Craft Trends to Ditch in 2023


I create this list by going through last year’s trends and looking at search volumes, as well as competition.


I do use a tool that tells me the search volume a keyword has, as well as how competitive the term is. It’s not an exact science, however, I am basing my trend predictions on numbers/stats, rather than guesses.


>> If search volume is dropping from last year, I consider it a trend to “ditch”.

>> If search volume is holding steady or continuing to increase, I consider it a trend to “keep”.


When a product has been popular for a year or more, it becomes more competitive (as more businesses jump on the bandwagon and start selling the product). 


So for each “keep” trend, I’ve researched niches under it and shared any that are appropriate for a handmade business.




“Ditch” does NOT mean that there is NO demand for a product.


This article is meant to work with this year’s trend list and is simply suggesting that “ditch” items are no longer on an upward trend. 


Please read the notes under each product for more details on whether the item still has a healthy search volume, high or low competition, and where it stands compared to last year. 


As always, do what’s best for your business. If you sell an item that’s on my “ditch” list, and it’s flying off your shelves, ignore my prediction and keep selling it.



Craft Trends to Ditch in 2023


DITCH: Puffer bags

“Puffer tote”, “puffer purse”, and “puffer bag” all went into 2022 strong, and then search volumes dropped significantly by the summer of 2022. It may be a seasonal product that we see more demand for by the end of 2023, as search volumes haven’t dropped to what they were in 2021, so keep an eye on this trend once the weather starts to cool down. 


“Quilted purse” also followed the same pattern, but didn’t have as dramatic of a spike and dip.



DITCH: Rhinestone headband

Search demand has dropped for “rhinestone” headband, and is about half of what it was during its peak. It’s not falling off the map, and it does tend to be a more seasonal product (more popular around the holidays Nov/Dec), so keep your eye on it. My prediction is that the rhinestone headband won’t be as popular in Nov/Dec 2023.



DITCH: Backpack purse

The demand for a “backpack purse” dropped a little throughout 2022, so we may see it continue to drop throughout 2023. 


Backpacks also weren’t on any of the “handbag trends” lists I researched.


Although there’s still significant demand (70,000+ global monthly searches), the term is competitive and demand appears to be slightly decreasing.



DITCH: Heart purse

The term “heart purse” sees an increase in searches each Jan/Feb (most likely for Valentine’s Day). The spike in Jan/Feb 2022 was off the charts, but its search volumes were back to 2021’s levels by the start of summer. 


I can see that search volumes for “heart purse” right now (Jan 24/2023) are more than 80% LESS than what they were this time last year. 


There’s still demand (with 11,000+ people searching the term each month) and very low competition. Heart purses simply aren’t on an upward trend.



DITCH: Blanket scarves

Search volume has dropped below what they were in 2022 at this time (Jan), and even below what they were in 2021. There are still thousands of people searching for this term each month, but demand appears to be dropping going into 2023.



DITCH: Fingerless gloves

“Fingerless gloves” search volume is about half what it was at its peak in 2022 (which was in July 2022). 


“Fingerless mittens” sees its peak during winter months, and also has approximately half the search volume it did this time last year. 


So it’s a good bet that these products won’t be in as high of a demand for winter 2023. 


I’m guessing with “Touchscreen gloves” being more available, people no longer need to remove their gloves/mittens to use their phones (which is why there is less demand for fingerless gloves/mittens).



DITCH: Shower bombs

Shower bombs are more in demand in Nov/Dec/Jan. “Shower bomb” did see an increase in demand over the holidays, however, the number of searches during its peak are about 40% lower than what they were in its 2022 peak. This suggests they won’t be as popular in 2023 as they were in 2022. 



Craft Trends to Keep


KEEP: Pearls

Pearl accessories are still in demand this year and are on 2023’s trend list. 

Pearl earrings


The term (and variations of it) has become more competitive with more businesses offering pearl products. Below are several niche pearl products that still have low competition (but good demand).

  • Pearl necklace men / mens pearl necklace (huge spike in search volume of the last few years (50,000+ searches/month globally), and low competition)
  • pearl drop earrings (big spike in 2022 and appears to be climbing going into 2023)
  • pearl ring (plateaued but still high volume/low competition)
  • pearl nails (big spike heading into 2023)
  • pearl bracelet (moderate climb)
  • pearl hoop earrings (moderate climb over past few years)
  • pearl sandals
  • pearl choker (half the search volume it had in 2019. No longer trending up but has good search volume still and low competition)
  • black pearl necklace
  • pearl headband
  • pearl pendant necklace
  • pearl hoop earrings (climbing)



KEEP: Gold Hoops

Searches for “gold hoops” continued to climb in 2022, but the term is “high competition”. 


The following niche products have less search volume (but still enough for a small business), and way less competition than “gold hoops”:

  • small gold hoops
  • thick gold hoops
  • chunky gold hoops
  • rose gold hoops (this was the only term in this list that wasn’t climbing, but rather plateaued; demand, but not trending up)
  • mini gold hoops
  • thin gold hoops

gold hoops


KEEP: Evil Eye

This term continues to be popular but is very competitive. Below are some niche products with much less completion.

