How to Open a Case on Etsy (if you’ve been scammed)

There are millions of sellers on Etsy, and the majority of them are running legitimate businesses. However, there are times buyers don’t receive the items they’ve purchased, or they receive something different than they were expecting. If this has happened to you and you’re unable to resolve the issue with the seller, you can open a case on Etsy. 


Steps to open a case on Etsy

To open a case on Etsy, you must first attempt to contact the seller and resolve the issue. After you’ve reached out to the seller and given them 48 hours to reply, you can follow the steps below to open a case. 


Step 1 – Visit your Etsy Account page

Sign in to Etsy and go to Your Account (or “You” when using the Etsy app). If you purchased an item as a guest, you must create an Etsy account before opening a case.



Step 2 – Find your purchase

Under your account, go to “Purchases and Reviews”. Here, you’ll find your past orders. Find the order you’re unsatisfied with and click on “help with order”. 


Click on “Still need help?” and then “Yes, I want to open a case.”



Step 3 – Share reason for opening a case

Let Etsy know whether you’re dealing with a non-delivery or a not-as-described situation. 


A non-delivery is appropriate when you did not receive the item and the seller can’t provide proof that the item was dispatched. Or, the seller has sent the item to an address different than the one you entered during checkout. 


If you received an item significantly different from the one depicted in the product listing, you may choose not-as-described. An order may also be considered not-as-described if it wasn’t dispatched on time, as per the product listing or buyer/seller messaging. 


Once you’ve selected your reason, click “next”.



Step 4 – Provide details

It’s your word against the seller’s, and it’s up to Etsy Support to decide who’s in the right. Provide Etsy Support with details that will help them see your side and why you believe you’ve been scammed. Evidence you may want/need to provide are photographs, receipts, or messages. 



Step 5 – Wait for Etsy

Most simple cases are solved quickly and automatically. However, Etsy may require more details to solve your case. Be sure to respond to requests for more information in a timely manner.


You can also view the status of your case by visiting “Your Account” and selecting “Cases reported by you”. 



Etsy support phone number

Etsy support does NOT have a phone number for you to call. Please do not call any of the numbers you find listed on sites that are not Etsy. Best case scenario, these are old numbers for Etsy support that are no longer in service. Worst case scenario, these are websites and phone lines scammers have set up. They may present themselves as an Etsy customer service agent in an attempt to gather personal information from you.


Only visit Etsy’s official website to make contact with Etsy. At the time of writing this article, communication with Etsy support by phone is not an option.


You can visit Etsy: scroll to the bottom of their website and click on a link to its help center.


Here is a direct link to an article in Etsy’s help center regarding contacting Etsy support:



When can I open a case on Etsy?

You can open a case on Etsy after you’ve contacted the seller in an attempt to solve the issue and have given them 48 hours to respond. If you don’t hear from the seller within 48 hours, you can open a case. 


You must also have an account on Etsy and be reporting a problem after the “order should arrive” date and within 100 days of that date. The “order should arrive” date is determined by the processing time of an item and the delivery time. 



What happens when you escalate a case on Etsy?

When you escalate a case on Etsy, you involve an Etsy case agent who will determine how to resolve the issue. Many cases are solved automatically or closed by the buyer or seller. However, some cases require more involvement from Etsy. Based on the information each party has provided, the Etsy case agent may issue a refund or close the case without issuing one. 



Does opening a case on Etsy hurt the seller?

Yes, opening a case on Etsy does hurt the seller. Even if the seller wins the case and doesn’t have to issue a refund, they’ll still be penalized on Etsy for having an open case. Etsy states that cases opened against a shop in the past four months can hurt the shop’s visibility in searches. An Etsy seller can see a significant drop in sales if their products no longer appear at the top of search results. 


If Etsy sides with the buyer, the seller will also have to refund the sale’s total (shipping and product cost), so they’ll lose the money for that sale.


These penalties are warranted if the seller purposefully scammed a buyer. However, if the dispute is simply a difference of opinions and the seller is running a legitimate business, try your best to resolve the issue with them before opening a case.



Will Etsy refund money if scammed?

In most cases, Etsy will refund a buyer’s money if they’re scammed. Etsy will require proof that the item purchased was not delivered or is not-as-described. 


If the item was purchased using PayPal, Etsy might require the buyer to dispute the case through PayPal. If the item was lost or damaged by the postal service, the buyer would have to bring the issue to the attention of the postal service. 



How long does it take Etsy to solve a case?

