work with leather or faux leather, this would be a great product to offer in 2023.

driving gloves


Soap trends 2023


Kojic acid soap

The ingredient “kojic acid” is said to help improve sun damage, age spots, and scars. If you’re a soap seller, you must know the laws and what you can and cannot claim about your soap. For example, claiming that your soap “cures acne” changes the soap from a cosmetic to a drug, which means there are different (strict) laws to follow (so if you make kojic acid soap, you likely can’t state that it improves scars…but that’s up to you to research).


This isn’t a new ingredient/type of soap, but it’s been gaining popularity and appears to be on the upward climb.


Tumeric soap

Another type of soap that is increasing in popularity and looks to be continuing into 2023.

tumeric soap


Unscented soap

As more and more people become aware of the harmful effects of synthetic fragrances, and that fragrances can cause issues such as headaches, rashes, and even respiratory problems, there is more demand for soaps free of fragrances and dyes. This term continues to see an increase in searches and is low competition.


Niche soap

Bar soap saw an increase in 2020, for obvious reasons but continues to hold its search volume. Industry leaders are predicting bar soaps that serve a smaller market with specific needs/wants are going to continue to be popular. 


Men’s skincare

This was mentioned on a few trend lists and the stats show a steady incline in searches over the past few years. Explore skincare products that have typically been marketed towards women (e.g. “vitamin C serum for men” is commonly searched).


Minimal packaging

I was unable to find specific terms relating to zero waste and plastic-free packaging that were seeing a surge in searches. However, minimal packaging was on a few trend lists in regard to bath and body products. “Plastic-free shampoo packaging” may not be a term consumers are searching for, but when they come across a product and “plastic-free packaging” or “zero waste” is a feature, it may encourage consumers to choose that product over others. 


Rice water shampoo

While checking on the search trend of shampoo bars, I noticed “rice shampoo bar” and “rice water shampoo bar” were popular searches. Researching more, “rice water shampoo” is seeing a significant climb in searches over the past couple of years and appears to be continuing to increase. “Rice water conditioner” is also commonly searched (just not as much as shampoo).



Wall & home decor trends 2023

When it comes to home decor trend lists, most of them share general decorating styles, rather than product trends. You can research home decor trends for 2023 if you want to follow general trends. 


Because I want to share trends that have search volume to back them up, I conducted my own keyword research. These aren’t items you’ll find on publisher’s trend lists, however, search volumes show there is demand for them, and that demand is increasing.


Wall decor

There are many wall decor products, but these are a few that stood out to me during keyword research:

  • floral wall decor
  • gold wall decor
  • outdoor wall decor
  • boho wall decor
  • moss wall art (this one continues to climb as we head into 2023)
  • glass wall art


Niche wreaths

Occasion and season-specific wreaths have been in demand for years, but that demand is growing each year. Terms such as “Easter wreath”, “summer wreath”, “Halloween wreath”, “valentine wreath”, etc., see a surge in searches starting 3 months before the holiday/start of the season.

Wreath storage

If you sell wreaths, keep storage needs in mind. It can be a great add-on purchase. Each year, between November and February, there is a big spike in searches for “wreath storage” (and the term has low competition).


Disco ball planter

“Disco ball planter” went from just a couple hundred searches per month in 2019 to over 5,000 searches per month in 2022 (with very low competition). It appears this trend will continue into 2023.

Pottery trends

Although I didn’t find much in terms of “trends” when it comes to pottery, I did notice a particular product that has seen an increase in searches: “berry bowl”.


Berry bowls are decorative ceramic dishes that have small holes in the bottom so you can rinse and serve fruit in the same dish.


Not a new product, but it is seeing an increase in demand.


Bud vase

A bud vase is a small vase designed to hold one stem. This term saw an increase in searches in 2021 and another increase in 2022. It appears to be headed that way for 2023 as well.


