Is Etsy Safe to Buy From? How to Avoid Getting Scammed


Yes, Etsy is safe to buy from because of its secure payment system, the protection Etsy offers buyers, and its review system. Etsy has been around since 2005 and has processed billions of dollars in transactions.


There are millions of sellers on Etsy, most of whom are trustworthy. If you buy an item on Etsy and don’t receive it, or receive the item but it’s not as described, you must first try and resolve the issue with the seller. If they’re unresponsive, uncooperative, or you’re unable to come to a resolution, you can open a case with Etsy.


Etsy Support will review a buyer’s case by gathering information from both the buyer and seller. They will mediate the dispute and make a decision based on the facts.


If Etsy Support sides with the buyer, they will issue a refund for the buyer’s total amount (shipping, and cost of the item).



Is it worth buying on Etsy?

It is worth buying on Etsy because you’ll be supporting small business owners, can shop from a wide variety of unique handmade or vintage items, and will be using a safe and secure platform to complete your online purchase.


Is Etsy safe for credit cards?

It is safe for buyers to use their credit cards on Etsy. Etsy sellers must use PayPal or Etsy Payments to accept credit card payments from buyers; two safe and secure payment processing systems. An Etsy seller will never see your credit card information or have access to it.


Etsy Payments encrypts a buyer’s credit card information using “Transport Layer Security technology (TLS)“. That information is protected during and after a transaction. PayPal is also secure; credit card information submitted through the platform is encrypted.


You should never share your credit card information with a seller. When you’re ready to purchase an item, you’ll add it to your basket, select your payment method, and complete the checkout process. During Etsy’s checkout process, you’ll enter your credit card information or use your PayPal account. Etsy’s or PayPal’s secure payment forms are the only places a buyer should input credit card information.



Can you get scammed on Etsy as a buyer?

Buyers can get scammed by individual sellers on Etsy. However, Etsy is committed to protecting its buyers and reimbursing them if scammed.


A buyer must complete payment for an item before the seller ships it. So there is the possibility of paying for an item that the seller never ships.


An Etsy seller never has access to a buyer’s credit card information. So a buyer may get scammed on one purchase, but as long as they don’t purchase from the same seller again, the seller can’t steal more money from them.


The best way to avoid getting scammed on Etsy as a buyer is to take precautions before purchasing.


Never share credit card information through Etsy’s messaging system.

Etsy has a safe and secure checkout process on its platform. Filling out the payment form on Etsy is the only safe way to transfer money to a seller on Etsy.


Never complete a purchase off of Etsy.

Be very cautious if a seller asks you to send money for an item through another platform. They may offer you a discount if you agree to purchase outside Etsy. If you don’t complete the transaction on Etsy, you won’t be able to open a case if you get scammed, and Etsy won’t help you as a buyer.


Check refund policies

Each seller will have a different refund policy. You can view them on the product listing page, or in the seller’s shop. You want to ensure you’ll be able to return the item if you change your mind. Some sellers won’t accept returns, so it’s important to be aware of a shop’s policies before buying.


In addition to these tips, ensure the Etsy seller is legit.


How do you know if an Etsy seller is legit?

You can get a good indication of an Etsy seller being legit by looking at their shop. There, you’ll be able to see how long they’ve had their Etsy shop, how many items they’ve sold, and read reviews other customers have left.


Etsy won’t allow a shop to stay open if it’s had several cases opened against them or if they’ve violated Etsy’s policies.


When you find an item on Etsy you’re interested in buying, click on the thumbnail photo so you’re on the product’s listing page. On this page, you’ll find more photos of the item, details about the item (e.g. price, description, options, etc.), as well as some shop details.


To the right of the product image, you’ll find the shop name, number of sales, and their rating out of five stars. You may also see a badge, such as “star seller”, which is a good indication it’s a trustworthy shop. This information can help you determine if the Etsy seller is legit.


Number of sales

When an Etsy shop has hundreds or thousands of sales, it tells buyers it’s a trustworthy shop. Etsy won’t allow a shop to stay open and make hundreds of sales if the seller isn’t delivering what they promise and making their customers happy.

A low number of sales doesn’t necessarily indicate the seller can’t be trusted. An Etsy shop may have opened in the past month or two and simply been unable to make many sales in that time.