Etsy cases may take several weeks to resolve if they’re complex, while simple cases can be automatically closed within days. 


You can review the status of your case by visiting “Your Account” and selecting “Cases reported by you”. 



Can you open a case against a buyer on Etsy?

No, you cannot open a case against a buyer on Etsy. If a buyer is harassing you as a seller, you can contact Etsy support to let them know about inappropriate behaviour. Be sure to keep messages from the buyer to share with Etsy as proof.



It is safe to buy on Etsy, but be sure to follow the steps in this article to find the best Etsy sellers and this article will help you determine if an Etsy seller is legit.

How to Open a Case on Etsy


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  1. Hernandez Jan says:

    I have not been able to open two separate cases against ANTHONY because he skirts a real reply by sending an automated reply. Foxy, but irresponsible. Can you please help? Jan Hernandez

    1. Made Urban says:

      Hi Jan, unfortunately, I can’t help. I would suggest trying to escalate the case on Etsy or continuing to open new cases.

  2. Stephanie Shakti says:

    Money was deducted on the 8th and I never received my goods nor got an email that the order has been dispatched. I’ve either been scammed and want my full money back $89.37 or want an update email with my tracking number and want to know where my goods are.
    If not responded to within 24 hours I will take action.

    Stephanie Shakti

    1. Made Urban says:

      Stephanie, I hope you realize this website, Made Urban, has nothing to do with Etsy or the seller you’ve purchased something from on Etsy. This is an article to help people understand how to open a case on Etsy. Please contact the Etsy seller or follow the steps in this article to open a case on Etsy.

  3. Marilyn Powell says:

    I received a email about my order this week, saying that I was to receive my order yesterday 6/30/22, I am having trouble. I emailed them three times today. What should I do . I am thinking about getting my money back.

  4. Something worth mentioning is to warn a buyer that they should take a full expanded screenshot of the item listing they are purchasing BEFORE buying because they will need proof if they receive something not as described and the only proof is the listing description. I purchased an item on etsy and the seller took down the listing immediately after I paid. I thought it was weird but moved on. When I received the item, it was not as described. I learned then, the buyer would need to provide a screenshot of the description. Thank God the Seller sent that info as a screenshot when I asked her for the link to the page before she knew I wasn’t happy with the item. Then I sent the seller the pics of my item with the measurements to show how it was not as described in 3 out of 4 ways. That seller immediately put up the original listingagain and *changed the description* to match the photos I had sent. Then she started making excuses and lying about several things until I had to escalate the case. Etsy ruled in my favor. Her screenshot, plus her other lies in messsages is no doubt why Etsy ruled in my favor. Then the seller tried to scam me after the ruling and wouldn’t provide a prepaid label as Etsy directed her to if she wanted her inventory back, but instead, continued to try and cajole me into paying for return shipping with the promise she would reimburse me after I shipped. The shipping was $36 to her country. Yea, No thanks, once the seller proved her word was worthless I can’t believe she thought I’d believe anything she would say after Etsy rules. You have to be so careful buying from another country and so many ways a Seller can scam you if you do’nt know what you need to do to protect yourself as buyer.

  5. Made Urban says:

    IMPORTANT: This website (Made Urban) is not affiliated with Etsy. This is simply an article sharing helpful advice. Please do not comment here asking for a refund. Follow the steps in the article to contact Etsy.

  6. Shane Hynes says:

    I’m at the loss of almost €200 due to etsy. I ordered 4 wreaths which weren’t good quality and need tent pegs to stay on grave were made with staira foam.
    I returned the goods. The agreed to refund me. But then said the refund wouldn’t process.
    I paid through PayPal so I taught I was safe. But I wasn’t.
    Now I have no product and am down €200. for order and returns.

  7. It absurd that Etsy continues to hide from their customers.
    They claim to be running a legitimate 24/7 worldwide business, yet avoid telephone contact, online chat, and even email.
    Honest businesses don’t lock the door, pull down the shutters, take the phone off the hook, then hide under the desk.

  8. I am not even sure if its Etsy that scammed me or if its someone pretending to be work for Etsy that scammed me. This person contacted me on Telegram and offered me a job on Etsy. At first they asked me to put money in which wasn’t a lot. Later on the amount became greater as I went onto internship level 3. I paid and completed my orders yet I was told to pay income tax. I paid the income tax and then she told me my account was frozen and I needed to pay again so my funds can be released. I don’t know what to do cause I lost all my money now and like I said I don’t know if this person is working for Etsy or just pretending to be working for Etsy. Please help

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