This video gives you an idea of what a bud vase looks like:

Pet trends 2023


Kitten teething toys

There is a spike in searches for “kitten teething toys” every year between April and October (kitten season), and that spike is increasing each year.


General pet trends

Although I wasn’t able to find many terms that stood out in searches, several pet trend lists mentioned the upcoming themes for pet products in 2023

  • Pet wellness – gut-friendly foods and treats using natural, healthy ingredients continues to be important to pet parents (anything that cares for a pet’s health is important, e.g. regular exercise, reducing anxiety and stress, etc.).
  • Enrichment toys – think puzzle toys and toys that dispense treats while making the pets work for them.
  • Earth-friendly – in line with consumer trends, make sure your pet products are good for the environment too (e.g. sustainably sourced materials, minimal packaging, etc.).



Etsy’s Trend Predictions 2023

You can read Etsy’s full trend report here.


Below are the keywords Etsy has seen an increase in searches for:

  • monthly budget – product ideas for budget tracking tools (e.g. notebooks spreadsheets, etc.)
  • paint by number kit adult
  • blanket throw
  • chrome heart ring
  • wooden mushroom
  • iridescent glass vase
  • personalize gift mom
  • initial gold necklace (initials and personalized jewelry was on other trend lists as well)
  • hot pink decor
  • cozy room decor
  • dark floral wallpaper
  • earth tone wall art
  • cat tree natural wood
  • marble coaster set
  • wall decor wood
  • space age furniture
  • quilted vest
  • floral wedding dress
  • racing jacket (motorcycle aesthetics)
  • Edwardian skirt
  • 90’s blazer
  • huge earrings
  • crossbody bag
  • chain necklace chunky



Craft Trend Predictions 2023 (by Pinterest)

You can find all of Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2023 here. 


I’ve included a few that are most applicable to common handmade products. 



According to Pinterest, raves are making a comeback. The search volume for the term “rave outfits” does support that prediction. There are also niche terms that are popular (e.g. “rave outfits for women”, “rave outfits for men”, “winter rave outfits”, “plus size rave outfits”, “neon rave outfits”).


It’s unlikely a handmade business will have an entire “rave outfit” to sell, but do some research to see what types of rave outfits are popular and if you can create a product that fits into that. For example, what type of necklaces, hats, or bags are people wearing to raves? 


Paper crafts

Pinterest is seeing an increase in searches for terms such as “how to make paper rings”. “origami instructions”, “quilling art”, etc. If you’re skilled in paper crafts, you may create kits with instructions to make a paper craft, as well as the supplies required.


Gender neutral

Pinterest has seen a boost in searches for a variety of terms relating to gender-neutral parenting, from unisex names to self-identity art. Although I wouldn’t consider this a trend, but rather a movement towards a more inclusive world, it’s something to take into consideration when building your business/products (e.g. gender-neutral nursery decor, gender-neutral children’s clothing and accessories, etc.).



Important note

Although I do a lot of research to create my list, it’s still important for you to do your research before jumping on a trend.


I create these lists at the beginning of the year, so make sure a trend is still relevant when you’re reading this article. You also want to make sure the trend hasn’t become oversaturated by the time you get to it. 


This list is also not exhaustive.


I’ve focused on sharing trends that can apply to crafts and handmade products. I do occasionally add to my craft trend lists, so if there’s a product you’re curious about, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to conduct a quick search and make a note if I find anything. 




That is the end of 2023’s trend list, you can still find 2022’s trend list below.

Trends don’t typically fall off the map; it’s usually a slower decline in consumer interest. So you may find some product ideas in 2022’s list.


I’ve also gone through each trend in the 2022 list below and documented whether it’s still trending, plateauing, or dropping.


Check out: Craft Trends to Ditch in 2023





2022’s Trend list

Trending Crafts: On Google

This section includes craft ideas based on popular Google searches. The ideas I’ve shared have between 2,600 – 95,000 searches each month and are easy to rank.


Keyword difficulty ranks on a scale of 0 – 100. 100 meaning you’re competing for the first page of Google with the biggest, most established websites out there. 


