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Seller Spotlight with Mel of Roam Vintage Home
September 26, 2016
We love the unique setup Roam has at craft fairs and markets; displaying her re-finished and vintage goods inside and outside her re-purposed 1960's trailer. We admire her stand on charging what you're worth as well as her tenacity when it came to starting her business (check out her answer under our "biggest challenge" question; important lesson in there for all small business owners!) Read about her business, the must have pieces for your home and the important lessons she shares for other small business owners. Tell us about your company: Roam is an Edmonton & area popup shop offering thoughtfully curated vintage home goods & refinished furniture from a classic 1966 trailer named Winnie. Why did y..
How to Make Handmade Sales in a Slow Economy
September 24, 2016
Have you felt it? A slow economy? A dip in traffic? Fewer people purchasing from you at craft fairs? Less sales coming through your website? If you have, you’re not alone. When the economy takes a nosedive, people alter their spending habits and businesses feel it.   But that doesn’t mean your handmade business is doomed. As with anything in life, you have to roll with the punches and adjust your course.   If you’re willing to go back to the drawing board and take a hard look at your handmade products, your customers and your operation, you can get yourself back on track and keep your business thriving when some consider shutting down in a slow economy.     THE PROBLEM The issue most small h..
Seller Spotlight with Brittany from Yardzee Canada
September 12, 2016
Yardzee Canada started on Made Urban a couple years ago as Handmade by HoneyB selling handmade cards and candles. Recently Brittany has made a big change to her company and since doing so, has become one of the more popular storefronts on our site. Her brave decision to pivot her entire business is proof that focusing on a niche can have a big payoff. Yardzee Canada stays incredibly busy during the summer months but now is the time to put your order in for the holidays! The yardzee sets make great Christmas gifts and there's no reason you have to wait until next summer to play outdoors, clear the living room! ;) Tell us about your company: It started off by selling a variety of my hand-crafted goods at craft shows in an..
7 Reasons Handmade Businesses Lose Money
August 29, 2016
At the beginning of every business I’ve started, I’ve bent over backwards for my customers. There’s nothing wrong with caring about your customers and their happiness but just as the airlines advise you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others, you need to take care of your business and happiness first or it will lose money.   There were several things that wore me out with the handmade businesses I have moved on from. And in particular, these were the top 7 areas I would have been a little less flexible in.     1) Custom orders Imagine walking into The Gap and saying to a sales associate “I really like this top, but can you make it in a yellow and just remove this pocket and maybe make it ..
15 Ways to Lower Website Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate
August 22, 2016
60% - 80% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts (source). That means a whole lot of people thought about buying something but didn’t have a strong enough feeling that the product was right for them or that they really needed it. Abandonment may also be the result of pricing or website issues but there’s a way to fix those too.   This article will cover a variety of ways you can increase the number of people who add an item to their online shopping carts and actually follow through on purchasing. From turning browsers into buyers to getting rid of any surprises that make them have a second thought, here are 15 tips:     TURNING BROWSERS INTO BUYERS I’ll typically abandon a shopping cart if I ..
Tips to Help Introverts Sell More without Speaking
August 16, 2016
This article was written for introverts who aren't keen on spending the whole day speaking and selling. But whether you love to talk or not, doesn’t everyone want a little help when it comes to selling? You can either do it all yourself and explain your products and vision to each customer or you can add some silent sellers to your craft fair booth to help you get the job done.   Here are 10 elements to have in place to help introverts (or anyone) make sales at a craft fair.   TIP #1 FOR INTROVERTS - FOCUSED PRODUCTS Obviously you need products to make sales but more product does not equal more sales.   There’s something about trying to fit too many different products and ideas on a craft fair table t..
How to Lower your Website's Bounce Rate
August 8, 2016
  I put a LOT of time into my articles. Probably too much to be honest. I write and write then edit and edit. I read each article several times to be sure I’m using the correct there/their/they’re to avoid the grammar police. Whether you’re writing text for an article, a sales page or a page of your website, you want your visitors to get something out of it. If it’s an article, you may want them to get value out of it so they sign up for your newsletter. If it’s a sales page, you want visitors to get the main selling points of your product or service so they purchase. If it’s a page of your website, you may want visitors to keep scrolling or clicking to other pages. Determine what that something is and keep the..
15 Online Mistakes Costing you Sales
August 8, 2016
  This is a mistake I see so many handmade sellers make. I spend well over 40 hours a week digesting everything creative/handmade/small business related so I’ve seen a healthy amount of handmade business being a shining example of the “DO” in this area and of the “DON’T”. That area is…   Not putting enough effort into raising their product’s perceived value. Perceived value is the worth your shoppers put on your products or value through each element that surrounds your products.   Of course the products themselves have an effect on perceived value but today I want to share 15 areas that often get neglected by businesses online and end up costing them sales.   1) Poor Product pho..
Instantly Boost Handmade Product Sales with this Method
August 7, 2016
Imagine you’re heading to a craft fair and are looking for a knitted scarf to go with your new cream winter jacket.   You spot two vendors selling knitted goods.   One has scarves in a variety of colors, folded in rows on the table. You think you see a couple colors you might like but then you spot the second vendor...       Their display instantly catches your eye as you see 2 very clear looks: A soft muted collection with cream, blush pink and a light heather grey A collection with rich, deep colors; a rusty brown, mustard yellow and burgundy You can immediately imagine how great one of the soft colors would look paired with your new coat and are able to see how the scarf..
Why Subscribers aren't Opening your Newsletter
August 1, 2016
I’ve subscribed to A LOT of newsletters over the past several years. Some I sign up for because I love their content and don’t want to miss anything and some I sign up for because they’re offering a free download or worksheet but you need to join their newsletter to receive it.   I’m sure I’m not alone in receiving way more emails than I can actually read each week. So I’m usually on the lookout for a reason to unsubscribe from a newsletter: headlines that aren’t relevant to me, emails sent too frequently, constantly trying to sell something, content being lackluster, etc.   I believe these are the general reasons anyone unsubscribes from an email. But there’s another reason I do it.....   &n..

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