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Edmonton’s On Borrowed Ground
May 3, 2013
I came across On Borrowed Ground when I was perusing through Edmonton events on The Local Good's website and I thought Anita's Community Supported Agriculture project was such a great idea. Although I grew up with a huge garden in our backyard, I haven't exactly inherited a green thumb. I mostly rely on local farmers' markets and the organic section for my vegetables but would love to learn some of the basics to eventually grow a full garden in my backyard. On Borrowed Ground offers: working memberships - where you contribute a number of hours each week doing things like soil building, planting, weeding, watering, mulching, staking, harvesting, and bug control. You get to experience first hand what goes into food production non-w..
Edmonton’s Monthly Market – The Mercer Collective
April 16, 2013
The Mercer Collective started earlier this year in Edmonton and is an amazing monthly market for people selling items they've made, baked or created and for those looking to buy unique items. Located in the up and coming Mercer building on 104 Street, it's the perfect place to stop by after a browse through the Downtown farmers' market. But you don't have to wait for warmer weather, this market goes on all year (twice a month starting in May), rain or shine...or snow. Check out our interview with one of the organizers, Jasmin Smith, to find out a bit more about this market. For those who haven’t heard about the Mercer Collective, can you give us some information about the market? The Mercer Collective is an amazing handmade marketplace..
Consignment Inventory Template
April 16, 2013
We talked about Wholesale vs Consignment this week and pointed out that if you do go the route of selling your products in stores through the method of consignment, that it's a good idea to be really organized. To help you keep track of the products you drop off, sell and pick up from stores, we've created a template that you can either print off or use to create your own version. It's a good idea to print one off for yourself as well as one for the store so that you both have records of your products in their store. Depending on your relationship with the store, you may also want to get them to sign a copy of it each time you do a drop off or pick up, acknowledging and agreeing to the list. You can print off your own copy her..
How to Calculate the Price of your Handmade Products
April 10, 2013
I still remember the advice I got from a sewing instructor when she overheard me mentioning I wanted to sell my pieces one day. She pulled me aside and told me very sternly; "don't under price your work". It's such a common thing for artists to do so we thought we would shed some light on how you should set your prices for your handmade products and why. YOUR TIME You need to be very realistic with the amount of time it takes you to create a product and how much your time is worth. I definitely made that mistake in the beginning in thinking that my time didn't hold as much value. After all, there wasn't any cold hard cash leaving my bank account whether I spent 1 hour or 2 on a product. But if you want to treat this like a business an..
Goal Setting Worksheet
April 2, 2013
I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was genius! I like to set goals on a regular basis and I seriously love to make lists. This little worksheet is the perfect tool to tack up on your wall and update as often as you like. Just write your weekly or monthly goal on a post-it, stick it in the first square and fill in the other 4 with post-it notes listing the tasks you need to accomplish to work towards your goal. As you scratch things off your list you can simply move your post-its around and add a new ones as you go. Here's a link to the Goal Worksheet we created so you can print it off and start filling yours up :) ..
Seller Spotlight – Sun 7 Designs
March 24, 2013
Valery started her handmade business after a friend suggested she start selling her baby blankets after she had been making them for years. She's gone on to quit her corporate job to work on Sun 7 Designs full time and has been featured on several websites with glowing reviews. We asked her a few questions about running her own handmade business and how she's making it a success. What type of handmade products do you make? I custom design unique one-of-a-kind personalized baby blankets. How did you make the transition from working on your business part-time to full-time? It was a difficult decision to move from running a part-time business while working in the corporate world to full-time but it came down to doing what I love. I wanted ..
Printable Weekly Planner
January 10, 2013
I'm in the process of cutting down on the amount of notebooks I have so I can be a little more organized and de-clutter my work space. I seem to buy a new notebook each month because it looks purdy and then I ditch my old notebooks before they're full. I'm also horrible at using day timers as I forget to write in them for weeks at a time. So I decided to put together one binder to hold all my thoughts, notes and goals and create a sheet for the front to use as a planner to organize my weekly to-do lists. You can print yours off here: write the week's date at the top mark down any important events or meetings in the calendar fill in the to-do list below each day with tasks that nee..
Seller Spotlight – Handmade Cream w/ Cream Junkie
November 23, 2012
Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about where their products come from and what goes into them. Most of us consider the ingredients we put in our body on a daily basis but many people overlook the ingredients that go on our bodies. Because many chemicals can be absorbed by our skin and into our bloodstream, it's important that the ingredients in your bath and body products are safe. A homemade line like Cream Junkie is the perfect solution. Take a look at some of the ingredients found in a widely known bath and body brand and some of the potential hazards of them compared to the alternatives Cream Junkie uses for their 100% Natural, Sulphate free, Parabens free, Soy free, Gluten free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly line. ..
Interview with Vanessa Antoniuk of Kingsley Events
November 19, 2012
Antoniuk has more than a couple successful events under her belt so it's no surprise s he's started a tradeshow production company, Kingsley Events. Her new company focuses on producing high quality tradeshows for local home based companies and businesses. If you live in the Edmonton area, no doubt you've heard of her Swing into Spring Shopping Extravaganza and upcoming Santa's Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza on November 18th - a great place to get your Christmas shopping done this  year!     Vanessa shared with us how she came to produce her own events, what you can expect if you're attending or a part of one and the charity aspect of her shows. You’ve had several successful craft shows/events over the years ..
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