You want a keyword (e.g. “pearl ring”) to have a low keyword difficulty, so your website, or Etsy listing, has a chance of making it to the first page of Google. Not many people go past the first page of Google, so it’s important for a small business to target keywords with a low difficulty score. 


All keywords I’ve shared in this section have a keyword difficulty score of 9 or lower (except “shower bombs” which is 21). The majority are 0 – 5, so very easy for a small business to rank for. 



1 – Pearl Accessories

Pearl is popularly searched with accessories. Pearl ring, pearl stud earrings, pearl purse, pearl headband, and pearl tiara are a few specific products.

2 – Gold Hoops

These simple and classic earrings continue to grow in popularity. “Small gold hoops” appear to be on the rise while “thick” and “chunky” gold hoops are declining in search volume. “Gold hoops” is a more difficult term for a small business to rank for, however, “small gold hoops” has a much lower keyword difficulty score.


“Gold stud earrings” is another search term on the rise.



3 – Evil Eye Jewelry

The evil eye is nothing new, but there has been a huge increase in searches for evil eye necklace (up by approximately 500% since 2019), evil eye bracelet, evil eye ring, and evil eye earrings. 



4 – Rhinestone Headband

This term aligns with Pinterest’s prediction of “blinged-out” everything in 2022. It’s a term that popped up in Google Trends and also has a high search volume and low keyword difficulty. 


Visual searches tell me more of a padded statement rhinestone headband is what’s popular, rather than a dainty, minimalist rhinestone headband.



5 – Puffer bags

Puffer tote, quilted puffer, bag, quilted purse, are all keyword variations that are high in search volume and not too difficult to rank for. These aren’t your patchwork style of bags made with scraps of fabric. Rather, think of a puffer jacket turned into a bag. Or the textured top-stitching you’d see on a quilt, applied to a purse. 


Bandana is not a popular term in regards to puffer bags, but this is a great tutorial that gives you an idea of the trend.

6 – Backpack Purse

Last year, mini backpack purses were trending up. They’re still highly searched, but there was a big spike in searches for “backpack purse” at the end of last year. “Leather backpack purse” is also a rising term.



7 – Heart Purse

I believe this purse was made popular by Kate Spade, but you can’t copyright a basic shape such as a heart. “Heart purse” and “heart shaped purse” have high search volumes and low keyword difficulty.


Here’s a cute, no-sew tutorial. If you’re planning to sell heart purses, I would forgo the glue gun and create a design you can sew. A bag that’s glued together isn’t likely to stand the test of time.

8 – Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves certainly aren’t new, but “how to wear a blanket scarf” is a rising search term in Google Trends. I cross-referenced it and “blanket scarf” has a high search volume and low keyword difficulty. 


It may not be a new “trend”, but it’s clear consumers are looking for and wearing them in 2022. 

9 – Fingerless mittens & gloves

The search volume for this product peaked in November/December 2021, much higher than past winters. It’s obviously on the decline as we head into spring, but it would be a trend to watch for winter 2022 to see if it’s still on the rise.


The search volume for “fingerless gloves” is much higher than “fingerless mittens”, but both have seen a spike in popularity. 

10 – Teething Rings

Although these are nothing new, I found a big spike in the search volume for them. I couldn’t find a specific type of teething ring people are looking for, but the term “teething ring” has jumped in searches by almost 500% since six months ago. 

11 – Biodegradable Soap

Bacteria or other living organisms can break down biodegradable soap. It’s popular for camping, which is why searches for it peak over the summer months. There’s a very high search volume for “biodegradable” soap and a low keyword difficulty score. 


12 – Natural Soap for Men

Men’s skincare has grown in popularity over the past five years. It seems as though men are just as interested as women are in the ingredients they’re putting on their skin. “Natural soap for men” has grown in searches by over 1000% since 2019.


