Craft Trends to Ditch in 2022

Each year, I create a craft trends list (here’s 2022’s craft trend list). Some trends only last a few months, while others can last for years. So I like to look back and use a few handy tools to determine if people are still searching for and buying the crafts on last year’s trend list.


You can check out last year’s trend list for more details on the trends mentioned below.


Craft Trends to Ditch in 2022

Crafts that appear in this list have had a significant drop in searches. It’s not to say these items won’t sell or are no longer in style. They’re just no longer at their peak.


DITCH: Knotted Headbands

This hair accessory saw its climb in 2019, its peak in 2020 & 2021, and started its descent mid 2021. It’s not completely dead though. Search trends are still higher than 2018 but do appear to be gradually dropping.


An important note: I did notice several knotted headbands listed at the top of Etsy search results, but they were more commonly called “turban headband”. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the product style that’s dropping, but rather what people are calling it.


DITCH: Scarf Mask

The search volume for a “scarf mask” jumped by more than 10,000% in 2020 and declined over 2021. It’s now back to its pre-pandemic search volumes. So it’s reasonably safe to say this trend is over.


DITCH: Face Mask Lanyard

This product hit its peak in 2020 and declined in 2021. There are still thousands of people searching for this product, but not nearly as many as in 2021.


DITCH: Lamb’s Ear / Farmhouse wreath

“Lamb’s ear wreath” and “farmhouse wreath” were on last year’s trend list, but both have seen a decline over the past few months.


Check out 2022’s trend list to find out what kind of wreaths are trending this year.


DITCH: Floor vases

This trend appears to be on its way out based on search volume. There is still a decent search volume for the product, but it’s not as high as 2021.


DITCH: Moldavite necklace

This type of necklace had a spike in searches in 2021 (I believe due to a TikTok trend). Search volume is higher than 2020, but not nearly as high as 2021.



Craft Trends to Keep in 2022

The following trends continue to trend upwards or have dropped a little but still have a higher search volume than a year or two ago.


For more information on the trends below, or DIY tutorials, please visit 2021’s craft trend list.


KEEP: Bum Bag

A bum bag, in North American terms, is a fanny pack. The search volume for “bum bag” continued to rise in 2021 and looks to be strong at the start of 2022 and is continuing on its upward trend.


It’s important to note the difference in terminology, especially when selling online. Although you may be used to calling the bag a “fanny pack”, if you name it as such for your Etsy listing, no one will find it when they’re looking for a “bum bag”.

Leather bum bag


KEEP: Mini backpack purse

This term is holding steady in search volume and even saw a spike at the end of 2021. On this year’s trend list, I also noted that “backpack purse” had a spike in searches towards the end of last year.


KEEP: Teething Toys

Teething toys are products that will always be useful. I believe teething toys, and teething rings, have seen an increase in popularity as teething necklaces decline. “Teething ring” is on 2022’s trend list for its upward trend, while teething toys isn’t as high as it was in 2021 but isn’t completely dropping off.


KEEP: Natural & niche soap

People care more and more about what they put in and on their bodies. So natural and niche soap is a trend that continues to rise and, I believe, will for the foreseeable future. I did see a new niche in the natural soap category, which you can find in this year’s list.


KEEP: Ritual bath

This search term continued to rise in volume in 2021, which is likely due to more people putting effort into self-care. A ritual bath is relatively open to interpretation. Some connect a ritual bath to astrology and timing a bath with the moon. Some incorporate healing crystals and/or malas, while others simply create their unique bath ritual that helps calm and center them.


The “ritual bath” trend can be applied to any bath product. You can take a bath product, such as salts, and market it for ritual baths by changing the name, label, instructions for use, etc. Or create kits that help people create an entire experience in the tub.


Products often incorporated into a bath ritual are:

  • Crystals
  • Bath teas
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Candles or incense
  • Bath trays
  • Journals
  • Face masks
  • Etc.


KEEP: Protection Crystals

There isn’t as high of a search volume for “protection crystal” as there are for other terms in this list. However, the search volume has increased in 2021 and appears to be headed in the same direction for 2022.


You can check out last year’s trend list for more details on protection crystals.

Protective crystals for crafts


KEEP: Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs can be applied to various crafts, such as jewelry, candle labels, art, etc. It appears this trend is holding on, and for some products (e.g. zodiac jewelry), it is seeing a slight increase.


KEEP: Head planter

A head planter is a planter or pot shaped like a head. The plant growing out the top gives the illusion of hair. This term has had a spike in May/June for several years, with 2020 and 2021 having the most significant spikes.


The search volume doesn’t appear to be dropping, so this will likely continue to be a popular product in spring/summer of 2022.


KEEP: Memorial wind chimes

The search volume for this term isn’t climbing but also isn’t dropping. More people are searching for this product today than they were in 2019.


KEEP: Needlepoint kits

This term isn’t as strong as it was in 2021, but “needlepoint” has seen a massive spike in searches. It’s on this year’s trend list.


KEEP: Micro & local weddings

Until travel is back to normal, restrictions are entirely gone, and people aren’t worried about big gatherings, smaller, local weddings will continue to be popular. This trend can be applied to various handmade products, from invitations to cakes to decorations.


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    Do you think sugar scrubs might be included in ritual baths? Thanks for all you do!

  2. Worth Steeling says:

    As someone who saw the first edition come and go, I cannot believe fanny packs are back!!

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