Handmade Jewelry Trends (2022)

Each year I create a list of craft trends handmade business owners can make and sell. Since a handmade jewelry business is such a great business to start, and jewelry is such a popular category, I also compile a list of jewelry trends.


Check out 2022’s jewelry trends that can be applied to a handmade business.



How I made the list

I use several resources to create my trends lists. I find multiple trusted resources reporting fashion/jewelry trends, then cross-reference those trends to see if the numbers back them up.


By numbers, I mean search volume. I use a tool that reports approximate monthly search volume for a term and shows the history of it. This way I can tell if the searches for an item are growing, declining, higher than five years ago, follows a pattern, etc. I only share trends that have thousands of searches each month. Most of these terms are also fairly easy to rank for. So they’re all appropriate for a small handmade business.


No one can know for sure if an item will be a big seller or not. Just because a fashion designer puts something on the runway does not mean it will translate to the general public. I’ve created this list with a lot of research and thought, but it’s also important for you to conduct your own research before implementing anything. Trends and buying patterns can change drastically throughout the year.


The success of a product also relies on your target market, marketing, presentation, product descriptions, etc. Creating a trending product is the easy part, marketing and selling it is what requires real work. You may find the following helpful:

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Copyright Laws

I always come across brand-related trends when making my lists, I don’t include those. It’s important for you to understand copyright laws and what you can and cannot mimic/copy/replicate/etc.

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Jewelry trends for a Handmade Business

This list is focused on jewelry that is appropriate for a handmade business to offer.


1 – Signet rings

This type of ring appeared on almost every jewelry trend list, has a high search volume, and searches have been steadily increasing.

There are several variations of it, most are gold. However, the flat face of the ring may be oval, round, octogan-shaped, etc. And it may have a zodiac sign stamped into it, initials, a name or a word, or other symbol or design.


You can get creative with your signet ring and create a style that appeals to your target market (make sure you’ve chosen a profitable target market).



2 – Crawler / Climber earrings

These earrings were on last year’s trend list and they’re still seeing an increase in searches. A variety of designs appear to be popular, as long as they follow the style of the earring curving up the ear.



3 – Charms

“Charm bracelet” sees a spike in searches each year in Nov/Dec (it makes a great gift). However, this year, the spike was almost double the size. “Gold charm bracelet” and “silver charm bracelet” have also gotten a big boost in searches over the last couple of months.


“Charm necklace” isn’t seeing the same growth, but searches for “charm necklace 80s” have grown by over 1500% since October 2021, so a big spike. This aligns with the Y2K jewelry trend. When people search for an 80’s charm necklace, they’re looking for a colourful, over the top, plastic necklace.



4 – Y2K jewelry

Y2K styles appear on several lists, which refers to young, fun, colorful jewelry playing off trends from the 90’s & early 2000’s. Think colourful plastic beads, butterfly pendants, smiley-face charms, etc.


This video will give you a better idea of Y2K-style items:

“Y2K jewelry” is also a term thousands of people are searching each month.


Butterflies were another search trend I noticed is on the incline when it comes to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. This aligns with the Y2K trend.



5 – Initial Jewelry

This type of jewelry also works into the charm trend. “Initial ring” has had the biggest spike in searches, but “initial necklace” has a higher search volume overall. It’s also important to note that “initial necklace” peaks around Nov/Dec for gift-giving.



6 – Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings are small hoops that “hug” the earlobe. They’ve grown in popularity over the past few years but saw a surge in searches as 2021 closed out. “Gold huggie earrings” and “diamond huggie earrings” are some of the more popularly searched niches, but there are many styles on the market.

Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings


Gold chain necklaces7 – Chunky Chains

This was a trend that appeared on almost every jewelry trend list for 2022. It’s a thicker chain and bigger links than your typical chain necklace. Gold seems to be more dominant.


Chunky chain links are used for necklaces, earrings, and even rings. “Chain earrings” has a high search volume (very low keyword difficulty rating; meaning it’s easy to rank for) and spiked going into 2022. “Link earrings” doesn’t have as high of a search volume but also had a big spike in the past couple of months.


“Cuban link necklace” also has a very large search volume and had a big spike going into 2022. Based on my research, this is a style that’s popular with men. The chain has a different linking style, such as the one shown below:

cuban link necklace



8 – Brooches

Some of the major designers have come out with brooches this year, but I’m not seeing too many mainstream retailers carrying brooches (yet). There is a slight increase in searches for “brooch”, but more importantly to note is the big spike in searches for “brooch pin”.




9 – Zodiac jewelry

This isn’t a new trend, zodiac signs were on last year’s trend list. However, when it comes to zodiac earrings, rings, and necklaces, they’re increasing in searches.



10 – Gold choker necklace

“Choker” has plateaued over the past several years, but “gold choker necklace” has increased in searches. The choker is also on several trend lists this year.


Collar necklaces are also a trend to keep your eye on. Many major jewelry designers introduced statement collar necklaces. Which still fit tight around the neck, like a choker, but continue down onto the chest.



11 – Layered Jewelry

I found the style of layering jewelry on a couple of fashion trend lists. There are also a few types of products that are trending this year and fall under the style of layering:


Layered necklace – searches for this term have grown over the past few years and continue to be on the incline. This style of wearing two or more necklaces together also appeared on a couple of fashion trend lists.


