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Why I Quit Craft Shows & What I'd do Differently
May 11, 2017
It’s been several years since I shut down my handmade business and stopped selling at craft shows. I still kind of kick myself for not pushing through, as looking back; I know I really found my groove in my last couple years.   A lot of people feel like throwing in the towel when it comes to craft shows. If you don’t find the right ones, with the right organizers, bring the right product and create an amazing display, they can be anything but profitable.   Although a handmade business can be successful selling only online and through retailers, craft shows are an amazing tool to test your products, get to know your customers, conduct market research, grow your business locally and if done properly, leave you with ..
3 Common Mistakes when Selling Handmade Online
March 30, 2017
When it comes to selling handmade online, It doesn’t matter which marketplace you sign up for, which platform you use to build your website or which social media site you post to, you cannot rely on traffic just rolling in.   I really do wish it worked that way though, for your sake and mine.   I help run one big website and it's a constant cycle of of trying something new, marketing it, watching stats and tweaking.   It takes a lot of work y’all. There isn't an option that allows you to create, throw a quick pic up and fuhgeddaboutit.   I just want to put this out there when it comes to running a handmade business in general. With a few exceptions, success does not happen overnight. There c..
What to Sell at Craft Shows to Make Money
March 24, 2017
Whether you're just starting a business and aren't sure what you're going to make or you're already running a business and are looking for ideas on what else to sell at craft shows to make money, this article will help.   No matter what you make, you can offer variety and increase sales without having to learn a new craft or break into a new industry.    If you want to know how to have a best selling product at craft shows, check out this article.   If you want ideas on what you can create and bring to craft shows to make more money, this article has got you covered. Keep reading below...       STEP 1: WHAT’S YOUR CRAFT?   I’m assuming you're already making an..
How to Prepare for a Craft Show & Preparation Checklist
March 15, 2017
This article is to help you get ready and prepare for a craft show you’ve been accepted to. It includes a craft show preperation checklist to download and print off.   If you haven’t been accepted to a craft show yet and are looking for ones to apply to or want to increase your chances of being accepted, check out these articles. Improve your chances of getting accepted 5 mistakes that will get your application tossed (not literally...just gently pushed aside maybe;) Do's & don'ts craft show organizers with every vendor knew 10 red flags to watch for when applying to a craft show 5 reasons you didn't get accepted to a craft show   And if you've been accepted and are stressing about getting pr..
What Sells Best at a Craft Show? Find out
March 1, 2017
If you’ve sold at a craft show before, you’ve probably noticed those “IT” booths.   They got it goin’ on. They scream, “cool” without having to say a word and have a steady stream of shoppers in their space all day. The handmade products they sell have their own vibe, their display is on-point and the vendor looks relaxed and confident.   You’ve likely also noticed that it’s not one category of product that’s consistently the most popular.   So if you were looking for the most popular product to sell at a craft show, as in jewelry, mittens or art, you won’t find an accurate answer anywhere and that’s because…   What sells best at a craft show has less to do with wha..
How to Know if your Handmade Product will Sell
February 2, 2017
You design your handmade products, build up tons of stock, set up at a craft show and wonder if your products will sell.   The hard part is; you'll never know 100% what people will and won’t buy until you put it out there.   But….you can increase your chances of creating a handmade product that sells and save costs along the way by doing research and working off facts, not guesses.     Let’s assume you’re in the dream up stage of your new product. You have an idea, have figured out several details but haven’t actually begun making any.   You’re in the safe zone right now; not a lot of money has been put into this new product idea and you have very little risk at this point...
What to Work on in Slow Times of a Handmade Business
January 14, 2017
It’s not uncommon, and so easy, to feel a little down and stuck after December. You’re tired from the holidays, have the back-from-vacation blues and are returning to your handmade business after one of your busiest months, filled with sales and craft fairs, and into a slow time full of crickets and empty inboxes.   When you’re running your own handmade business and you’ve gotten used to all the sales, emails and Facebook likes, it can be a frustrating seeing those numbers drop. Every task you think about starting gets questioned and inevitably pushed aside because it’s not a direct path to an immediate sale.     When I worked for a large retailer, it didn’t make going back to work in January any ..
How to Make a Best Selling Handmade Product
December 12, 2016
If you’re struggling to make sales in your small handmade business, one of my first suggestions is to take a look at your products. When you have a great product, people brag about it for you, write good reviews, become repeat customers and if they own a shop, they carry it in their store. Having a great product also helps take pressure off when it comes to marketing and selling.
How to Display Jewelry at a Craft Show
November 24, 2016
WANT TO STAND OUT AT A CRAFT SHOW? TRY THESE DISPLAY TRICKS is one of my more popular craft show display related articles with over 20,000 people reading it each month (and growing). Through that article I’ve received lots of emails and comments from craft show vendors asking for ideas on how they can create an impactful display for their products. "How do I display my handmade jewelry at a craft show?" is one of the most popular questions I get asked and so I put together this article!   If you haven't read that article yet, check it out here for explanations and visual examples of the 10 eye-catching display elements shared in this article covering a jewelry craft show display.     I wanted to take th..
50 Ways to Market your Handmade Business without Saying a Word
November 9, 2016
Many handmade business owners don't like to market. They don't spend enough time marketing, aren't sure what else to do besides post to Facebook, post to Instagram, pay for an ad, etc. And maybe aren't even sure what exactly marketing is.   I feel ya! Marketing, advertising, branding, social media strategies...there's a lot to learn and cover as a small handmade business owner.    But without marketing, people won't hear or learn about your business and products, which obviously affects your sales.   Let me help spark, some ideas to help you market your handmade business and do your best to let your products do all the talking.     I’ve launched a new ebook! Yaaaaay. My fir..

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