Handmade Jewelry Trends 2022

Handmade Jewelry Trends (2022)

Each year I create a list of craft trends handmade business owners can make and sell. Since a handmade jewelry business is such a great business to start, and jewelry is such a popular category, I also compile a list of jewelry trends.   Check out 2022’s jewelry trends that can be applied to a…
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The Most Searched Products

Most Searched Products (2022)

Each year, I put together a list of trending crafts people can make and sell. This year, I wanted to create a list of the most searched products on the Internet. This list is based on stats I’ve researched, rather than the opinions of industry experts.   I’ve started with the category of accessories and…
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How to Lower Etsy Fees

How Can I Lower My Etsy Fees?

  How much Etsy takes per sale can cause sticker shock for many sellers once they see what they’re left with (if you’re not familiar with all the fees, you’ll find an easy-to-understand fee breakdown here). This article will explain how to lower the fees you must pay.   It’s important to understand; you cannot…
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Does Etsy Offer Free Shipping?

Does Etsy Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, many Etsy sellers offer free shipping. A green “FREE delivery” icon indicates items that ship for free. You’ll see this icon next to or below the product’s price in the search results. If you’re on the listing page for an item, it will state “Free” under “cost to deliver”, which is under the “Delivery…
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Does Etsy Ship to Canada?

Does Etsy Ship to Canada?

Yes, most sellers on Etsy do ship to Canada; however, some sellers will choose not to ship to Canada. Each Etsy seller can set their own shipping rules. If a seller is located in the US and has determined it’s too expensive to ship their items to Canada, or that it makes their tax reporting…
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