Stackable rings – I’m not seeing an increase in search volume for this term, but this style of ring did appear on multiple fashion trend lists and is a product many trend-setting retailers carry.

Stackable bracelets – there aren’t as many consumers searching for stackable bracelets as there are for “layered necklace” and “stackable rings”, however, there has been an increase in searches for it over the past few months.


Ear curation – this fits within the layering trend and was on Pinterest’s trend prediction list. As a handmade jewelry vendor, you could sell collections of small earrings designed to be worn together. There isn’t a huge search volume for “ear curation” yet, but the term is definitely trending up.


12 – Statement earrings

There doesn’t seem to be one type of statement earring that’s popular right now. Everything from gold statement earrings to colorful clay earrings are coming up. Take a look at the other trends in this list and consider combining one with statement earrings (e.g. pearl statement earrings).


Be sure to use “statement earrings” in your online product listing as it’s a term over 15,000 people are searching each month and is on the incline.


13 – Colorful jewelry

Bold colours are a trend I’ve seen on several jewelry trend lists, as well as Pinterest predictions. It’s often referred to as “dopamine dressing”; a colourful wardrobe that gives you a hit of happiness.


I wasn’t able to find a specific keyword that consumers are searching for when it comes to colorful jewelry. For example, “colorful necklace”, “colorful earrings”, “colorful ring”, didn’t show search volumes that were higher than the past several years.


“Colorful beaded necklace” does appear to be headed in an upward trend, however, this is after taking a big nosedive after the summer of 2021.



14 – Body Chains

Body chains were also on several trend lists, however, search volumes for them aren’t increasing. This is a trend from the runway, and those often take several months to catch on, so there is a good chance search volume will increase throughout 2022, and during summer months when they’re more likely to be worn.


15 – Gold Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are nothing new, but they’re a classic that are here to stay. In the past couple of years, big chunky gold hoops were on-trend. Now the style appears to be moving towards smaller hoop earrings. Gold is still the most popular material.



16 – Evil eye

This type of jewelry was not on any of trend lists I reviewed. However, I did notice a big increase in search volume for evil eye necklace, ring, bracelet, and even earrings.




Etsy Jewelry Trends 2022

I have a technique for finding trends on Etsy, that doesn’t look at the top-selling Etsy shops. Most top-selling Etsy shops make a lot of sales because of their marketing, not necessarily because of what they’re selling.


Below are a few jewelry trends I spotted on Etsy and cross-referenced using a search volume tool to ensure there’s demand for the following items.



Birth flower necklace

Birth flower necklaces are popular on Etsy and there has also been a big spike in searches for them. There are a variety of styles, such as the ones in the videos below.

Personalized name necklace

There were several Etsy listings for personalized necklaces, each with a unique style. Some were stamped on a bar, some were laser cut signatures, some incorporated letters and charms on a chain. This seems like a trend that’s open to interpretation.


“Personalized necklace” does see a spike in searches each Nov/Dec, but “personalized name necklace” has a bigger search volume. There’s demand for this product year round, however, there’s typically more than double the demand during November and December. Something to keep in mind when planning your holiday product collections.


Dainty Gold Necklace

Minimalist gold necklaces have been popular over the past couple of years. However, November/December of 2021 there was a significant increase in searches for this type of necklace.



Clay earrings

When people were looking for clay, or polymer clay, earrings in the past, they were more than likely looking for food-shaped jewelry. Now, the trend, when it comes to clay earrings, is abstract shapes. They tend to be in neutral, pastel, or earth-tone colors.

Clip on earrings

Clip-on earrings have seen slow and steady growth in searches over the past few years. However, there was a bigger spike in searches near the end of 2021, so this could be a product that becomes even more popular in 2022.


Also interesting to note, “clip on earrings for men” had zero search volume five years ago, and now has over 1000 searches each month. It’s not seeing rapid growth in search volume but also isn’t declining. If you target men with your jewelry, keep your eye on the trend for men.



Threader earrings

This is a common product on Etsy and a term that has grown in search volume over the past two years. It’s had a spike in searches Nov/Dec 2021.


Here’s a quick video if you’re not familiar with threader earrings.

Jewelry Material Trends 2022

When it comes to earrings, necklaces, and rings, the following materials are seeing an increase in search volume.


Gold (necklace and ring)

Gold appears to be THE metal consumers are after. There’s more than double the search volume for a gold item than a silver item (in most cases). Gold necklace and gold ring have seen a significant spike in search volume, whereas “gold earrings” has a healthy search volume, but hasn’t had a spike recently.



Silver jewelry is on a couple of trend lists as the metal that’s making a comeback. The search volume is high, however, silver is classic so I believe it always will be. So far, silver is not searched more than gold, but that could change throughout 2022.



Pearl jewelry was on every trend list I read, and is increasing in search volume.



Here are some other stones/gems I found that are trending up in jewelry searches:

  • Black onyx
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Rose Quartz (focused on necklace and ring)
  • Turquoise
  • Topaz
  • Ruby


I hope you’ve found this list helpful!


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