Keywords that Bring the Most Traffic to Etsy (2023)

There are many people who have never heard of Etsy. 

Hundreds of thousands of people discover Etsy each month when they type keywords into Google and a page on Etsy shows up as a result. 

Below are just some of the handmade products people are viewing on Etsy, after a Google search.

If you create products and product listings that use the keywords below, you have a good chance of them being seen on Etsy and potentially making more sales.

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These are not terms people search once they’re on Etsy.

These are terms people search on Google, and then click on the Etsy result on Google. 

Products on Etsy with these terms attract Google users to Etsy. 

There are many other terms people search on Etsy that aren’t included here. 

I also didn’t include terms that would be considered copyright infringement to sell, that are inappropriate (NSFW) terms, or terms that attracted fewer than 2500 people each month. 


Copyright Infringement

I’ve done my best to keep this list copyright infringement free. But it is up to you to research a term and make sure you won’t be breaking intellectual property laws by selling it. 

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How to use this list

Some of the terms are open to interpretation (e.g. “colorful socks” relates to hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles of socks), while other terms are more specific and clear. 

If you want to target popular keywords consumers are searching for, it’s important to know their interpretation of the word. 

This is called: search intent 

Search intent is the main goal users have when typing keywords into a search engine. 

Although I could come up with a unique design that technically fits the description of “colorful socks”, if I want to make sales, I must know what consumers’ description is. 

  • Do they want one solid color of sock?
  • Are they looking for sports socks? 
  • Are they looking for kids’ socks?

If I make women’s colorful socks but 90% of people who search “colorful socks” are actually looking for men’s dress socks, it won’t matter if I target that popular search term; I won’t make sales. 

The product I offer must match the search intent of consumers. 

The best way to determine the search intent of a term on this list is:

1 – Search Google 

Go to Google and type the keyword into the search bar (e.g. “colorful socks”).

Look at the top non-Ad results.

What type of images show at the top of the search results? When you click on the top few website results, what do the products on those pages have in common? 

The top results on Google typically reflect the specific product features consumers are looking for. 

For example, when I search “colorful socks” on Google, below the ads, images of MENS’ dress socks appear. They are brightly colored and boldly patterned. 

The first organic result is for Amazon. When I click on that link, the results also lead to colorful men’s dress socks.


2 – Find the Etsy result on Google

Because the list below has top terms Etsy is ranking on Google for, we know that Etsy should appear on the first page (sometimes the 2nd or 3rd page) of Google for each term below.

Find the Etsy result on Google for the term you’re searching for, and click the link.

The link will typically bring you to the search results for the term on Etsy (e.g. a page with all the Etsy listings that use “colorful socks”).


3 – Analyze Etsy results

What do the search results look like on Etsy? Are they similar to the top results on Google? Or is there an opportunity for you to create and list a product on Etsy that matches search intent closer than the existing listings?

For example, when I click the Etsy result on Google for “colorful socks”, the listings on the first page of Etsy don’t really match the search intent. 

Google’s results tell me consumers are searching for brightly colored men’s dress socks. 

On Etsy, the majority of results are for women’s socks, athletic style socks, or are colorful, but in a more muted way (e.g. earth tone colors). The majority of socks also aren’t as patterned as Google suggests consumers want. 

Through a quick search of Etsy’s results, there doesn’t appear to be too much competition for the types of socks consumers are searching for when they search “colorful socks”. 


Top products consumers visit Etsy for:

Each term below brought over 5000 people to Etsy last month

The top term attracted approximately 55,000 people and the bottom term attracted approximately 5000

  • phone case sticker pack
  • colorful socks
  • TV benches
  • protective pouches
  • mini billiards table
  • desk ornaments
  • iPhone cardholder case (several specific searches, e.g. iPhone X, 6, 7, 8, etc., as well as other phones: Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases)
  • sparkle plugs (these are glittery plug earrings)
  • campfire spray (this is a mist/perfume/essential oil mixture that smells like a campfire)
  • fingerless gloves (*this product is actually on my craft trends to ditch article; as searches for the item are declining. However, there are still thousands of people searching the term each month (and discovering fingerless gloves on Etsy), the searches simply aren’t increasing)
  • 3 point slinger for camera
  • butterfly locs
  • mother’s day gifts
  • herb burner
  • father’s day gifts
  • funny facemask
  • custom keycaps
  • evil eye bracelet
  • wooden phone cases
  • croc charms (*I don’t believe you can use “croc” as it’s a trademarked term. “Shoe charm” is the safer option for charms that fit into the holes of crocs)
  • camera straps
  • couple bracelets
  • map of Europe
  • hand grip camera strap
  • campfire cooking kit
  • crystal necklace
  • enamel pins
  • initial necklace
  • 90s oversized t shirt
  • outdoor bar
  • phone charms
  • beaded bracelets
  • evil eye necklace
  • moonstone ring
  • opal ring
  • mommy and me outfits
  • leather phone cases
  • graffiti art
  • flower girl dresses
  • mens necklace
  • waist chain
  • cute backpacks
  • pearl necklace men
  • phone case stickers
  • colorful phone cases
  • unique engagement rings
  • weighted stuffed animal
  • waist beads
  • Indian jewelry
  • fidget ring
  • office putting set
  • ear cuff
  • picture phone cases
  • ring holder necklace
  • fridge magnets
  • cremation jewelry
  • preppy wallpaper
  • bandannas for dogs
  • moonstone necklace
  • boho wedding dress
  • engagement rings
  • jade necklace