5-star ratings

Scroll through the reviews on the product listing page or in a seller’s shop. Read what the seller’s customers have to say about how quickly items are shipped, if the objects look as good in person as depicted online, how the seller handles issues, and overall, their quality of customer service. Etsy buyers are pretty honest with their opinions, so you’ll know right away if a seller doesn’t tend to deliver what they’re advertising.

After a shopper buys an item, they’re automatically sent an email from Etsy’s system, asking them to leave a review. So the reviews left on Etsy are from verified buyers. Unless a seller creates several fake accounts and makes fake purchases, they cannot add fake reviews to their shop.

Not all buyers will leave a review, but a shop with several 5-star reviews is a good indication that it’s safe to buy from them.


On Etsy Since

You can visit an Etsy seller’s shop by clicking their shop name found at the top right of a product listing page. When in their shop, scroll to the bottom. After the shop reviews section, you’ll find an About section stating which year the seller opened the shop.

A shop that’s been open for several years tells you it should be safe to buy from. However, a new shop may be just as trustworthy. They just don’t have an Etsy track record to prove it.


You’ll find several more ways to check if an Etsy seller is legit (and avoid getting scammed), in this article.



Are there fake sellers on Etsy?

Although Etsy Support does its best to remove fraudulent sellers from Etsy, people can set up fake shops.


There isn’t an approval process a seller must go through to open a shop on Etsy, so anyone can join.


However, to set up an Etsy shop, each seller must enter their banking information so Etsy can transfer funds for sold products. Sellers also must provide a valid credit card so Etsy can collect payments for listing fees.


The required banking information will deter most scammers from using Etsy.


Can Etsy sellers see your address?

Yes, Etsy sellers can see a buyer’s shipping address. A buyer must share their shipping address with sellers so physical items can be sent to them.


What do I do if I get scammed on Etsy?

If, despite your best efforts, you get scammed on Etsy, you can open a case with Etsy. They’ll review your experience with the seller and determine if you did indeed get scammed.


You’ll be required to first try and resolve the issue with the seller. If that’s not possible, Etsy support will ask for details about your order to help them make a ruling.


Here are the steps you must take to open a case on Etsy, and frequently asked questions regarding the process.



*PLEASE NOTE: This website is not affiliated with Etsy

I am not able to help you resolve a case or settle a dispute with an Etsy Seller. You must open a case on


Is Etsy Safe to Buy From?

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  1. dot frost says:

    I am trying to get dotted with jubilee tee shirts but not heard anything

  2. I am having the same issue with
    Universality Shop. I’ve E-mailed several times and no reply

  3. No. Etsy is not safe to purchase from. I purchased a gold ring via Etsy. He cancelled my order and then kept my money. Etsy would not open a case against him or reimburse me because I paid using Paypal. This was the only payment option offered. Etsy has a CHAT helpline which is a total waste of time. Their call-back service is none existent because no one ever calls you. Save your money and shop elsewhere. I will never use them again.

  4. no I have lost £160+ avoid at all costs it is one big scam

  5. etsy scammed me out of nearly€200.
    They items wreaths were made from staira foam. when I returned the refused a refund. The return money was extra. Then the agreed a refund but said it wouldn’t process. now I have no product or no money. The are a scam

  6. I was scammed on Etsy as well. They have ZERO customer or fraud support. Many buyers who have also been scammed on Etsy believe etsy itself is just part of it as they get to collect money as well for all the scams. They do not open a case….you must cancel with your payment method, IE: credit card, pay pal… Etsy will never help and never ever credits you for what your scammed. I provided full proof of a scam going on…. a shop selling the same antique doll over and over again! They saw it. Also fake tracking which showed it never came to my address or was my name on package! UPS confirmed it was fraud as well!
    NEVER buy on ETSy! I’ll stick with Amazon and ebay! They address fraud right away! As of this post, the scammer has sold the same doll 8 x and 2 other dolls over and over. They only have 6 revolving listings but 30 sales now. by the time etsy’s wait time to open a case-90 days later…..this scammer will be rich and long gone! Thanks fraud Etsy!

  7. hi
    I’m sorry to hear what happened to you.
    I paid through PayPal and they didn’t help me either. I lost almost €200 .
    I ordered 4 personalised wreaths for family members graves. They ribbon on them was personalised so PayPal sided with etsy. They wreaths were make to staira foam. and would blow away if on a grave. wreaths were made really flimzy.

  8. Bought from Etsy one time and never received item! I saw on my statement that seller did receive payment. Will never buy from Etsy again.

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