Craft Trends to Ditch in 2024

Each year I create a list of crafts you can make and sell that are seeing an increase in consumer demand (you can check that out here). I also look over the previous year’s trend list and see if those trends are still growing, are plateauing or declining in popularity.

To create these lists, I use a tool that tells me how much search volume a keyword has, as well as how competitive the term is. It’s not an exact science, however, I am basing my trend predictions on numbers/stats, rather than guesses.

I look at a few important factors when determining whether to keep, ditch, or keep an eye on a product trend:

>> I look at a term’s general search volume (i.e. how many people search for a specific product each month) on Google to see if it’s climbing, plateauing or dropping.

>> I also look to see how much traffic Google is sending ETSY for the term and variations of it. If traffic is low on Etsy or significantly dropping, I suggest to “ditch”. This traffic doesn’t account for consumers who don’t search on Google and head straight to Etsy for a product. So use your own discretion. 

>> I look at websites that are in the top spots when I Google a product and consider whether or not Etsy or smaller websites are in the top 10 spots or if the top results are dominated by the websites of big corporations. I’ll also analyze the traffic heading to the websites in the top spots: is it increasing, decreasing, or holding steady?


I hope you find this research helpful!



“Ditch” does NOT mean that there is NO demand for a product.

This article is meant to work with this year’s trend list and is simply suggesting that “ditch” items are no longer on an upward trend. 

Please read the notes under each product for more details on whether the item still has a healthy search volume, high or low competition, and where it stands compared to last year. 

As always, do what’s best for your business. If you sell an item that’s on my “ditch” list, and it’s flying off your shelves, ignore my prediction and keep selling it.


Craft Trends to Ditch in 2024

These are products that are either seeing a decline in demand, have become oversaturated in the marketplace and major retailers (such as Amazon) are capturing the market share, or both.


DITCH: Beaded necklaces

There’s still significant search demand for “beaded necklace”, however, it appears to be on a slight downward trend heading into 2024. Etsy also appears to be losing traffic for the term and variations of it (e.g. blue beaded necklace, chunky beaded necklace, small beaded necklace, etc.).


DITCH: Cocktail rings

Although there will always be demand for cocktail rings (as they’re a fashion staple), many of the top websites appear to be losing traffic, or have very little traffic, for the term and variations of it (e.g. “emerald cocktail ring”).


DITCH: Belt bags

Search demand overall appears to be dropping heading into 2024 and belt bags’ spike in popularity (during summer months) wasn’t as high last year as it was the year before. 

Top websites (e.g. Coach, Lululemon, etc.) are still attracting plenty of traffic to their “belt bag” pages, however, overall, belt bag listings on Etsy appear to be losing traffic. It may be that consumers are more interested in brand name belt bags.


DITCH: Rhinestone bag/purse

Rhinestone or sequinned bags searches appear to be declining as we head into 2024, major fashion leading retailers aren’t stocking many of these items, and the traffic heading to Etsy and the online stores that do carry rhinestone bags is low.


DITCH: Leather headbands

There is very little traffic heading to Etsy, and the top ranking sites on Google, for the product “leather headbands”.


DITCH: Fuzzy headbands

Also very little traffic heading to Etsy for this product, and although there is still some demand, retailers such as Amazon are capturing most of the traffic/sales.


DITCH: Silk Scrunchies

Although there is still plenty of demand for this product each month, traffic headed to Etsy for it is dropping. This is most likely due to the market being oversaturated and there are several bigger businesses offering a healthy selection of silk scrunchies on their websites. Making it harder for a smaller business or Etsy shop to get a piece of that pie.


DITCH: Driving gloves

Demand for this product is no longer trending up. There is still a healthy number of people searching for it each month. However, bigger companies are capturing the majority of that traffic. 


DITCH: Kojic acid soap

Search demand appears to be declining and Etsy is losing traffic for this soap and variations of it.


DITCH: Unscented soap

There is still plenty of demand for this product, however, bigger brands and niche companies (e.g. The Unscented Company) are dominating the top spots on Google, which is likely why there is ZERO traffic landing on Etsy. 

That doesn’t mean people who are familiar with Etsy don’t search for the product on Etsy. But Etsy isn’t capturing the large portion of the unscented soap consumers who start their search on Google.


DITCH: Rice water shampoo

Although it appears searches are continuing to increase, there are two companies (Kitsch and Viori) capturing the vast majority of traffic/consumers.


DITCH: Disco ball planter

Search demand looks to have plateaued and because bigger retailers (e.g. Amazon and Indigo) carry these products, traffic to Etsy for the term is low.


DITCH: Berry bowls

There is very little traffic heading to Etsy for this term and most variations of the term are seeing a drop in traffic.


DITCH: Kitten teething toys

The traffic for these types of products is all heading to major retailers.



Trends to keep an eye on in 2024

These types of products aren’t showing a lot of movement in one direction or another. 


KEEP AN EYE ON: Straw bags

This is a product that’s obviously more popular during summer months. So it’s hard to say if the decline in traffic to Etsy and top result websites is due to the bag currently being out of season, or if it’s losing popularity. 