Each term below brought over 4000 people to Etsy last month

The top term attracted approximately 4900 people and the bottom term attracted approximately 4000

  • hippie clothes
  • stove top covers
  • summer hats
  • shelf planter
  • opal necklace
  • custom rugs
  • record player shelf
  • birthstone necklace for mom
  • ashtray
  • ankle bracelet
  • keychain
  • septum jewelry
  • opal earrings
  • linen overalls
  • turquoise rings
  • crochet tops
  • conch earrings


Each term below brought over 3000 people to Etsy last month

The top term attracted approximately 3900 people and the bottom term attracted approximately 3000

  • clay bead bracelet
  • y2k clothing
  • clear purse
  • in memory of pets gifts
  • hair jewelry
  • flower girl baskets
  • mushroom lamp
  • live edge dining table
  • kitchen island with seating
  • beaded necklaces
  • nose rings
  • metal wall art
  • knotless braids
  • chrome hearts ring
  • alexandrite rings
  • passport covers
  • zodiac lips (this appears to be lipstick shades based on zodiac signs)
  • peridot necklace
  • digital planner
  • chokers
  • custom neon signs
  • birthstone necklace
  • 90s fashion
  • sage green wallpaper
  • canvas tote bags
  • summer skirts
  • custom bucket hats
  • belly button rings
  • hair tinsel
  • toppers cake
  • backpack purse
  • dainty gold necklace
  • driving gloves
  • thin phone case
  • fairy wings
  • record player stand
  • jewelry organizer
  • corduroy backpack
  • sculpture for gardens
  • custom bracelets
  • spoon rings
  • artisan keycaps
  • afghan blanket
  • baby’s first Christmas ornament
  • mens leather bracelet
  • toe rings
  • tragus jewelry
  • cartilage earrings
  • baptism dresses
  • waist beads African
  • wedding earrings
  • floating shelves
  • pregnancy announcement
  • preppy bracelets
  • mystery box
  • short wedding dresses


Each term below brought over 2500 people to Etsy last month

The top term attracted approximately 2900 people and the bottom term attracted approximately 2500

  • signet ring
  • gold necklace with initial
  • kimono cardigan
  • stacking rings
  • bridal earrings
  • iron on patches
  • farmhouse table
  • toppers cake
  • maternity dresses
  • Mexican leather sandals
  • fascinator hat
  • floor sofa
  • magnets fridge
  • mommy and me dresses
  • angel wings
  • body chain
  • locket
  • numbers for houses
  • mama necklace
  • puka shell necklace
  • couple rings
  • farmhouse dining table
  • tattoo of hearts
  • cool lighters
  • business card holder
  • corset belt
  • maternity photoshoot dress
  • bridal robes
  • tattoos small butterfly
  • graphic shorts
  • wristlet keychain
  • blank calendar
  • lunch bag woman
  • wedding welcome sign
  • canvas backpack
  • live edge coffee table
  • budget binder
  • turquoise earrings
  • custom trucker hats
  • coasters
  • bridal jewelry sets
  • map of the use
  • blue wedding dress
  • mothers necklace
  • linen dress
  • office decor
  • passport holder
  • birthstone rings
  • wedding card box
  • alexandrite ring
  • personalized phone chargers
  • big sister shirt
  • lover necklace
  • small hoop earrings
  • pearl heels
  • morse code bracelet
  • desk mat
  • custom necklace
  • resin art
  • wooden katana
  • name necklace
  • skeleton hoodie
  • macrame wall hanging
  • cute pencil case
  • ashes necklace
  • fairycore outfits
  • sequins pants suit
  • bridal pajamas
  • linen jumpsuit
  • fidget rings
  • masquerade masks


I hope this list sparked some new product ideas for you!


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