The Best Craft Show Table Covers (Plus Ideas & Tips)

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Although craft show table covers shouldn’t be the star of a standout display, they shouldn’t be an afterthought.


When I started selling at craft shows, my business partner and I showed up to our first event with an old, wrinkled tablecloth we took from one of our dining room tables.


We instantly felt unprepared when we walked in and saw the effort other vendors had put into their table covers alone. We felt even worse when we saw one vendor steaming their cover before setting up their display. Lucky for us, she was kind enough to lend us her steamer so our display could look slightly more professional to shoppers.


If you’ve searched “craft show table covers”, you know the importance of having a professional-looking display. So you’re on the right track!


You’ll find some of the best table cover options in this article, as well as suggestions and tips for choosing the right one that can actually help improve your sales.




Budget-Friendly Craft Show Table Covers

There are several budget-friendly options on Amazon:












Your Chair Covers also has budget-friendly table covers.



Branded Craft Show Table Covers

If you want to add your logo, some text, or a printed design to your craft show table cover, you’ll need a printing service. The following offer craft and trade show table covers and custom printing.











Beyond Basic Craft Show Table Covers

If your display and products are fairly simple and you want to make more of a statement with your tablecloth, check out Tablecloths Factory.


Their table covers seem to be more for weddings and celebrations, so they have a lot of variety when it comes to colors and styles.


For example, this tablecloth may be a good option for a craft show booth selling bridal products:

(the pink version would be great for something such as princess-themed products).



Fitted Tablecloths for Craft Shows

Fitted tablecloths create a clean box shape around the table. Instead of the corner fabric draping down, seams are sewn to create a clean line in the corners.


This fitted tablecloth is a great price and has several color options (and a few sizes to choose from):


Here are some other fitted tablecloth options:



Stretch Table Covers for Craft Shows

Stretch table covers are made from spandex and fit tightly around the table and taper below the tabletop. These types of covers are a good option if you plan to participate in several outdoor shows; the wind won’t blow this one away. However, you won’t be able to store much under the table with this type of cover.


This stretch table cover comes in a range of sizes and several color options. The price is also great, as are the reviews:


You can also find stretch table covers at:



Can the wrong table cover harm your sales?

It seems like a stretch, but a table cover can actually positively or negatively impact your sales.


Here’s how…


Each display element, from the way you dress to your table cover will either increase the value shoppers place on your products, or decrease it.


This is called perceived value, and here’s how it works:


Imagine coming across a table with a wrinkled, green, pink, and yellow patterned tablecloth and jewelry sitting on top of it. There are handwritten signs displaying prices, and mismatched baskets with bracelets thrown in them. The vendor is sitting in a chair, on their phone, and doesn’t look up to acknowledge you.


Now imagine a display with a crisp, clean tablecloth, a professionally dressed salesperson (here’s what to wear to a craft show to boost sales) who greets you and points out product features, and individual items displayed on high-end fixtures/props with extra stock kept behind the table.


Let’s also imagine, in both scenarios, the table is displaying Tiffany & Co jewelry.


Would you be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a Tiffany bracelet the way it’s displayed in the first scenario? Or would you question the quality and authenticity of the products?


The elements that surround a product can either make them seem more or less expensive.


Simply paying attention to the details of your display, such as the table cover, can make your products seem more expensive to shoppers. When a price tag is lower than what they’re expecting, they’re more likely to buy. On the other hand, if the price is higher than what they’re expecting, based on first impressions, they’re less likely to buy.




5 Features to Consider for a Craft Show Table Cover

There are a variety of table covers to choose from. The following are important product features to consider.


1) Wrinkle-resistant

Your table cover is going to be folded up and (likely) stored in a bin between craft shows. You don’t want to have to haul a steamer to and from events and spend time steaming your cover before you can start setting up your table.


The better option is to look for a table cover made with polyester, or another type of wrinkle-resistant material.



2) Washable

Many people carry drinks around with them when shopping. We actually had one shopper set their coffee down on our table while examining our items. They knocked it over and we had a stained table cover for the rest of the event (and some coffee-soaked items).


The cover will also get dirty from simply hauling it to and from events. So be sure the table cover is washable and the colors/printing won’t fade with washings.



3) Quality Fabric

Have a read over the description and reviews (if there are any) to get an idea of the type of fabric used. You want a fabric that’s thick enough to hide the color and finishing of the table underneath. Some tables provided at craft shows can be pretty banged up.



4) Indoor/Outdoor

Keep in mind, if you plan to sell at outdoor craft shows, the wind will play a factor at some point. You don’t want a corner of your table cover to blow over and take your products with it. Consider a fitted sheet, or even adding some weights to the corners/


You’ll find several table weights with clips here. Below are a couple of options:







5) 3-sided or 4-sided

Not every craft show or trade show will allow you to have a wall or barrier behind you. In some cases, shoppers may be able to walk behind your table and see the back of your display. For this reason, a 4-sided tablecloth is ideal.


This will ensure there’s enough fabric to cover the back of your table so you can hide empty bins and overstock.


However, if you only display one item/sample, and keep stock for a sale behind the table, you may prefer a 3-sided table cover. If this is the case, try to find a way to keep your stock organized so it looks tidy to any shoppers that are able to see behind the table.


Examples of 3-sided, 4-sided, and 4-sided with zipper from Banner Buzz:




Tips for Choosing a Craft Show Table Cover

Although you can borrow items from your home (such as your dining room’s tablecloth), it’s not usually the best idea.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making design decisions.



Think Long-term

If you plan to sell at several craft shows, it’s worth spending money on the right table cover.


Remember, you’re at a craft show to represent your business and to sell products. Your booth should look professional.


Dining room tablecloths typically aren’t big enough to cover all sides of the table, right down to the floor.


Bedroom sheets look like you’ve draped a sheet over your table and can be too thin to hide the table underneath.


Look for a good-quality table cover made for craft and trade shows.


Also, choose colors, designs, materials, text, etc. for the long haul. Don’t print temporary logos or taglines, or choose colors based on a trend. Invest in a table cover you’ll be able to use for several years.



Keep it Simple

When choosing a design to be printed on your tablecloth or colors/patterns/textures, keep things simple.


When it comes to text, shoppers aren’t going to stop and read a long message printed on your tablecloth.


Nor are they going to remember or jot down your website address or social media handle (e.g. from your tablecloth; that’s what business cards are for (here’s what to put on a craft business card, as well as a fun trick to try at your next craft show so shoppers don’t toss your card).


Colors, prints, patterns, etc. should also be kept fairly simple. You don’t want your table cover to steal the show; your products should be the focus.



Stay On-Brand

You want the color of your table cover to work with your brand colors (and convey the right message/feeling…as mentioned below).


You may also want to have your logo/business name printed on the front of the cover.


This will save you time and money since you won’t have to worry about printing signage or setting it up before each event.



Convey the Right Message

Your craft show display should convey a message and a feeling (more on how to properly do this in the free email course: 5 Days to a Standout Craft Show Display).


For example, let’s say I’m selling skincare products at a craft fair. My message may be something along the lines of: having a spa-like facial at home. And I may want to covey a luxurious feeling or “calm”.


If I simply grab a used tablecloth from home to cover my craft show table, it’s unlikely it will help convey the right message and feeling.


A used tablecloth with food stains doesn’t exactly scream “luxurious”.


Instead, I may want to look for a crisp white table cover, or maybe a soft blue. This is a better background to help build a spa-like atmosphere in my space.




I hope this article has helped you choose a craft show table cover 🙂


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