This is great news for people who sell handmade soap and skincare products. Just be sure to market your products as “natural” (if they are made with natural ingredients). Although it may be obvious to you that handmade soap uses safer ingredients than most major brands, most consumers won’t know unless you tell them.



13 – Shower Bombs

Shower bombs are very similar to bath bombs. They come in a variety of shapes with a flat surface to sit on the shower floor. As they melt in the shower, they release a scent to calm, or de-stress, or energize, etc. There is a sharp incline in searches for this term over the past few months. 

14 – Basket Wall Decor

Similar to plate wall decor, round, shallow baskets are arranged on a wall to create an art installment. The term is increasing in searches and aligns with the popular boho decor style. 


This would be a great product to offer if you make baskets or if you curate them. Selling five or more baskets together as a set should likely be a popular product in 2022.

15 – Plant Wall Decor

This is not only a popular search term (with low keyword difficulty), but it also turned up in Pinterest predictions. Based on my research, I believe this trend is moving away from “living walls” and into a collection of potted plants hung on the wall. 


“Wall planters” is another popular search term that aligns with plant wall decor.



16 – Line Art

“Art” in general has seen an increase over the past two years. Likely because people are spending more time and money improving their homes. 


Line art is an image created with simple lines (and sometimes just one continuous line). Over the past two years, there has been an increase in searches for it, with “flower line art” and “abstract line art” being popular niches. 


These can be created with ink and paper or digitally.

17 – Bubble Candle

Bubble candles look like several bubbles stacked in a cube shape. It’s a term that’s trending up and has a high search volume. 


18 – White wreath & seasonal wreaths

Wreaths are a seasonal product and generally see the biggest spike in November/December. “White wreath” had a big spike in searches for winter 2021. It’s hard to say if it will see the same spike for winter 2022, but it’s a trend to keep your eye on if you make wreaths.


It also seems as though more people are interested in decorating their front door with wreaths. Of course, terms such as “spring wreath” see a spike in searches every spring, but the spikes are getting bigger for each type of wreath below:

  • Spring wreath
  • Halloween wreath
  • Fall wreath
  • Easter wreath
  • Summer wreath


“Wreath hanger” is also seeing a huge spike in search volume and it’s an easy term to rank for. You may consider making and selling your own designs of wreath hangers. Or, if you can find wreath hangers at wholesale prices, offer them as an add-on purchase with your handmade wreaths.



19 – Boho Weddings

This term has climbed in popularity over the past couple of years and applies to everything from dresses and hair accessories to invitations, decor, and cake.


Other popular terms to keep in mind if you create products for weddings are “wedding venues near me” and “backyard wedding”. People are planning smaller weddings that don’t require travel. This means they’ll spend more on the details of their wedding.

20 – DIY

Do-it-yourself is growing in popularity. Consider if you can turn your products into a DIY kit to teach others how to make them. There are a few specific terms that have seen growth, such as:

  • DIY miniature house kit
  • Needlepoint stocking kit
  • DIY Christmas ornaments
  • DIY ______ costume (e.g. alien costume, fairy costume, witch costume, etc.)
  • DIY fidget toys
  • DIY snow globe

“Needlepoint” has seen a big spike heading into 2022. My research tells me people are looking to learn needlepoint, rather than buy a needlepoint product (e.g. needlepoint art). So needlepoint DIY kits could be a popular product. However, it will require more marketing effort as “needlepoint” is a more competitive term to rank for.

Best Selling Crafts on Etsy

Each year, Etsy creates a trend report based on the searches and purchases they see on their platform. I didn’t include every trend they’ve shared, but you can read more about them here.



The following are trends that can be applied to a variety of handmade products.

  • Luxury – Etsy is finding consumers are more interested in fewer possessions, but the ones they do own are high-quality investments that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Emerald – Etsy has seen an increase in searches for emerald green items. This color can be applied to everything from home decor to accessories.
  • Pastels – “pastel room decor” is a popular search on Etsy. However, pastel colours can be applied to accessories and clothing too. 


