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Event Spotlight with Nest in the City
September 28, 2015
We're always excited and grateful to have Nest in the City list their events on Made Urban! They're fun and creative with unique themes and elements that take them above and beyond your usual craft show. They have a Festival & Market coming up we wanted to highlight and since they put on so many great events, we also wanted to pick their brain on what makes theirs special and how vendors can stand out. Check it out!Nest in the City Festival and MarketBIO: Nest in the city is a fun day full of shopping, activities, crafts and more. Entry is free to enjoy shopping, mini make and take crafts, and photo booth fun!Purchase tickets for fun, creative and informative workshops and seminars featuring everything from Calligraphy, Flower Crowns an..
Retail Best Practices you can Use to Sell More at Craft Shows
September 16, 2015
  If you walk into any retailer at the mall, you’ll find that almost all of them follow similar techniques when it comes to catching a shoppers eye, drawing them in and selling to them. Of course you don’t want to follow exactly what large retailers are doing because you’re a small, independent, handmade business and much cooler than them! But you can learn about some of the tried and true strategies they’ve perfected over the years, take what you like and apply it to your business.   WINDOW DISPLAYS Retailer's best practice: they use this area to tell a story at a quick glance. Retailers know they only have a few short seconds to grab the shopper’s attention and intrigue them enough to head in. A good ..
Seller Spotlight with Tanya of Madenu Dolls
September 15, 2015
We're so excited to have Madenu Dolls on Made Urban! It's clear that everyone else is too and that you love the concept behind Tanya's business and what it stands for. After a wonderful response to us introducing her dolls to you on Facebook and Instagram, here are some more details about Madenu Dolls, the process and the creator behind them;  Tell us about your company:I, Tanya Ford am the sole proprietor of madenu dolls and I am located on a family farm north east of Irma, Alberta. I sell dolls that have had a previous owner. I clean them all up, hand paint their faces, knit little sweaters and sew pants or shorts for them to wear. My mission statement is restoring childhood. Why did you start your business?madunu dolls was i..
Want to Stand Out at a Craft Show? Try these Display Tricks
September 3, 2015
As we discussed in our previous article, relating your craft show booth to a store window is a good way to look at your space from a different perspective and ensure you have some elements that are going to catch the eye.   You only have a few seconds to grab shoppers' attention as they walk by and encourage them to come take a closer look.   Of course your amazing products will help do that but below are 10 other tactics you can use to enhance your booth and make sure you’re noticed from across the room.   If you're wondering which items to sell at a craft show, check out: HOT ITEMS TO SELL AT CRAFT SHOWS IN 2018 Aaaand...before you sell any type of product at any craft s..
Why you're Looking at your Craft Show Setup Wrong
August 31, 2015
While working on your craft show setup, you likely stand at the front, placing your items and creating your well thought out, tried and true display. Once you’re done, you stand back as though you’re going to snap a picture, focusing on the most important subject of the show: your booth ;)   But you shouldn't just be looking at your craft show setup from the perspective of a vendor. You should also be considering the perspective of the shopper, the event organizer and a sales person to be sure you're getting the most out of each craft show.    Setup can be a hectic time so it’s always a good idea to be as prepared as possible heading into a show; all items tagged and organized..
10 Red Flags to Watch for when Applying to a Craft Show
August 24, 2015
  There are several factors that go into producing a good craft show so just because an organizer is lacking an element below, doesn’t mean that the show won’t be great. However if all areas are waving a giant, bright red flag, that may give you a good indication as to whether it will be worth your time and money or not.   1) THEIR RULES AND TERMS HAVE A NEGATIVE VIBE We can't tell you how many amazing event organizers we've come across through Made Urban and their positive vibe is evident across the board; in their emails, their photos, their Facebook posts, etc. Organizers need to have rules in place to ensure vendors are committed and they don’t get stiffed at the end of the day, but i..
5 Craft Show Mistakes that Drive Shoppers Away
August 19, 2015
No one signs up for a craft show with the intention of alienating the shoppers but you may unknowingly be sending them away if they don't feel comfortable.   It's important to have fun, be yourself and show pride in your work; that will always draw people to you.   Here are 5 mistakes to watch for next time you're at an event selling your handmade goods.     1) Being too clique-y  Once you dive into the craft scene, you quickly get to know many of the vendors, organizers and even shoppers so a craft show can easily feel like a reunion. When you spend most of your day chatting with booth neighbours, visiting with friends who have stopped by or gabbing with the organizer..
Never End your Workday Until you Complete This
July 29, 2015
Please contact us if you would like a copy of this infographic for your website or blog   Have you had one of those days when you woke up, checked email, scrolled through Facebook, moved onto Twitter and eventually headed into your craft room only to look at a stack of projects, wondering where you should start? On the other hand; have you had a day where you wake up, excited about a new project, knowing just where to dive in and your day just seems to flow? If you have, then you’ll know just how uplifting the 2nd type of day can be and how detrimental the 1st type of day is to your morale. It goes to show you how easy running a business can feel when you have direction. That’s why I never end my workday witho..
How Much Stock to Bring to a Craft Show  - Calculations & Formulas
July 22, 2015
Determine how much stock to bring to a craft show using the calculations and formulas below.   Please contact us if you would like a copy of this info graphic to use on your website or blog   It's an important question to ask yourself. Too much stock can leave you with leftovers that may be hard to sell once the season's over, not to mention; added work of dragging them to and from the sale. Too little stock = lost sales. At the end of the day, it's better to have too much stock than not enough to be sure you're making all the sales you can. As long as your products aren't too seasonal, you can always sell them after the show through your online platforms or at your next event!   If you would like more detai..
How to Deal with Rude Emails & Move on
July 18, 2015
We’ve all received them. Even if you’ve never had to read a rude email or comment through your business, you’ve likely had to deal with a personal one. I don’t know about you but first my stomach drops and then my ego kicks in and I get defensive.   Perhaps you feel differently when you read a criticizing email. Do you feel like crying? Or maybe it makes you feel anxious or small. Whatever your feelings are as you digest someone else’s words, I think this technique will help you.   The most important thing to remember when it comes to business is not to take it personally. I know. Waaaay easier said than done. But when it comes to responding, you don’t want to let your emotions get the better of you and..

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