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July 1, 2015
This article is put together for Made Urban's group board: ULTIMATE CRAFT FAIR RESOURCE. If you would like to join the board to contribute photos of booths you've taken at craft fairs, craft fair inspiration or advice, please:Head over to Pinterest and follow Made Urban's account: the link your Pinterest profile to The purpose of this board is to not only inspire you when it comes to your craft fair setup but also to give you and your fellow vendors a place to share your work and displays. Next craft fair you're at, please take photos of your booth as well as other vendors' booths that you think are well done and effective. You can take photos of specific elements such as props, s..
Laws you must Follow when Packaging Handmade Products
June 23, 2015
Do you package your handmade cream in a jar? Do you have the product name, volume and your business’ name and address clearly printed on each label? If not, you may be in violation of Canada’s laws when it comes to packaging and labeling.   Regardless of whether your business is big or small, you’re still required to follow the local laws when it comes to labeling. This step is often overlooked when starting up a handmade business and it can feel overwhelming at first glance. Not to worry! We’re here to help.   We placed a call to the Competition Bureau of Canada for a little more clarification. Our initial question was in regards to handmade businesses: If I’m ..
June 23, 2015
  When it comes to textiles, you need to follow the legal requirements for consumer textile articles which are; any textile fibre, yarn or fabric or any product made in part or whole from a textile fibre, yarn, or fabric used for a product being sold for use. Not all textiles need labeling but generally if it’s a textile product that will be touching your skin for an extended period of time, it usually needs a label. Think of clothes, hats, mittens, blankets, etc. There is a lot of information to go over when it comes to packaging and labeling your handmade products. It can be a little overwhelming so we've done our best to put it into simple terms and an easy to follow guide. Additional rules apply when it comes to ..
Seller Spotlight with Kari of Love and Farkles
June 22, 2015
We were huge fans of Love and Farkles before they joined Made Urban and their Instagram feed always caught our eye. With a beautiful variety of colors and filigree styles, their earrings are the perfect way to add a pop of color to a simple outfit. Out of Kari's desire to be creative and a need for statement earrings that didn't weigh your ears down, Love and Farkles was born! We've watched her store grow to include some adorable pillow case dresses and a variety of accessories too. Check out our interview with the lovely Kari and learn about how she got her earrings into the hands of a few celebrities:Tell us about your company:Love and Farkles is located in the Southern Gulf Islands on beautiful Pender Island, BC. I create handmade jewelr..
June 17, 2015
  Farmers’ Markets are such a great way to get your shopping done for the week, discover local artists selling handmade goods and support local. They have a relaxed feel with friendly vendors, but as shoppers, we need to be sure we don’t take this relaxed feel too literally and are following common practices when it comes to etiquette. They’re a business just like any other and are working extremely hard to make a living out of the products they’re selling. Many of the same rules from Shopper Etiquette at Craft Shows applies so have a read over those and keep these ones in mind too. And if you're a vendor, be sure to check out Farmers' Market Etiquette for Vendors. Be mindful of start times Set up can be..
June 16, 2015
  General craft show etiquette should be followed for Farmers' Markets as well to ensure you're giving the shopper a great experience and that you're helping the event run smoothly for the organizer (read our article on Craft Show Etiquette here). But there are a few other courtesies to keep in mind when it comes to outdoor markets. And if you're a shopper, be sure to follow Shopper's Farmers' Market Etiquette.   Each market will have their own set of rules to follow so be sure you read over the applications carefully. In general, here are some common practices:   Don’t assume the market is cancelled due to weather You should understand that the markets generally run rain, snow or shine and will only sh..
Seller Spotlight with Natalie of LONG Creations
June 15, 2015
LONG Creations creates one of a kind word art and has a ton of designs to choose from. What we love about Natalie's creations is that they are completely customizable; you can choose the colors and words you want to appear in your piece of art and print it right off at shipping fees! From going on maternity leave and starting her business to now getting ready to focus on LONG Creations full time, Natalie has a lot of wisdom to share. Read about her journey and the keys to her success.Tell us about your company:Sew LONG Creations (LONG creations) is based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. I started out 2 1/2 years ago selling hand made sewing items for babies and toddlers under the name Sew LONG creations but through the 2 1/2 y..
How to Keep Sales Up at a Competitive Craft Show
June 10, 2015
Chances are, you’re not going to be the only one selling handmade goods under your category at a craft show. If it's a popular craft show, it will be competitive to get shoppers' attention and you’ll likely be competing with other jewelry designers, knitters and soap makers at any larger event.   I don’t love the word “competition” because each vendor is so unique and I don’t think businesses should spend their energy worrying about the next guy….there’s enough room for everyone! But let’s be honest; we’re all working hard to make sales and a shopper who just bought a pair of earrings is less likely to buy another pair a few minutes later.    Generally organizers w..
June 4, 2015
It's outdoor market time! As you can tell by our Edmonton & Area and Red Deer & Area Market maps, there are a lot of outdoor markets to choose from. As a vendor, these are a great opportunity to get out and sell your goods! What could be better than standing outside on a warm summer day, chatting with customers and making money?! The atmosphere and rules are a little different than your regular craft shows but don't worry, we've got you covered. We asked 4 outdoor market organizers from around Alberta, what advice they would give to first time outdoor market vendors and man did they deliver. Lots of amazing knowledge and tidbits so have a read! If you're looking for more outdoor markets to participate in, check out our VENDOR..
Seller Spotlight with Cyndee of Lovin Each Stitch
May 26, 2015
We feel extremely lucky to call Cyndee of Lovin Each Stitch an Urbee and have truly enjoyed following along as her business has blossomed. The love she puts into her company and her products is obvious and no doubt a huge contributor to her success. Self taught in sewing and in business, Cyndee has a lot of wisdom to share. Check out our interview with her!Tell us about your company:Based out of Morinville, Alberta, Lovin Each Stitch has grown to include more than 8 original and unique designs for sewn bags. Edgy crochet items are also in store - certainly not your grandma's crochet!The sewing line up includes:Phoenix Convertible Messenger Bag which fits wheelchairs and strollers in addition to being a great computer/work bagThe Eve Origina..

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