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5 Craft Show Mistakes that Drive Shoppers Away
August 19, 2015
No one signs up for a craft show with the intention of alienating the shoppers but you may unknowingly be sending them away if they don't feel comfortable.   It's important to have fun, be yourself and show pride in your work; that will always draw people to you.   Here are 5 mistakes to watch for next time you're at an event selling your handmade goods.     1) Being too clique-y  Once you dive into the craft scene, you quickly get to know many of the vendors, organizers and even shoppers so a craft show can easily feel like a reunion. When you spend most of your day chatting with booth neighbours, visiting with friends who have stopped by or gabbing with the organizer..
Never End your Workday Until you Complete This
July 29, 2015
Please contact us if you would like a copy of this infographic for your website or blog   Have you had one of those days when you woke up, checked email, scrolled through Facebook, moved onto Twitter and eventually headed into your craft room only to look at a stack of projects, wondering where you should start? On the other hand; have you had a day where you wake up, excited about a new project, knowing just where to dive in and your day just seems to flow? If you have, then you’ll know just how uplifting the 2nd type of day can be and how detrimental the 1st type of day is to your morale. It goes to show you how easy running a business can feel when you have direction. That’s why I never end my workday witho..
How Much Stock to Bring to a Craft Show  - Calculations & Formulas
July 22, 2015
Determine how much stock to bring to a craft show using the calculations and formulas below.   Please contact us if you would like a copy of this info graphic to use on your website or blog   It's an important question to ask yourself. Too much stock can leave you with leftovers that may be hard to sell once the season's over, not to mention; added work of dragging them to and from the sale. Too little stock = lost sales. At the end of the day, it's better to have too much stock than not enough to be sure you're making all the sales you can. As long as your products aren't too seasonal, you can always sell them after the show through your online platforms or at your next event!   If you would like more detai..
How to Deal with Rude Emails & Move on
July 18, 2015
We’ve all received them. Even if you’ve never had to read a rude email or comment through your business, you’ve likely had to deal with a personal one. I don’t know about you but first my stomach drops and then my ego kicks in and I get defensive.   Perhaps you feel differently when you read a criticizing email. Do you feel like crying? Or maybe it makes you feel anxious or small. Whatever your feelings are as you digest someone else’s words, I think this technique will help you.   The most important thing to remember when it comes to business is not to take it personally. I know. Waaaay easier said than done. But when it comes to responding, you don’t want to let your emotions get the better of you and..
5 Reasons Handmade Businesses Fail
July 14, 2015
  The success rate of small businesses isn't great and we'd LOVE to see that improve. A successful business doesn't thrive due to one factor; there are a lot of moving pieces that need to be in place and your business' needs are constantly going to be changing. Be sure you do your research before you go into business and avoid these 5 common mistakes to stay on the right path.   1) Blending in In order to succeed in business you need to stand out in one aspect or another. Although many components make up a successful business, you need to build your business around your strengths and get help in the areas you’re weaker. So what are you great at? Do you have amazing people skills? You’ll shine at craft shows a..
Seller Spotlight with Athena & Lisa of Knits N Knacks
July 7, 2015
We love that two best friends are running a thriving business together and balancing an abundance of orders with family time. Athena & Lisa of Knits N Knacks create a variety of amazing knitted and crocheted items for babies and adults, as well as some amazing patterns. Learn how they've grown a huge Facebook following and read about their unique goal of working with more stay at home moms in the future. We would also like to give them a huge thank you for all their Made Urban support! We love following their Facebook page and seeing which fellow URBEE's listing they will share for their "Made Urban Mondays"! Be sure to give them a like to follow along and see if you get featured:
Laws for Selling Handmade Soap & Cosmetics
July 6, 2015
  It doesn't matter how small your handmade business is, if you're selling cosmetics (soap, creams, lotions, nail polish, hair products, deodorants, etc.) you must follow labeling regulations and acts.   In the US, acts and regulations are governed by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) & FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act Fair Packaging & Labelling Act   In Canada, acts and regulations are governed by Health Canada and Competition Bureau: Food & Drugs Act Cosmetic Regulations Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act & Regulations Hazardous Products Act  Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations   This is a gu..
July 1, 2015
This article is put together for Made Urban's group board: ULTIMATE CRAFT FAIR RESOURCE. If you would like to join the board to contribute photos of booths you've taken at craft fairs, craft fair inspiration or advice, please:Head over to Pinterest and follow Made Urban's account: the link your Pinterest profile to The purpose of this board is to not only inspire you when it comes to your craft fair setup but also to give you and your fellow vendors a place to share your work and displays. Next craft fair you're at, please take photos of your booth as well as other vendors' booths that you think are well done and effective. You can take photos of specific elements such as props, s..
Laws you must Follow when Packaging Handmade Products
June 23, 2015
Do you package your handmade cream in a jar? Do you have the product name, volume and your business’ name and address clearly printed on each label? If not, you may be in violation of Canada’s laws when it comes to packaging and labeling.   Regardless of whether your business is big or small, you’re still required to follow the local laws when it comes to labeling. This step is often overlooked when starting up a handmade business and it can feel overwhelming at first glance. Not to worry! I'm here to help.   PLEASE ALSO READ: LAWS FOR SELLING HANDMADE CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES LAWS FOR SELLING HANDMADE COSMETICS (BATH & BODY PRODUCTS)     I originally ..
Laws for Selling Handmade Clothing & Accessories
June 23, 2015
  When it comes to textiles, you need to follow the legal requirements for consumer textile articles which are; any textile fibre, yarn or fabric or any product made in part or whole from a textile fibre, yarn, or fabric used for a product being sold for use.   Not all textiles need labeling but generally if it’s a textile product that will be touching your skin for an extended period of time, it usually needs a label. Think of clothes, hats, mittens, blankets, etc.   There is a lot of information to go over when it comes to packaging and labeling your handmade products. It can be a little overwhelming so we've done our best to put it into simple terms and an easy to follow guide..

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