  • evil eye bracelet
  • evil eye necklace
  • evil eye nails
  • evil eye ring
  • evil eye wallpaper
  • evil eye earrings
  • evil eye pendant
  • evil eye beads
  • red evil eye
  • red evil eye bracelet



KEEP: Teething rings

The search volume for “teething ring” is holding steady and continues to have very low competition.


There will always be demand for teething products. It may or may not be related, but the risks of teething necklaces (choking and strangulation) were brought to light a few years ago, which could be why teething rings have increased in popularity.


The following niche terms don’t have a lot of search volume (under 1500 global searches per month) but do have very low competition:

  • dog teething ring
  • puppy teething rings
  • wooden teething ring
  • adult teething ring (apparently these are common for pain relief when wisdom teeth are coming in. It also appears that some adult teething products are sold as sensory items.)

wooden teething ring


KEEP: Biodegradable soap

This term had a huge spike in 2022 (peaking in June at 350,000+ searches/month). The term is medium on the competitive scale, and searches have dropped as we head into 2023, but they’re still high (over 160,000 searches per month).


This type of product also fits into 2023’s consumer trends; people want more environmentally friendly options.


I didn’t find many niches under biodegradable soap.


Biodegradable shampoo, biodegradable soap for camping, and biodegradable soap packaging were the top terms under “biodegradable soap”, but the search volumes were significantly lower than “biodegradable soap”, and some had more competition. 



KEEP: Natural soap for men

“Natural soap for men” searches are similar to what they were in 2022. I’m keeping them on the “trends to keep” list because searches don’t appear to be dropping, and “skincare for men” is a trend on 2023’s list.



KEEP: Basket wall decor

This type of product doesn’t appear to be increasing in demand as we head into 2023, however, it also doesn’t appear to be decreasing, and there are some “boho” themed trends on this year’s trend list. So it doesn’t appear “boho/bohemian” is going anywhere.


Searches for the following niche terms are down in relation to the past couple of years, but when compared to the past 6 months, search volumes have been steady. 

  • woven basket wall decor
  • tobacco basket wall decor
  • farmhouse basket wall decor
  • wicker basket wall decor
  • basket wall decor set


KEEP: Plant wall decor

Searches are plateauing so it’s not a product that trending up, but consumers aren’t over it either. 


“Fake plant wall decor” and “artificial plant wall decor” are the top niche terms under “plant wall decor”. “Fake plant wall” is another popular term with low competition.



KEEP: Line art

Search volumes are lower for Jan 2023 than they were for Jan 2022, however, they’re higher than June/July 2022 search volumes. So it appears consumers are still searching for line art to decorate their walls.


Some of the niches under line art with good search volume and low competition are:

  • minimalist line art
  • flower line art
  • simple line art
  • abstract line art
  • anime line art
  • minimal female line art
  • rose line art
  • minimalist line art body
  • butterfly line art

KEEP: Bubble candle

Search demand for “bubble candle” is on par with what it was 6 months ago. Searches did drop from January 2022, but there is still decent search volume, very low competition. There aren’t any niches under “bubble candle”, that I could find.

bubble candle



KEEP: Niche wreaths

I covered this trend in 2023’s list. Seasonal and occasion-specific wreaths are still popular and growing in demand. Read more about the trend here.

christmas wreath



KEEP: Boho weddings

Current search volumes (Jan 2023) are slightly lower than they were Jan 2022 but similar to what they were in June 2022, which is when wedding-related searches tend to spike. 


It appears this trend is still climbing, so watch for it as we head into spring/summer 2023 if you sell wedding-related products. 


The following are popular niche searches under “boho wedding”:

  • boho wedding dress. The following keywords were also commonly added to “boho wedding dress” in searches:
    • with sleeves
    • guest
    • plus size
    • long sleeve
    • lace
    • beach
  • boho wedding decor
  • boho wedding shoes
  • boho wedding hair
  • boho wedding cake
  • boho wedding invitations
  • boho wedding bouquet
  • boho wedding centerpieces
  • boho wedding earrings

Boho wedding invitations



The term “DIY” is a broad one, and covers a variety of topics (like plumbing and renovations). 


Not as many people are searching DIY-related terms at the start of 2023, but I believe there will still be plenty of demand for crafty projects people can do at home. 



Be sure to check out this year’s trend list. I do try to update it periodically throughout the year.



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  1. Wonderful read. Thank you

  2. Michele Harris says:

    Very useful material

  3. Hi Erin, I stumbled across your articles and find them very helpful and I thank you for that. I am trying to launch my craft business in Dubai where I am currently living. My niche is metal embossing with pewter and its not something that I have seen much of in the UAE. I have noticed that some ladies use aluminium to decorate trinket boxes for home decor. That is the kind of market I want to target(Home decor), but I am battling to find the right USP that will make my products different from theirs… any suggestions will be welcome!

  4. Funny enough, pearls (for men or women) haven’t ‘hit) my geographical area yet in the general populace. As much as I see the trend with celebs and fashion, it’s just not translating to buyers- similar to owls a few years ago. Every store had owl jewelry and it sat all fall/wi tee with nobody purchasing Still good to have a source (you) that is willing to share and keeps tabs on things. Thank you.

  5. Your notes were very helpful. You are appreciated!

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