Home & Living

  • Versatility – Etsy shoppers are looking for home decor items that are convertible, nesting, or modular. Presumably to adapt to a more functional living space that’s used for working, living, and hosting. 
  • Abstract shape rugs
  • Natural textures
  • Marble – “marble candle holders” is a popular search
  • Personalized decor
  • Denmark pastel
  • Statement lighting



Jewelry & Accessories

  • 90’s Punk – velvet chokers saw an increase in search volume
  • Natural elements – “moss agate” is a popular search but other more natural elements such as raw crystals and hammered stonework is also popular. 
  • Statement jewelry
  • Brooches – “butterfly brooches” increased in searches 



Paper & Party Supplies

  • Goal setting tools
  • Occasion gifting – event/holiday-themed decor, wrapping paper, gift bags, and greeting cards. “Teacher greeting card” had a huge increase on Etsy.
  • Raw materials
  • Retro influences
  • Tropical prints and geometric patterns



Craft trend predictions 2022 (by Pinterest)

Remember, the ideas in this section are predictions. Pinterest does have a lot of statistics to work with and they’ve been quite accurate with their past reports. But they are still predicting what will be trendy in the coming months, which no one can guarantee. 


I’ve summarized the trends Pinterest is predicting that apply to handmade products. You can read more about them here.


The bullet points below share terms Pinterest has seen an increase in searches.




Everything has an opportunity to get “blinged-out”. From sneakers and jewelry to makeup and even baking. 

  • Ear curation – A collection of earrings for people with multiple ear piercings. 
  • Pedicure with rhinestones
  • Crystal eye makeup


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

If you make earrings, you might create collections that include multiple studs and small hoops that can be purchased and worn together. Stickers in unique patterns for the nails or eye could also be a product to explore.



Dopamine Dressing

Colorful outfits in vibrant colors. In my other research, I have definitely seen a trend in searches for “pink” accessories.

  • Fuchsia dress outfit
  • Electric blue outfit
  • Vibrant outfits
  • Gradient dress


How to apply the trend to a handmade business 

This trend would be applicable if you make clothing or accessories. Although this prediction is focused on bold-coloured outfits, every outfit needs accessories to match. 



Luxury Pet decor

People love to pamper their pets, but Pinterest is predicting pet owners will take things to a new level this year. 

  • Catify your home
  • Luxury cat room
  • Luxury dog room
  • Dog beds made from furniture


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

If you make pet products, such as cat beds, dog beds, cat scratching posts, etc., explore designs that celebrate the pet and work into a home. It’s no longer about fitting a little scratching post in the corner of a room, but rather making pet products a part of the home. The luxury trend also works into pet treats.




This dark and mysterious style is working its way into several areas. Below are the searches Pinterest has seen an increase for:

  • Goth business casual
  • Goth cowboy
  • Goth baby clothes
  • Goth kitchen decor
  • Goth pajamas


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

Explore the design elements of goth and determine if you can work them into your products. Goth is more than just dark colours, buckles, and fishnets thought; it’s a lifestyle. So consider working goth into your brand, or it could come across as inauthentic. 



Extravagant cakes

Pinterest is asking to ditch the cupcake. Cupcakes have been popular for years, but now Pinterest is seeing an increase in searches for the terms below:

  • Unusual cakes
  • Art cake ideas
  • Bubble cake ideas
  • Etc. 


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

This trend is obviously only applicable if you’re a baker, but explore the extravagant cake designs on Pinterest and let your imagination run wild. 



Car decor

People are not only sprucing up their vehicles with sound systems and paint details, but also with interior decor. 

  • car decorating ideas
  • car curtain diy
  • boho car interior


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

If you have a home decor brand, consider how you can translate that into car decor. If car owners are looking for curtains for their car, perhaps they’d be interested in pillows and throw for the backseat too. 


What would be important for these products is that you take the time to photograph the items in the car and help customers imagine how cozy the interior of their vehicle can feel.



Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the human tendency to be closely connected with nature. And it translates into design in the form of living plant walls, staircase gardens, and floral ceilings. 

  • biophilic office design
  • Biophilic design bedroom
  • Staircase garden
  • Floral ceiling


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

If you sell potted plants, consider how you can take them to the next level. If you make and sell items such as pots, planters or other pieces of furniture, consider how you can make them on a grander scale. 


This trend can also be applied to fragrances if you sell bath and body products, or home fragrance products such as oil blends for diffusers or candles. 


People want to feel like they’re in a natural oasis. If they don’t have the space for actual plants, explore alternative ways they could feel like they’re surrounded by plants: plant artwork, plant wallpapers for the phone, plant prints of fabrics for home decor items. The options are limitless, just explore how you can make people feel more connected to nature. 



Unique Celebrations

Celebrations used to be focused on birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc. Today, people are celebrating the less talked about but just as common events.

  • adoption theme party
  • divorce party ideas
  • adopt a pet birthday party ideas
  • breakup cake
  • empty next photoshoot


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

If you create stationery or party decor, explore the common events that happen in people’s lives and help people imagine how they might throw a party for them. From invitations and party decor to games, drinks, and food. 



Checkered Pattern

The checkerboard pattern is being applied to a variety of items such as rugs, clothing, and even nails.


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

This pattern is easy to apply to home decor products such as rugs, throws, pillows, etc.




I have seen this trend show up in Google searches, and Pinterest is seeing it applied to everything from party themes and home decor to accessories and clothing. 

  • pearl gown
  • pearl themed party
  • pearl wedding decorations
  • pearl ring simple


How to apply the trend to a handmade business

This is an easy material to incorporate if you make jewelry, hair accessories, or bags. 



Adult crafts

The pandemic has caused many people to explore their creative sides. But not everyone is quite as crafty as handmade business owners. So many people are looking for craft ideas and DIY kits.

  • useful crafts for adults
  • indoor swings for adults
  • Fairy bedroom ideas for adults
  • popsicle stick crafts for adults DIY


How to apply the trend to a handmade business 

Consider if you can turn your product into a DIY kit with instructions teaching the less crafty how to make something. 



Classroom Decor

Kids have been learning in the comforts of their homes for the past couple of years. So it’s no wonder teachers want their classrooms to have a homey and calming feel. 

  • Eucalyptus classroom decor
  • Forest classroom 
  • Sunshine classroom theme
  • Calming classroom decor
  • Nature themed classroom


How to apply the trend to a handmade business 

If you make and sell home decor items, consider how you can adapt them for the classroom based on popular themes. 


This trend can even trickle into the scent category. If you sell essential oil blends for diffusers, consider creating scents that match the popular themes, and be sure to rename your products to include the popular search term “classroom”.



I hope this article has helped spark some new ideas for your craft business!


Craft Trends to Make & Sell 2022


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  1. Sherry Brough says:

    Would you look up crochet trends?

    1. Shelley Moore says:

      I’ve created premium, versatile, all-natural sugar scrubs, face, body, feet. Would you please research that type of product? Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your research. Your work is helpful to us crafters.

  3. Do you have any wood trends for 2023? We own a small woodshop and wondering what to build this year.

  4. Anne Schofield says:

    Dear Erin,
    Your passion is a blessing!
    Thank you,
    San Diego, CA

  5. I would like to know more about spiritual and religious items. Rosary beads, christening Rosary. Pillows and shirts with faith based sayings.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. I found it helpful to plan for my wreath business. Thank you!
    Brandon, MB

  7. Shannon Seibert says:

    i love to paint wine bottles for home decor. is this still a popular selling item?

  8. Hi Erin
    Do you have any trend direction for pattern drafting for making apparel? I’m interested in building a business around designing my own patterns and selling them to the sewing community.

  9. Thank you for your time to put this together. Would you have some info on cups (i.e tumblers, glass cups). Thank again.

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