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Tools to Help Introverts Sell More without Speaking
August 16, 2016
  Whether you love to talk or not, doesn’t everyone want a little help when it comes to selling? You can either do it all yourself and explain your products and vision to each customer or you can add some silent sellers to your craft fair booth to help you get the job done.   Here are 10 elements to have in place to help you make sales at a craft fair.   1) FOCUSED PRODUCTS Obviously you need products to make sales but more products does not equal more sales.   There’s something about trying to fit too many different products and ideas on a craft fair table that instantly lowers the value of them and turns shoppers away. When they have to search for purpose or understanding, they’re less lik..
How to Lower your Website's Bounce Rate
August 8, 2016
  I put a LOT of time into my articles. Probably too much to be honest. I write and write then edit and edit. I read each article several times to be sure I’m using the correct there/their/they’re to avoid the grammar police. Whether you’re writing text for an article, a sales page or a page of your website, you want your visitors to get something out of it. If it’s an article, you may want them to get value out of it so they sign up for your newsletter. If it’s a sales page, you want visitors to get the main selling points of your product or service so they purchase. If it’s a page of your website, you may want visitors to keep scrolling or clicking to other pages. Determine what that something is and keep the..
15 Online Mistakes Costing you Sales
August 8, 2016
  This is a mistake I see so many handmade sellers make. I spend well over 40 hours a week digesting everything creative/handmade/small business related so I’ve seen a healthy amount of handmade business being a shining example of the “DO” in this area and of the “DON’T”. That area is…   Not putting enough effort into raising their product’s perceived value. Perceived value is the worth your shoppers put on your products or value through each element that surrounds your products.   Of course the products themselves have an effect on perceived value but today I want to share 15 areas that often get neglected by businesses online and end up costing them sales.   1) Poor Product pho..
Instantly Boost Handmade Product Sales with this Method
August 7, 2016
Imagine you’re heading to a craft fair and are looking for a knitted scarf to go with your new cream winter jacket.   You spot two vendors selling knitted goods.   One has scarves in a variety of colors, folded in rows on the table. You think you see a couple colors you might like but then you spot the second vendor...       Their display instantly catches your eye as you see 2 very clear looks: A soft muted collection with cream, blush pink and a light heather grey A collection with rich, deep colors; a rusty brown, mustard yellow and burgundy You can immediately imagine how great one of the soft colors would look paired with your new coat and are able to see how the scarf..
Why Subscribers aren't Opening your Newsletter
August 1, 2016
I’ve subscribed to A LOT of newsletters over the past several years. Some I sign up for because I love their content and don’t want to miss anything and some I sign up for because they’re offering a free download or worksheet but you need to join their newsletter to receive it.   I’m sure I’m not alone in receiving way more emails than I can actually read each week. So I’m usually on the lookout for a reason to unsubscribe from a newsletter: headlines that aren’t relevant to me, emails sent too frequently, constantly trying to sell something, content being lackluster, etc.   I believe these are the general reasons anyone unsubscribes from an email. But there’s another reason I do it.....   &n..
How to Attract More Shoppers to your Outdoor Market Booth
August 1, 2016
  These are super easy ideas and can work regardless of what type of products you’re selling. Aaaand, it will only cost you a couple pennies per customer. What you’ll gain are shoppers who are more enticed to come into your booth and shop, stick around a little longer and be more likely to remember you and your brand.   Are you ready to find out what it is? RELIEF FROM THE HEAT!   There are couple ways you can do this for very little cost. And if heat isn’t an issue, scroll down for some more out of the box ideas that will make your shoppers’ time in your booth more comfortable and memorable!   IDEA #1 - A Cold Water Station PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CITY ON LICENSES & PERMITS. Each jur..
How to Sell Customized Products at a Craft Show
July 25, 2016
Personalization or customization is one of the benefits of selling handmade. It doesn’t work for everyone but selling products that shoppers can put their own touch on is something that’s hard to come by with big companies.   If you sell personalized products that take longer than a few seconds to customize, you may be wondering how you’d ever make it work at a craft fair. Not to worry! I’m here to help. Below are several ideas to get your wheels turning and decide if you can make craft fairs work for you.   ACCEPT ORDERS BEFORE THE EVENT An important aspect of craft fairs is to let your existing customers and fans know to come visit you. During your promotion of the event, let your fans know, and even th..
Not Hitting your Money Goals? This is Probably Why
July 25, 2016
  I cover this in more detail in the goal-setting chapter of my e-book but it’s too helpful of a concept to not share with everyone.   Do you ever notice that when you want something so incredibly bad, it seems like it’s never going to happen? While on the other hand, when you’re a little more impartial to something, it seems to come to you with ease? That’s the power of letting go. If you don’t believe that your thoughts have an impact on your life and the outcome of circumstances, then you probably won’t find value in this article.   But, if you’re like me and have read enough and experienced enough to prove to yourself that it’s not some magical way of thinking, it can all be rainbo..
How to Deal with Rude Emails & Move on
July 18, 2016
We’ve all received them. Even if you’ve never had to read a rude email or comment through your business, you’ve likely had to deal with a personal one. I don’t know about you but first my stomach drops and then my ego kicks in and I get defensive.   Perhaps you feel differently when you read a criticizing email. Do you feel like crying? Or maybe it makes you feel anxious or small. Whatever your feelings are as you digest someone else’s words, I think this technique will help you.   The most important thing to remember when it comes to business is not to take it personally. I know. Waaaay easier said than done. But when it comes to responding, you don’t want to let your emotions get the better of you and..
10 Tips to Boost Handmade Sales in the Slow Summer Months
July 17, 2016
Regardless of whether your handmade business ramps up for you in the summer or the winter, every handmade business goes through a period of slow sales and these tips are here to help, whenever that strikes.   The holidays are usually a great time for handmade sales with all the gift giving and dressing up for parties that goes on. So you’re not alone if you feel your sales drop as the days get warmer and longer. Who doesn’t want to be outside, enjoying the sun and eating ice cream? But we do have a business to run right?   It can be a little comforting to know that it’s not just you and the situation is slightly out of your control but don’t use that as an excuse to ignore you..

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