KEEP AN EYE ON: Top handle bags

Searches for this term continue to rise and top result websites continue to see an increase in traffic. However, there isn’t much traffic heading to Etsy for the term, so consumers may not be interested in handmade styles of top handle bags.


KEEP AN EYE ON: Crossbody bags

Although this style of bag continues to be popular and climb in search demand, traffic heading to Etsy for the term appears to be declining. Top result websites all appear to be big brand names, so it may be that consumers are more interested in designer crossbody bags in 2024. 


KEEP AN EYE ON: Clear bags

Although search demand is significantly increasing as we head into 2024, overall, traffic heading to Etsy for the term appears to be declining (especially for the terms “stadium bag”, “clear concert purse” etc.). It could be because big retailers such as Walmart are carrying these bags now. 


KEEP AN EYE ON: Mini bags

Another product that is increasing in popularity overall, but not on Etsy. It appears that consumers are interested in brand name mini bags (e.c. Coach).


KEEP AN EYE ON: Wall decor

Consumers are still looking for ways to spruce up their walls outside of pictures and framed art. Etsy was a mix of “home decor” products seeing an increase in traffic and some seeing a decrease. Many major retailers (such as Bouclair, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, etc.) are dominating the top spots on Google so it may be harder for a small business or Etsy shop to capture those consumers.


KEEP AN EYE ON: Bud vases

Search demand is still relatively high (and perhaps plateauing) and Etsy is seeing a boost in traffic for some “bud vase” products, but there isn’t a lot of traffic headed to Etsy for the product. 

There are some bigger retailers who have the top Google spots for “bud vase” so it may be hard for a smaller handmade business or Etsy shop to compete. If you’re going to offer this product, it would be important to create products that appeal to niche terms consumers are searching (e.g. ceramic bud vase, small bud vase, gold bud vase).



Craft Trends to Keep in 2024

These are trends from last year that appear to be just as popular, if not more.


KEEP: Butterflies

Products that incorporate a butterfly design (e.g. butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings, butterfly dress, butterfly nails, butterfly clip, etc.) are holding steady in search volumes or appear to still be on an upward climb. The majority of searches and listings on Etsy that incorporate “butterfly” are also seeing a slight increase in traffic.


KEEP: Pearls

There’s still plenty of demand for pearl accessories and accents. Some of the listings on Etsy are seeing an increase in traffic but several are also seeing a drop in traffic. It appears consumers are still searching for pearl items, but because the market is more saturated with them, it will be important to find a niche product and/or offer something unique to continue generating sales.


KEEP: Macrame

There’s slightly less interest in macrame products when compared to the past couple of years, but the trend isn’t dropping off. Macrame plant hangers, macrame wall hanging, etc. are still driving traffic to Etsy.


KEEP: Initial Jewelry

There’s still significant search demand for terms such as “initial necklace”, “initial earrings”, etc. However the market is likely becoming saturated with these products as most results on Etsy are seeing a decline in traffic.


KEEP: Signet Rings

Search demand appears to still be increasing as we head into 2024 and traffic to Etsy for the term is also increasing. However, some of the more specific results on Etsy (e.g. “custom signet ring”, “gold signet ring”, “onyx signet ring”) are seeing a slight decrease.


KEEP: Boho

“Boho” in general appears to be increasing in popularity across the board. Some items such as “boho earrings” appear to be levelling off, but overall, consumers are still interested in boho style items.


KEEP: Heart & flower jewelry


KEEP: Emerald jewelry

Most listings on Etsy that incorporate “emerald” are seeing a small boost in traffic. 

“Emerald ring” is one to keep an eye on as it appears search traffic is starting to decline heading into 2024 and several listings and results on Etsy that include “emerald ring” are seeing a drop in traffic. 


KEEP: Turmeric soap

Search demand looks like it’s continuing to climb heading into 2024 and some of the top results on Google are for smaller businesses offering handmade soaps. 

Almost every term that includes “turmeric soap” was seeing a decline in traffic on Etsy. But if you have your own website, you may have a better chance of ranking on Google.

KEEP: Niche wreaths

Most terms containing “wreath” on Etsy are seeing a boost in traffic. Consumers are still looking for very specific types of wreaths (not just a Christmas wreath), e.g.:

  • Fall wreath for front door
  • Halloween wreath
  • Wreath sash
  • Autumn wreath
  • Dragon wreath
  • Crescent moon wreath
  • Pampas (grass) wreath
  • Boho wreath
  • Mushroom wreath
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Beaded wreath
  • Pumpkin wreath
  • Etc.

(all of these terms have an increase in traffic on Etsy)



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  1. Hi. I’m a macrame artist and I have experienced a drop in my sales at the craft shows I’ve participated in over the past 18 months . What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s macrame that is losing ground in popularity or an overall decline in sales possibly due to the state of the economy in the USA? I have rethought my booth display and product line as well as read your articles and have made adjustments . But While people are still highly complimentary of my products, making a sale is difficult. As I love going to craft shows, the effort to participate has mostly become greater than the results I’m experiencing. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thank you so much!!!!

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