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What to Work on in Slow Times of a Handmade Business
January 14, 2017
It’s not uncommon, and so easy, to feel a little down and stuck after December. You’re tired from the holidays, have the back-from-vacation blues and are returning to your handmade business after one of your busiest months, filled with sales and craft fairs, and into a slow time full of crickets and empty inboxes.   When you’re running your own handmade business and you’ve gotten used to all the sales, emails and Facebook likes, it can be a frustrating seeing those numbers drop. Every task you think about starting gets questioned and inevitably pushed aside because it’s not a direct path to an immediate sale.     When I worked for a large retailer, it didn’t make going back to work in January any ..
How to Make a Best Selling Handmade Product
December 12, 2016
If you’re struggling to make sales in your small handmade business, one of my first suggestions is to take a look at your products. When you have a great product, people brag about it for you, write good reviews, become repeat customers and if they own a shop, they carry it in their store. Having a great product also helps take pressure off when it comes to marketing and selling.
How to Display Jewelry at a Craft Show
November 24, 2016
WANT TO STAND OUT AT A CRAFT SHOW? TRY THESE DISPLAY TRICKS is one of my more popular craft show display related articles with over 20,000 people reading it each month (and growing). Through that article I’ve received lots of emails and comments from craft show vendors asking for ideas on how they can create an impactful display for their products. "How do I display my handmade jewelry at a craft show?" is one of the most popular questions I get asked and so I put together this article!   If you haven't read that article yet, check it out here for explanations and visual examples of the 10 eye-catching display elements shared in this article covering a jewelry craft show display.     I wanted to take th..
50 Ways to Market your Handmade Business without Saying a Word
November 9, 2016
Many handmade business owners don't like to market. They don't spend enough time marketing, aren't sure what else to do besides post to Facebook, post to Instagram, pay for an ad, etc. And maybe aren't even sure what exactly marketing is.   I feel ya! Marketing, advertising, branding, social media strategies...there's a lot to learn and cover as a small handmade business owner.    But without marketing, people won't hear or learn about your business and products, which obviously affects your sales.   Let me help spark, some ideas to help you market your handmade business and do your best to let your products do all the talking.     I’ve launched a new ebook! Yaaaaay. My fir..
How Craft Fair Vendors can Increase your Sales
October 11, 2016
I have a fun idea for you to try at your next craft fair. I personally never tried it when I was selling handbags but thought it may be something you could give a go and let me know how it works! You owe me nothing if it’s your best craft fair yet and I take no responsibility if it’s a flop ;) Seriously though, as per our terms, this is just advice   And that idea is...   Cross-promote with another craft fair vendor!   No, not just share a table with a friend at a craft fair; they get one side to display their products and you get the other. I’m talkin’ bout finding a vendor whose products compliment yours and can be displayed together. Creating a one-stop shop for your ideal customer. Finding the ..
10 Times a Craft Show Vendor should say NO
October 3, 2016
Shoppers don’t head to a craft fair with the intention of insulting the vendor. They’re usually just asking a question they see no harm in asking. So this article is not to shame anyone who’s uttered the words below to a vendor or near them.   Rather it’s to point out to craft show vendors that just because someone asks doesn’t mean you have to cater.   Consider your business’ goals, values and message before agreeing to something. For example, if you want your work to be valued, viewed as high-end and raise awareness about the importance and costs of using ethically sourced materials, don’t hand out discounts anytime a shopper asks.   Being flexible is a perk people love in small businesses...
Seller Spotlight with Mel of Roam Vintage Home
September 26, 2016
We love the unique setup Roam has at craft fairs and markets; displaying her re-finished and vintage goods inside and outside her re-purposed 1960's trailer. We admire her stand on charging what you're worth as well as her tenacity when it came to starting her business (check out her answer under our "biggest challenge" question; important lesson in there for all small business owners!) Read about her business, the must have pieces for your home and the important lessons she shares for other small business owners. Tell us about your company: Roam is an Edmonton & area popup shop offering thoughtfully curated vintage home goods & refinished furniture from a classic 1966 trailer named Winnie. Why did y..
How to Make Handmade Sales in a Slow Economy
September 24, 2016
Have you felt it? A slow economy? A dip in traffic? Fewer people purchasing from you at craft fairs? Less sales coming through your website? If you have, you’re not alone. When the economy takes a nosedive, people alter their spending habits and businesses feel it.   But that doesn’t mean your handmade business is doomed. As with anything in life, you have to roll with the punches and adjust your course.   If you’re willing to go back to the drawing board and take a hard look at your handmade products, your customers and your operation, you can get yourself back on track and keep your business thriving when some consider shutting down in a slow economy.     THE PROBLEM The issue most small h..
Seller Spotlight with Brittany from Yardzee Canada
September 12, 2016
Yardzee Canada started on Made Urban a couple years ago as Handmade by HoneyB selling handmade cards and candles. Recently Brittany has made a big change to her company and since doing so, has become one of the more popular storefronts on our site. Her brave decision to pivot her entire business is proof that focusing on a niche can have a big payoff. Yardzee Canada stays incredibly busy during the summer months but now is the time to put your order in for the holidays! The yardzee sets make great Christmas gifts and there's no reason you have to wait until next summer to play outdoors, clear the living room! ;) Tell us about your company: It started off by selling a variety of my hand-crafted goods at craft shows in an..
7 Reasons Handmade Businesses Lose Money
August 29, 2016
At the beginning of every business I’ve started, I’ve bent over backwards for my customers. There’s nothing wrong with caring about your customers and their happiness but just as the airlines advise you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others, you need to take care of your business and happiness first or it will lose money.   There were several things that wore me out with the handmade businesses I have moved on from. And in particular, these were the top 7 areas I would have been a little less flexible in.     1) Custom orders Imagine walking into The Gap and saying to a sales associate “I really like this top, but can you make it in a yellow and just remove this pocket and maybe make it ..

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