5 Tips for Choosing Craft Fair Fixtures

Before spending time and/or money buying or creating fixtures for your craft fair table or booth, keep these 5 things in mind.


1) Shopability

There are some really cute and clever ways to display items but if they’re items that shoppers are going to want to pick up and touch, make that step easy for them.

Clipping products to a rack may be a good way to “display” an item, but it’s not ideal for stock you want people to shop. (Read more about the difference between displaying products and stocking them on your craft fair table).

For example, these bags are for display purposes. Shoppers would be intimidated to unclip a bag to look at it. 

Shopable craft fair fixtures


2) Brand

Being on-brand doesn’t mean applying your logo to everything. 

It simply means staying consistent with the look and feel of your brand. 

Perhaps you don’t technically have a brand yet; that’s totally fine.

You simply need to describe the look, feel, vibe, style, etc. you’re going for with your products, in one or two words and then choose fixtures that align with that description.

For example, if “beachy” is the look and feel I’m going for with my brand, I’d want to make sure my fixtures have a beachy vibe. 

That might mean using light-coloured wood or spray painting my fixtures in a sea foam green or soft blue.

If it’s hard to express your brand through fixtures, keep it simple.

I’ve made several fixtures out of white foam core, which would work for a clean, modern brand. Or if I wanted my fixtures to fade into the background.

Foam core craft fair fixtures

These could easily be painted a different color to match a brand.

>> You’ll find the instructions to make the scrunchie display fixture here: How To Make a Scrunchie Display Stand (for under $25)


3) Sturdiness

If you sell at outdoor markets, you want a fixture that has some weight to it so it doesn’t blow over in the wind. 

You can also buy/make weights or use brand-appropriate props to add to the base of a fixture to make it more sturdy. 

This is still an important feature even if you don’t sell at outdoor markets. 

You want shoppers to feel comfortable picking up items. If a fixture looks fragile, they may just look and not touch.


4) Height

A display fixture should help elevate your products and add layers to your display.

You don’t want to stuff your craft show table with too much product (here’s why). Going up with your display will allow you to fit more inventory without overcrowding your table. 


5) Transporting

Before purchasing or designing your craft show fixtures, make sure they’ll fit into your vehicle and you’ll be able to lift them on your own (or with a helper if you’re lucky enough to have one:).

Craft shows make for a long day and you don’t want to start the day exhausted after lifting heaving fixtures. It’s also not a fun way to end the day.

Lightweight craft fair fixture



Any questions about craft fair fixtures? Ask away in the comment section!

Tips for Choosing Craft Fair Fixtures


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