Products to Make & Sell for Mother’s Day (2024)

This is a list of ideas for products you can make and sell for Mother’s Day. The list IS based on research (and the Mother’s Day gifts that are popular now), however, that doesn’t mean an item is guaranteed to sell if you make it. 

Use these ideas for inspiration, but always consider your target market and past sales to dictate what you should invest time and money into.

You’ll find product ideas organized based on the type of research I conducted.


If you don’t sell online

It’s easy for me to gather stats and information online, so that’s what this list is based on (products and keywords people are searching online). 

Although I don’t have stats for people who shop in person (at craft shows or in boutiques), chances are, these trends will translate offline. 

If you’re selling at a Mother’s Day craft show, these products are likely to be popular with craft show shoppers too.


1) Mother’s Day products based on Etsy trends

Etsy doesn’t have a trend list for Mother’s Day, but with a little research, you can gather some hints about which products are popular and the type of products they want to feature in top spots. 

I’ve done that research for you 😉

Here are the hints I picked up on for Mother’s Day products:

Birth flowers

This was the most obvious trend I noticed. Birth flowers are being applied to a variety of items, such as:

    • Art prints
    • Pins/broaches
    • Stained glass
    • Jewelry (pendents shaped in birth flowers, birth flowers stamped onto jewelry)
    • Cards
    • Scarves (birth flowers are screen printed onto fabric scarves)
    • Pillows
    • Etc.

Birth flowers are similar to birthstones. 

Each month is represented by a specific flower, and each flower has a unique meaning behind it. 

Below is an example of a birth flower chart, however, please note that there are different versions.

Some charts show a Carnation for January and Gladiolus for August, etc. I’m not sure if one chart is right and the others are wrong, or if there are simply different versions.

Birth flowers

Mother’s Day gifts that incorporate birth flowers are typically customizable to include the children’s birth flowers. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Similar to birth flower items, these jewelry pieces incorporate the birthstones of the Mother’s children.

Personalized products

Lots of products showing in the top results for Mother’s Day searches are for personalized products. Customers can have their names, initials, images, etc. added to a variety of Mother’s Day products.

Self-care gift boxes

The products that appear in top results mainly feature bath and body products and/or candles. But some are filled with items such as candles, blankets, socks, mugs, tea, etc. 

Mother's Day self-care gift box

Mama sweatshirts

A “mama sweatshirt” is just as it sounds; a sweatshirt with “Mama” printed or embroidered on the front. Many are also customized with mama’s children’s names printed on the sleeve (near the cuff). But you can of course get creative with your design.

Handprint art

These are generally pieces of art (e.g. a colourful bouquet of flowers with blank stems) that customers can print and then have their children dip their hands in paint, and press them onto the piece of art. I’m sure there are options for customers to send an image of their child’s handprint and the artist can work it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

“You are the piece that holds us together”

There are several listings for art that incorporates jigsaw pieces (with children’s names on them) and the phrase: “Mom, you are the piece that holds us together”.

Gifts for Grandma

You can take many of the ideas in this list and alter them to be for Grandma. The birth flower products, handprint art, jewelry, sweatshirts, and mugs were some of the more popular items under this theme. 

First Mother’s Day products

Similar to the gifts for grandma products, these are generally the Mother’s Day items listed here, but with text that celebrates a woman’s first Mother’s Day.


2) Mother’s Day products based on Etsy’s Gift Guide for “Mum”

Using Etsy’s customizable gift guide and selecting “mum” as the recipient, these are the products Etsy suggests to shoppers:

  • Birthstone rings and birthstone jewelry
  • Statement earrings
  • Personalized name necklace (dainty gold pieces are heavily featured)
  • Personalized family portraits
  • Linen clothing
  • Luxe pajamas and robes (silk pajamas and robes are heavily featured)
  • Throw blankets (chunky knit was heavily featured)
  • Bath caddies and trays (wood and wood with raw edges are heavily featured)
  • Candles (white candles in simple glass jars with clean modern font are heavily featured, as well as candles with dried flowers set in)
  • Bath products (bath bombs are heavily featured, and bath bombs infused with dried flower petals were dominant)

bath products with dried flowers

3) Mother’s Day products based on popular Etsy search phrases

When I type “Mother’s Day” into the search bar, these are the automated suggestions:

Mother’s Day Hamper

Gift hampers typically focus on food and drink items, however, Etsy’s search results show gift boxes full of all kinds of items.

Mother’s Day gift box

Items in the gift boxes filling the top results ranged from tea-themed products, bath products, and general self-care items (candle, tea, blanket, etc.).

Mother’s Day card

There are a wide variety of cards in the top search results, however flower-themed Mother’s Day cards consumed the majority of top spots. 

Mother’s Day mug

The top spots in search results belonged to:

    • Funny Mother’s Day mugs
    • Customizable Mother’s Day mugs
    • Mother’s Day mugs with floral designs (birth flowers are popular in this product category as well)


4) Mother’s Day products based on Etsy traffic coming from search engines

These are keywords people type into a search engine, such as Google, and then click on an Etsy search result. 

These terms are driving traffic to Etsy. 

If you plan to make any of these products, be sure to use the keywords in your listing title, description, and any other place they naturally fit (don’t keyword stuff).

Many of these popular search phrases that are attracting traffic to Etsy align with the trends I noticed in Etsy search results. 

I searched for phrases that contained the word “mother”, so these aren’t necessarily Mother’s Day products, but I would assume they would be purchased as Mother’s Day gifts. I also searched for terms including “Mother’s Day”.

Terms with “Mother”

  • Mother daughter ring
  • Mother daughter necklace
  • Mother daughter jewelry
  • Mother necklaces
  • Mother in law necklace
  • Mother son matching outfits (these tend to be matching t-shirts or sweatshirts in adult and child size)
  • Matching mother daughter outfits
  • Mother + tattoo – there were several search phrases that included these terms:
    • Mother of 3 tattoo
    • Mother daughter tattoos
    • Motherhood mother and son tattoo
    • Mother of two tattoo
    • Etc.

People obviously aren’t buying tattoo services on Etsy, but rather temporary tattoos that they can test out, or even use as a template to bring to a local tattoo artist.

Terms with “Mother’s Day”

  • Happy Mother’s Day to my aunts
  • Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement
  • Mother’s Day necklace
  • Handprint Mother’s Day craft
  • Mother’s Day shirt ideas
  • Nana Mother’s Day gifts
  • Happy first Mother’s Day boy
  • First Mother’s Day gift
  • Mother’s Day blanket
  • Mother’s Day gift for aunts
  • Mother’s Day sweatshirt
  • Mother’s Day handprint
  • Mother’s Day matching outfits
  • Mother’s Day vase
  • Mother’s Day gifts for Hispanic moms
  • Funny Mother’s Day candles
  • Christian Mother’s Day gifts
  • Mother’s Day pillow
  • Mother’s Day hoodie

These aren’t the only Mother’s Day terms driving traffic to Etsy, however, they’re the terms driving large amounts of traffic.


4) Mother’s Day products based on popular searches

These are terms that thousands of people are searching on Google each month. They may spark some product or marketing ideas for you.

“Mother’s Day brunch near me”

I know you’re not running a restaurant, but seeing as how brunch is a popular Mother’s Day activity, brunch-themed items may also be popular. For example, brunch-themed Mother’s Day cards or gift baskets. People may even be interested in kits for making their mom brunch, or a brunch-theme gift box.

If you have a website, you may create a blog post suggesting the best brunch spots in your city for Mother’s Day. In that article, make a few Mother’s Day gift suggestions they can purchase from your website. 

“Last minute Mother’s Day gifts”

Offering express shipping and including these keywords in your online listings, social media posts, or email marketing may help generate more sales. 

“Mother’s Day coloring pages”

You may offer these as a digital download (perhaps even incorporate the handprint trend; leaving a spot for the child to add their handprint). There are a lot of options offered for free, so be sure your designs are elevated and something people are willing to pay for.

“Personalized Mother’s Day gifts”

This aligns with the trend I’m noticing on Etsy. Many people are looking for items that can be personalized with names, initials, images, dates, etc.

“Mother’s Day jewelry”

According to this survey, consumers spend the most money in the jewelry category for Mother’s Day. If you’re a jewelry maker, be sure to design a collection for Mother’s Day and consider bundling pieces together for gift sets.

“Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma”

The popularity of this search is also reflected in some of the top gift suggestions on Etsy. Keep products for Grandma in mind when designing. 

“Mother’s Day gift baskets”

This term is open to interpretation; you can include any type of items fit for your target market. Consumers just want you to do the gift planning for them.


5) Mother’s Day products based on Google Trends

There isn’t a lot of information available on Google Trends, or trends that apply to handmade businesses, but these two Mother’s Day trends may be helpful to some.

Mother’s Day cupcakes

If you’re a baker, be sure to create a limited-time Mother’s Day cupcake collection and market it in the coming weeks.

Personalized gifts

Several websites that focus on personalized gifts showed up in my Mother’s Day search on Google Trends.

Funky Pigeon, Moonpig, and Not On The High Street, are websites that allow you to personalize greeting cards, as well as several other gifts.

These gifts don’t just allow you to customize the name; you can customize colors, fonts, text, add photos, stickers, etc. 

Consider offering several customizable options if you sell customizable products online.


I hope this list sparks some product ideas for you and helps boost your sales before Mother’s Day.

You may also find this article helpful: 7 Simple Ways to Boost Mother’s Day Sales


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